Work from Home - How to Ask Your Boss to Work from Home

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Hey Ambitious Professionals! It's Linda

Raynier of guiding you

to a career and life you'll truly enjoy

now if you're someone who knows that you

can do your job from home and you have

been wanting to work from home but you

haven't had the chance or really know

how to approach your boss about it then

today's video is for you

I'm going to teach you four key steps

that you need to go through if you want

to successfully be able to ask your boss

to let you work from home

now as a career strategist I've had the

honour of being able to help numerous

professionals land their dream job

offers and if this is something that

you're interested in working with me

one-on-one I can give you details about

that at the end of this video working

from home is a new trend that I don't

see going away anytime soon

in a lot of companies although FaceTime

is still very important a lot of

companies now are shifting to working

from home working remotely because it's

helping them to save costs and it's

helping to keep employees around longer

due to the flexibility of not having to

commute and even though the majority of

companies still require that their

employees show up to be physically

located at a specific location in order

to be able to do their job there are

also many corporate positions that can

be successfully executed from home so if

you just know with all of your might

that you can successfully perform your

job from home and you even feel that

you'll even be more productive because

you won't have the distractions of

having to drive to work or take a long

commute then I'm gonna teach you my four

steps on how to ask your boss to let you

work from home now let me set this up as

a premise this is not going to work for

everybody these four steps aren't

necessarily going to work magic on you

because it's all going to depend on your

specific situation with your company and

how accepting they already are with

allowing people to work from home so

here are four factors that you want to

check off your list first before you run

off to your boss to ask him or her to

let you work remotely factor number one

some employees in your company already

work from home if that's the case then

it is a much easier sell for you to talk

to your boss to ask to also work from

home because if you happen to be the

first person asking for this it'll

likely be more of an uphill battle

factor number two your team or coworkers

are already remote maybe you have team

members who work in completely different

countries in the UK in Asia in Europe in

other parts of Europe I mean if that's

the case then this is going to be again

a much easier justification for you to

be able to work from home because if

your co-workers are already located in


time zones in different physical

locations then it shouldn't be too hard

of a cell to let you to just work from

your home location factor number three

you can work from anywhere this means

that your laptop or computer is already

set up for you to be able to

successfully work from home remotely

that you don't need any special

equipment or technology to be able to

work from home factor number four you

just know that you'll be more productive

now working from home isn't for everyone

some people find that they are less

productive if they were given the

opportunity to work from home but if

you're someone who knows that you will

be more focused because there are fewer

distractions and you don't have to spend

your time and energy going on a long

commute back and forth from the office

then this is something that isn't a

factor that could also help you to

justify your case so if you feel that

you'll be more productive and focused

this is a good reason for you to ask to

work from home as well so if you know

that you have these four factors in

place then I will share with you my visa

technique which will help you to ask

your boss to work from home so the first

thing to start off with when asking your

boss to work from home is V which

represents value start with your value

you want to remind your boss of all the

accomplishments the achievements the

value that you have brought to the

organization over the years and a good

way to do this is to start your sentence

by saying as you know and then continue

onward with explaining your performance

your achievements the accomplishments

that you've made and the actions that

you took that were above and beyond your

regular duties and the impacts that

these have had on the organization and

once you've explained your value then

you can talk about I which stands for

independence remind them of how

independent you've been throughout the

years in being able to accomplish your

tasks and assignments with little

reliance on your boss or manager and how

you've been able to succeed being able

to figure things out on your own let

them know that hopefully this has

established a sense of trust between you

and your boss because you have been able

to independently perform your work

successfully and after you talked about

your independence then go into S which

stands for situation now's the time to

get into your situation

and explain to your boss in a very clear

and non complaining way how you feel

that at this point in your career given

the accomplishments the achievements

that you have made in addition to the

commute that you have to take each day

plus the fact that your team members are

currently located geographically

elsewhere and aren't physically in your

office and on top of that that there has

already been precedent set in your

company where there are other employees

who are currently successfully working

from home that you are looking to do the

same you want to be able to justify it

so make sure you list all the relevant

reasons as to why you've come to this

decision and finally the last fourth

step is a which is to ask ask but be

firm so you're gonna end off your spiel

by saying something along the lines of

given the reasons I've just explained I

would like to make the request to work

from home the blank number of times per

week or month and then once you're

finished going through visa you're gonna

want to do one thing and that is zip

your lips and stay silent and look over

pleasantly at your boss essentially let

your boss Mull it over at that point he

or she may say yes on the spot or

they'll want to think about it and then

give you an answer so there you have it

my visa approach on how to ask your boss

to let you work from home if you

implement this please let me know and

leave your comments below now if you're

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