How To Start A Conversation With A New LinkedIn Connection

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today I'm gonna be teaching you how to

start a conversation with a brand new

LinkedIn connection just a quick

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right let's get this conversation

started so someone accepted your request

to connect on LinkedIn now what this is

the perfect time to start a new


don't let that brand new fresh

connection just sit dead in the water

reach out so here are some tips for

starting that conversation with your new

LinkedIn connection 1 introduce yourself

there's no need to overthink this part

just introduce yourself and then

elaborate on why you wanted to connect

with this person in the first place also

if you've met this person in the past

whether it was at a networking event or

through mutual friend be sure to mention

this to refresh their memory to mention

things you have in common a great way to

get to know someone is to ask questions

to see if you have anything in common

and this makes continuing the

conversation even easier you could ask

them things like what do you want to

accomplish in your career what are your

favorite projects at work what are your

hobbies outside of work highlight your

commonalities this will help to build a

stronger connection 3 offer your support

I can't stress enough how important it

is to offer value to your connections

especially in that first conversation it

shows that you're a valuable contact

who's ready and willing to help your

connections offering your support can be

as simple as something like this if

there's anything I can do to offer

support or anyone in my network I can

introduce you to please let me know I'm

happy to help no need to go overboard

this is only your first message so

something simple like the example I just

shared will show that you're willing to

help for don't ask for any favors yet

there are tons of people that don't

think about this when they're networking

however if you just met someone and they

immediately asked for a favor from you

wouldn't that be a turn-off that's why

you shouldn't ask for anything in that

first message to someone you need to

build that relationship first the

exception would be is if they can

benefit from the favor as well an

example would be if you need a quote

from this person for an article that

you're writing you get the content for

your article and they give free

promotion it's a win-win unless it's

mutually-beneficial wait until you've

established a strong trustworthy

relationship with this person before

asking for anything so keep these tips

in mind when you're reaching out to

people on LinkedIn this will ensure that

you have a great first impression and

will put you on track to building a

network with strong connections what do

you think is the hardest part about

reaching out to people on LinkedIn share

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