How to Get Your Dream Job When Nobody is Hiring | Ask Mr. Wonderful Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary

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hi everybody welcome to another episode

of ask mr. wonderful now this week we

got a deal with the 10,000 pound gorilla

in the room and and there are 30 million

plus people out of work right now

it's extraordinary unprecedented and and

the majority of the questions have to do

with that

about being laid off about what to do

next about businesses that have

basically collapsed I mean I can't

answer all these questions but what I'm

gonna try and do is take a few here that

I think you know address a lot of issues

I mean it's heartbreaking to read this

stuff it's just brutal and and I get it

I get it but you know these are

unprecedented times what do you do when

you have to shut down an economy but at

the same time let's address it well I

want to give some advice on how to

communicate to people when you're

looking for employment I mean because

that's really what these questions are

about how do you do that you know and I

look at dozens and dozens of resumes

every day I mean people are sending me

stuff you know and and also for all the

companies I'm an investor in and by the

way they're hurting too it's not like

it's a free lunch for anybody here but I

want to talk let's let's deal with this

one andraia

cuz this was a good one it's short sweet

right to the point just got laid off

even though my company got PPP two weeks

ago I did all the social media I worked

with all the online platforms to

generate sales and now I have no job

what should I do to think that that's

not an essential job in in this in this

world is a huge mistake what's happening

now is companies that had retail

operations of obviously have to shut

them down and it's more important than

ever to be able to reach out and

communicate directly with the customer

so in this case let's talk about andreia

trying to get read and redeployed

re-employed so here's the things that

matter the most if you have a skill that

she was running social media sounds like

and let's make the assumption that Andre

is good at what she

I mean you have to start there I'm

always an optimist about people because

otherwise why would they have kept her

during good times so she knows what

she's doing

here's here's the way to get re-employed

in this incredibly hard time first of

all I know it sounds mundane but you

have to keep your resume current you

know who are you but it doesn't have to

be fifteen pages I keep telling people

never make it more than three paragraphs

nobody's going to read more than that in

fact the first few sentences are the

most important because there's so many

people looking for work start with

LinkedIn although it matters on every

platform but I'm just saying LinkedIn

right now is getting inundated with

people putting up their posts about who

they are and how they can fix things so

number one is draft three paragraphs

that's one page on who you are and why

you can help a business what is it about

you that is so good that someone would

want to take you with and I believe me

you're competing with a lot of other

people but in the first sentence

something like I increased online sales

for the company I just got fired from by

400% in two quarters it's gotta be a lot

it's got to be a grabber it's got to be

what it's not like where I went to high

school and my dog's name was Kippy and

and I was you know I coached soccer no

one gives a [ __ ] this is an

extraordinary time what they want to

know is what can you do for them now to

help their business now what can you do

right now to help an extraordinarily

difficult situation so it's always about

I can help you generate revenue I can

solve your IT problem I can do this I

can do that but it's direct in the first

sentence about you number one number two

and look you may not like this but

there's so much competition there's so

many people unemployed that you have to

be ready to work for free for a while

now this is a trick that I learned over

in Europe many people in Europe are

what's called apprentices and they come

into a company to prove their net worth

they come in to show that they can do

something you need to do the same thing

think about this

you're already fired you're sitting on

the sofa you're doing that anyways what

if you could

stay in your home and work online for

somebody to prove that you can increase

sales in the case of Andre I hear this

idea of of showing a company you know

obviously you have to scan to try and

find who that is in your local region

I'd suggest do it in case they even want

to meet with you but you might as well

go nationwide at the same time because

you basically to be a digital assistant

and say look give me 30 days for free

I'll work for free for nothing Jana let

me show you what I can do for you for

just 30 days let me show you how I can

actually help you drive sales if you can

do that if you in her case if she's

really good on social what can she do

for a business any business to show that

she can help it for 30 days that gets

you in the door that's what you need

right now the ability just to show your

net worth to somebody because once you

become part of the solution they're not

gonna let you go and even if you have to

work for second month for free so what

you're sitting on your ass anyways but

now you're starting to show yourself to

somebody and by that third month maybe

60 days so now they say you know what

this is working can we make you a

contractor can we pay her every week can

we do something that is what I'm telling

a ton of people to do but there's

certain metrics get that resume to three

paragraphs about how fantastic your on

what you've done to help your current

boss or the one that just fired you

number two put a picture of yourself up

there so they connect with you do a

video make it 30 seconds stick it on

that you know that post of who you are

but the most important is you will do it

for free for up to 60 days you will work

for free stop whining about it just try

it once you get in there once your DNA

is in that business once you're solving

problems then I can let you go whether

you're good or you're not either you can

make this work or you can't but in these

times why not take a shot at that don't

make that resume don't make that pitch

about you more than three paragraphs

nobody's going to read it

nobody they're gonna read the first

paragraph so think real hard and if

you're not good at writing connect with

somebody who is okay second piece of

advice keep your network broad and wide

and active don't sit there at home just

watching movies

all day you got to spend at least 20% of

your day reaching out staying connected

with people that you worked with before

keeping your social platform active

that's how when we get out of this mess

you're gonna get a new job even if they

don't hire you back you know that this

word furlough you're seeing everywhere

don't make the assumption they're gonna

hire you back many businesses are gonna

realize well I can downsize as a result

of this opportunity and they may be one

of the people they never bring you back

for I mean they just cut you out that

could happen I mean it's an opportunity

to reboot many companies and they're

going to take advantage of it

unfortunately now you may have a

position that they'll bring back you may

not the other thing to be aware of in

America today is at least 20% of the

people in large and small companies are

going to get the opportunity to work at

home forever as a result many companies

going to cutback in the amount of

commercial you know office space they

use or the amount of retail space they

use America 2.0 is gonna be far leaner

and meaner but in better opportunities

in some cases let's say you're taking

care of an aging parent you're raising

kids or you don't you don't want to

commute you don't want to buy a car you

want to save money that way maybe you're

one of those people and the way to get

that opportunity is to prove that you

can do it now which is why my whole

thing is alright you'll work for free

from wherever you are it doesn't matter

where you are what matters can you solve

a problem I want to read another one and

this one this one really got me because

there's so many restaurants that are

wiped out

hi mr. wonderful I had a fantastic

catering business and a small restaurant

operation 70% of our business was to

corporate we would make those lunches

that they pick up and we did a fantastic

business doing that we knew our

customers wanted lunch every day buffet

style and then all these offices closed

what do I do

I've lost 70% of my business all right

so here's the story she applied for PPP

through her bank and didn't get it but

her payroll company came through and she

got the PPP and that so there's really

two questions there first of all this

interesting information if you are a

small business and this is a small

restaurant with catering now obviously

if 70% of your business is to

corporations for a line

basically because no one's gonna cater

for a night time we're not much

so she was making big lunches in the

boardroom style you know those big

aluminum things and people go and scoop

the lasagna or spaghetti or whatever it

wasn't a salad okay so that's one issue

we're gonna deal with a second but what

I want to say about the PPP a lot of

people are talking about well my bank

isn't giving it to me I didn't get

through I did I got cut off there's

nothing in the PPP rule the payroll

protection program if you have a small

business that says you can only apply in

one bank but she did she went to

multiple banks or in her case the

payroll company now if the many many

different financial institutions

including payroll companies can provide

these loans in this case so she was

smart she went in on your bank but her

payroll company and they came to you

first you're only getting out one loan

it's not I'm suggesting fraud here I'm

just saying you can apply at many

different financial institutions in your

region and maybe one of them will get it

for you

which she got now let's address the

catering business the bottom line is

nobody's ever going to want to see a big

battle as anya that people are putting

spoons into and taking that's all done

because of health reasons people are

worried about the spread of the virus

obviously so the new catering business

which is going to emerge as businesses

open up they're still gonna want to eat

lunch is going to be individual portions

in small plastic containers and here's

how you have to reboot your business if

you're in the catering space and I'm now

speaking to every caterer okay I want to

see on your website how clean your

operations are how cleanliness is now

the number one issue for you I want to

see it scrubbed down I want you to talk

about how when you prepare food the hair

nets are on the full you know whites or

whatever it is you have and how you're

wearing gloves and how you're wearing a

mess you're gonna have to do this that's

the new 2.0 people have to feel

confident and it can't be [ __ ] you

actually have to do this you've got to

be super clean now in preparing because

I just went through this with another in

my portfolio of companies how this has

to work you're gonna offer four

different basic lunches chicken number

one beef number two a full vegan

offering a vegan

Sonia is a good one all right the point

is it's all standard you got to throw a

fish into so you're gonna have a salmon

or me so Cod's very popular too so think

about it your proteins are gonna be beef

they're gonna be chicken they're gonna

be a lasagna perhaps that's it's just

vegan and you're gonna have a fish you

can choose like basically you know soya

salmon or miso Cod or the two that are

really really popular for those lunches

so pick one the reason you're only going

to do four is you need to have

standardized purchasing of your protein

so you let's say you're now gonna

provide catering some companies are

moving back up so then order lunch but

the images of your of your menu are all

the individual containers because that's

how people are going to get them the

salad is an individual container the

dressings in a packet the knife and fork

are already sealed in a plastic package

with the napkin these already existed

before coronavirus all right but the

point is there is no big vat of food

anymore you're not gonna sell that to

anybody you're gonna have to get used to

making individual portions so you

basically let people on your on your

website or even if you're gonna provide

a checkoff menu choose one of those

proteins the salad is standard it's the

same it's a mixed green salad everybody

gets the same thing that lets you

prepare the st. you've got to simplify

this thing all right and the pricing is

going to be slightly higher because

that's gonna be your costs they're gonna

be now individualized but everybody

feels comfortable if they're opening up

their own lunch and it's just basically

their own unique package and the last

time because you can put a little sticky

seal on it that you put your brand name

of your company honor that you prepared

it and you sealed it and it's super

clean that's the only way this is gonna

work so when if you've got 20 people in

a boardroom or its maybe virtual they're

going into the board and to get it and

go back to their area of work which is

more likely gonna happen it's all

individualized this is starting to come

back now there are some companies that

are putting up to five six people at

work even in New York City that's

happening everybody's wearing a mask but

they need lunch and they want to get it

from somebody they know is preparing it

cleanly in a very clean way but it's all

individual packaging so that's how

that's going to work now I want to talk

about a third issue too

and I'm gonna use myself as an example I

was going out of my mind sitting here

the first month I was going crazy and

I've got so many investments that are

suffering and struggling and I thought

what can I do to help them you know I

worked in getting PPP loans I actually

helicoptered money into some places

where I need it to invest to keep them

alive and keep them open because it it

was important for them to do that I'm

gonna give you a couple examples you

know that Korea had 20 years ago 30

years ago I was a construction worker

for a while I put rebar into sin of

cinder blocks I was a bricklayer for a

while these were summer jobs I had

trying to put myself through school in

college I got a job once as a gaffer for

a company that did sports television

they were filming volleyball games and

college football games and stuff like

that and I was slinging beer at nights

to put myself through college and then I

took the job as a gaffer gaffers kind of

person runs around sets up the lights

takes down the cables and all that stuff

but from that business I eventually got

trained how to be a cameraman than a

sound man than a film editor I never

lost those skills I still have them and

many of you are in the same situation

you have things you did a long time ago

they don't leave you it's like riding a

bicycle you remember them forever so I

said okay well maybe I can help my

companies as a as a social media guy I

mean a lot of people know who I am so

maybe I can record my own commercials

right here in this kitchen and help some

of my companies because I know how to

edit I know how to record I know how to

do stuff from those days 20 30 years ago

when I was wasn't when I was doing that

and I never lost my editing skills so I

just got my chops instead of editing on

on a plate steenbeck which was film like

literally film I learned how to use

Premiere Pro and Adobe product it's the

same basic idea it's digital right go

back to your roots and find something

that you can do that you've learned a

long time ago maybe your careers stalled

maybe you're not going to get hired

maybe you want to work what I work as a

bricklayer yeah I know how to do that

but I can make these commercials so I've

been every day I get up in the morning I

say to my companies what can I do for


I'll give you an example you know and I

know this is you know maybe you're gonna

say it's crap

promotion for one way companies yeah but

so what it's a great example love pop

greeting cards fantastic company they

had lots of retail stores because when

you purchase when you when you actually

you purchase a greeting card it's often

in a store so we had little stores all

over the malls in America they're all

shut down but the company didn't say oh

it was me they said well what can we do

to direct to our customers which is the

right thing to do you think of it that

way and they came up with an idea for a

Mother's Day which is you know happening

this weekend instead of making a

greeting card they made this flowers

cheaper than ordering real flowers these

are beautiful they're pieces of art and

they said to me hey Kevin can you record

a commercial so I shot this course

understand right now right here in the

kitchen I did it because I know how to

do it and they use them on social media

to help and they sold millions of

dollars worth of these now this is a

fantastic idea and I like to think I

helped also Benjy Locke I don't know if

you remember this deal these these these

locks that you know obviously are one of

our biggest ways of selling it was in

retail and we're not doing that anymore

so what could we do on social media what

could we do so I called my friends at

QVC and I said hey guys

could we try and sell these Benjy luxe I

think everybody in America would like to

have one of these so you know maybe your

bicycle helmet hook it up to your bike

close your purse your duffel bag

whatever it is but it's a great product

and would you let me try and sell it to

rec and then I also said why don't I

shoot some why don't I do something with

what I know socially so now that we're

all quarantined I'm working with all my

companies trying to get stuff out as we

have to switch from retail distribution

now we've got to go back and do online

we have to work with you know Amazon we

got to work with QVC we got to sell

direct so I'm shooting some video now

for one of my companies you may have

heard of called Benji Locke this is a

really interesting technology this is

the first fingerprint lock that also has

a key let me show you the travel version

of it as well

so look at this I mean I'm gonna be

filming this for QVC I'm gonna go live

on QVC with this thing and I want to

show people how you can basically use a

lock like this with your finger and open

it up it's amazing technology see how

that works

but I got to produce some social media

before we go nuts and so what I've done

is I've tried to set up a shot here I'm

using an industrial Lance to actually

get rather interesting image of this

lens going right through the locks so

I've set up a program that says okay

come out for the shot then go zooming

back in and we're gonna get some really

interesting images of these logs that we

can use in the social media for the

whole QVC thing it's a great shot you

can see it right there

yeah we're doing it in the kitchen

that's my whole point and every year the

technology gets cheaper as long as you

stay current with it you understand how

to use it that's the whole key why not

use your skills from you know the past

to create new employment if I can help

my company sitting here you know stuck

in my little studio Miami prison for the

next I've been here two months already

but every day I shoot more stuff and I

try and do as much as I can to help them

out so for Benji Locke it's get this

social media shot cut it post it push

eyeballs to QVC sell locks that's the

plan and the same for all my companies

under that for anybody but the whole

point is use your skill sets from the

past to help your businesses today or

get a job today or do whatever it is you

you have to do because I don't care

every year of your life you're learning

something and you don't forget it you

can bring it back now you know I

remember the gaffer days when I wrap

tape around light poles and then the

editing days and then the sound days and

the camera days well here I am doing it

all over again that's my whole point and

you can do the same thing



in America 2.0 it may not be the job you

lost that it's going to be the job you

get back it may be a skill you learned a

long time ago and people say well yeah I

I used to sling beer yeah so did I and

if I was really facing dire straits I'd

go back and do that again if and when

we're slinging beer again but maybe some

other skills that you had maybe you were

a copywriter maybe you're a graphic


maybe you were a film editor like I was

maybe you're gonna bring these things

back and by the way I'd rather get up in

the morning and do this stuff than sit

on my ass because you're just gonna get

depressed I don't care who you are how

much money you have or don't have you

have to have a purpose for your day and

it's got to be a routine and I talked

about that a lot last week about routine

and what it takes but now I'm talking

about employing yourself making yourself

useful to others and finding a new way

to make money and and I think in America

2.0 it's those skills that you might

have done decades ago that are gonna

come back and help you whatever it is

redefine yourself find out what you're

good at

put it down on paper and reach out and

offer to do that skill for free for up

to 60 days you know I know people who

say what are you nuts no I'm not nuts

you think about this pandemic can you

imagine this pandemic thirty years ago

and there was no social media when you

would have been isolated in a way we

can't even communicate with anybody

except by a telephone maybe and you

wouldn't know who to dial I mean now you

can reach out to millions of people on

social and yeah there's all lots of

other people doing it but it's it's a

way of communicating we never had and

now it's gonna redefine and by the way

technology's made it easy all of these

these web you know video platforms you

can use to reach out to people I'm kind

of just throwing it at the wall saying

do things that you know you're good at

and make sure you don't spend your whole

day just sitting on your ass watching

movies that is not who you are

that that can be incredibly depressing

I've got hundreds of emails about people

have lost their jobs and you know

somebody's lost their job the key is to

stay healthy if you can and redefine who

you are until next week take care and

stay healthy and stay wonderful

listen to this email I'm getting a lot

just like it dear mr. wonderful my

brother and I have been 50/50 partners

in a liquor and wine store for 18 years

after the virus hit he decided he did

not want to show up to work anymore

but asked me to send him two thousand

dollars a week as an equity owner he

said quote unquote take it out of my

half and we could settle up later my

wife and I are now working 18 hours a

day to keep the store afloat with

curbside service and deliveries to all

the apartments and condos around us this

is a horrible situation because my wife

and brother are now really pissed at me

my brother thinks you're an [ __ ] on

Shark Tank but would trust your opinion

what do you think my next move should be

help us thank you Michael you know I'm

getting inundated with questions like

this just a mountain of them obviously

in the world today there's a huge amount

of disputes and nothing kills the

momentum of business large or small like

a money dispute and in this case family

as well so I've asked my friends at CNBC

to help I mean I can't curate all these

questions but I think the matically

there's some great things to deal with

here so I've asked them to set up a site

they have we're gonna let you post your

video there and I'm gonna answer as many

as I can I know I can't solve all the

problems in the world but I can answer

as many as I can and we're gonna try and

pick the right themes out of all those

so use your phone put it put a video

together make it real easy and go to see slash money dispute let me know

what the issue is I'm gonna try and help

thank you and by the way my friends stay

healthy stay safe take care now I have a

great email here because it gives me a

chance to talk about the five things you

need to know to get higher and and I

think there's gonna be millions of

people over the next six nine months as

things normalized looking for work

because we know there's over 30 million

that have been laid off which is

unprecedented so I think this is very

important information this is from

finola now finola is an irish name i

love that name hi mr. wonderful

my name is finola i'm a controller at a

civil engineering firm accountant


just been furloughed that means fired

yeah I know what that means vanilla it's

not good news before I got laid off I've

been talking to a competitor and they

sounded interested in hiring me for

slightly higher pay so I was interested

now they formalized the process and have

asked me to come in with a resume next

week to do an interview well I think

that's good news can you give me some


yeah finola you've come to the right

place I'm gonna give you five tips and I

want everybody that's interested in

figuring out how to get hired or wants

to get hired to listen to these because

I'm gonna treat it as if I'm hiring you

okay I've done a lot of interviews in my

time these are the things that matter so

let's start with basically this you got

to perfect your resume I don't need to

know the job description of every place

you've ever worked I need to know what

you accomplished that was something the

average Joe wouldn't have done I don't

hire for competence I hire people who

routinely go above and beyond what's

adequate you've got to communicate that

don't leave blank spaces on your resume

that's number two plenty of people have

gaps in their work experience try and

fill your time with things that matter

to you just because you don't know a

full-time job doesn't mean it isn't time

to go and be idle get a volunteer gig or

show your compassion and energy take an

online course show you want to better

yourself I don't like to see gaps in

resume nobody who hires does so be

careful when you're filling it out

you're doing something all the time when

you do the interview number three watch

your body language if you're shaking

your knee nervously or anxiously picking

your nails at a time when we're meeting

how can I trust you to confidently

represent my company in a high-stakes

meeting I like some peace and quiet but

focus on a similar vein this is number

four dress the part it doesn't always

mean a three-piece suit in a hot watch

look if you're in financial services or

something it ties a good idea but if

you're a coder I don't care if you wear

a t-shirt and jeans

it's what the other people are wearing

you don't want to stick out like a sore

thumb okay look you don't need cufflinks

if you're a coder I just want to know if

you can code and number five show me you

know how to plan for yourself and from

my company how does the job I'm hiring


fit into your career and life plan I

don't want to hire somebody who who's

there for a one-off in between job or

leaves disappointed that the job I gave

them didn't lead to a career trajectory

they had hoped for I don't want to hire

someone who joins my company and thinks

they're just going to be comfortable in

business is good

I always want business to be great I

want to be growing my staff only knows

how to think ahead good business isn't

good enough we're constantly working and

planning towards being better if you can

communicate that in a job interview I'm

gonna hire you and so is everybody else

so finola good luck stay focused stay at

peace when you're in that interview but

make sure you're explaining to them how

you can make it better for your boss

that's the key to success be thinking

that and good luck