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thank you I want to share a painful and

comical experience with you when I was

18 years old I was looking to land a

work position with Ryan Holliday who at

the time was director of marketing for

American Apparel now wanting my email to

stand out more than anything I decided

that I would put my email together using

Comic Sans yep I really did that I

thought it a good idea at the time

now Ryan kindly responded to my message

certainly got his attention

I was right with that I was over the

moon that he got back to me but he

included a PS I would definitely

recommend changing your font originally

I thought this email was from a teenage

girl painful lesson in this talk I want

to ensure that you don't make quite so

comical and horrendous mistakes with

your emails see most people don't know

how to write compelling emails

most people when sitting down to write

something to send off to a company send

a machine gun blast of their resume to

200 different companies hoping that

something will land now you don't have

to be a recruitment manager to know the

kind of thing that I'm talking about

whether it's from friends whether it's

from family or perhaps if we're honest

we're guilty of sending such messages

ourselves we all know the type of thing

that I'm talking about such an approach

rarely leads to a position of quality a

position you can become passionate about

and also often leaves young people in a

state of learned helplessness

considering they've contacted everyone

they possibly can and not having gotten

a single positive response I want to put

a stop to this having been on the

receiving end of thousands of these

emails and I'll tell you why in just a

second I've come to see the working


something of a school disco on one wall

we have young people who are driven who

are ambitious who are purposeful but who

are lacking any real sense in direction

on the other wall

we have entrepreneurs we have business

leaders we have experts of industry who

are doing great things but crying out

for the smartseries and hardworking

people on the other wall to come across

and join their ranks and help manage the

burden of what they do the trouble is

there's this chasm in the middle that no

one knows how to cross now the people at

the top with blogs with email with

social media have never been more

accessible you don't even need to leave

your wall to make contact with these

people and the opportunities available

for young people have never been greater

because of that now in this talk I'm

going to be taking you through and

looking to share with you a simple and

elegant three-step formula that you can

use this is going to be a formula I've

used myself and I've had that I've

reached out to many high-profile people

using that I've had friends of mine

craft emails using that they're gonna

have to reach incredible positions -

it's going to be something you'll be

able to use right away so to take you

through you can writing persuasive

emails is truly something of an art form

and it's something that hundreds if not

thousands of books have been written

about to save you the hassle of having

to read them allow me to let you in on

the general formula the steps are simple

dream problem solution what is the dream

what is a problem that this person or

this organization has and how can you

position yourself as the solution so

dream I know that the dream for you is

to become a New York Times bestselling

author or I know the dream for you is to

build an empire and dominate your

industry or I know that the dream for

you is to fully automate your business

and go salsa dancing around Argentina

whatever it is neatly packaged and used

to kick off your email problem

I know that while you're doing an

incredible job of overall marketing

right now you lack the bandwidth to

tackle social media in the way that you

would like or I know the problem for you

is getting people to your live events is

doing all of this great work to promote

them to market them as best as you can

you're not getting the people coming

along that you would like

now everyone no matter who they are has


there's no pinnacle of success that you

can reach where there's an absence of


instead with greater success comes a

greater quality of problem but there's

no absence of problem in anyone Ralph

Waldo Emerson once said that every man I

meet is in some way my superior and in

that I can learn from him I like to turn

that on its head and instead say every

man or every woman that I meet I have

something to offer and in that I can add

value to their lives solution the

solution is you how can you add that

value how can you position yourself as

the solution to the problem that you've

been able to identify so to take you

through a few real-life examples of

emails actually using this formula back

in 2013 I was looking to contact author

and marketer Charlie hone this is

someone who's helped make many New York

Times bestsellers and because of

everything that I read about Charlie

he'd work with Timothy Ferriss the

author of the 4-hour workweek

I used the following introduction to my

email it seems the dream for you right

now is to inspire a new wave of

apprenticed entrepreneurs become a New

York Times bestselling author yourself

and to realize the 4-hour workweek in

your own life now Charlie wrote the book

on landing work positions with people

who inspire you a book called

recession-proof Graduate his response

édouard amazing pitch seriously perfect

let's get on skype

can you talk this week now this isn't

because I'm so amazing all I'm so

talented it's simply that I've seen the

patterns for what works I've seen the

patterns for I myself and others in my

position have responded to I've been

able to deconstruct that and use it to

my advantage to now share with you

problem a few months ago I was looking

to contact

ramiz Sethi the founder of I will teach

you to be rich a sight that began about

nine years ago as a personal finance

blog that now has over half a million

readers every single month now in an

interview with roommates I'd learned

that his subscriber base was quickly

outgrowing the in few the email platform

Infusionsoft which happened to be an

exact same problem I was working on with

a company that I'm involved in because

of this I put together the following

email too big for Infusionsoft hey ROH

meet Edward here I'm a big fan of your

work I manage an Infusionsoft account

for similar sized organization we're

experiencing similar growing pains

getting too big for the system and are

beginning to explore other options we're

going to be dedicating some serious

resources to find the best solution it

could be good to mastermind with your

technical team as we go as this is

something I know you're looking to


now this isn't following all three steps

it's not following dream problem

solutions really just majoring on

problem and that's because I was really

just looking to connect with roommate I

wasn't looking to open up a work

position but the fact that Remy the CEO

of a multi-million dollar company and

who has a team of over 30 people

responded personally within 30 minutes

should highlight the impacts of

understanding someone's problems as

another example this is from my good

friend and former TEDx speaker till

gross he was looking to contact a

company called joy able that works in

the mental and mental anxiety and social

anxiety space now I don't know anything

about the company and I didn't write a

word of email and I'm about to show you

but I helped till rearrange things in

the email that he was crafting to come

up with the following hi Peter and Steve

it's your mission to offer social

anxiety treatment to millions of people

who wouldn't have access to it otherwise

one of the biggest problems with online

courses that tackle social anxiety is

high dropout rates and low user


I would like to pitch you on another

field tested and research solution that

could dramatically increase user

engagement and minimize dropouts or

being more effective and cost-efficient

than a one-on-one coach the response the

CEO responded with in 30 minutes and

wanted to talk to me I mean he was

really really keen on talking to me

we had a great call for almost an hour

and hit it off he

said he loved my email now these are

just the patterns that I've seen as well

as being more approachable there's never

been a time where founders and people

that you're looking to contacts have

been is open and is public about their

challenges and frustrations and so you

just have to be discerning enough to

spot what they are now because of this I

have a rather extreme rule I like to say

that if you're looking to contact a

company or you're looking to contacts a

solopreneur you should read everything

that they've ever done everything that

they've ever written you should listen

to every interview that you should watch

every video and you should and you

should study every page of their website

doing so will give you the ammunition

that you need it will give you the

intelligence you need to get inside this

person's head understand their problems

and know why they do what they do I'm

continually amazed at the number of

people who write in to companies saying

that they've listened to one interviewer

read one article about that company and

that they're passionate about their

message it's a joke you have to do your

homework do everything you can to

consume as much as you possibly can

within a reasonable timeframe and keep

asking yourself the question how can I

make this personal how can I make this

organization more successful at what

they do

solution the solution is you now

employers need to know that you're good

very very quickly as you're competing

with too far too many other proven

prospects owing to the fried attention

spans of prospective employers resumes

are getting read less and less they're

dull they're dry they're boring and it's

hard to get excited about the prospect

of reading the career history of someone

you've never met before on the flip side

alternatively stalking you on live for

five minutes is a far more gratifying

experience I get to see your social

media profiles I get to see where you've

been on holiday the last few months I

get to see the dumb things that you've

been posting now this isn't a

revolutionary thought but judging by the

people that I come see coming into my

inbox and I know other colleagues do as

well you must own and control what

people see when they search

your name online now on a defensive

level cover up the dumb things that

you've been posting cover up the dumb

things you wouldn't want someone to see

on an offensive level start a blog

produce great content in your area of

interest and show that you are an

authority or you have an insatiable

level of interest in your area that

you're looking to get good in this will

become your well of credibility your

reservoir of credibility to signal to

someone that you can be the solution to

their problem now it's three finer

points of email and this really is the

icing on the cake begin with a single

line of intent at the top of your

message this will make the whole thing

more digestible or give context to the

message and they'll make it much easier

to read so something to the effect of

I'm writing to you today to help make

your upcoming book launch a success just

nice concise and use to kick off your

email number to disarm objections

consider all of the reasons why someone

wouldn't want you to come and work with

them would it be paying you right away

would it be the prospect of a 12-month

contract right out of the gate would it

be having to babysit you in their

offices whatever it would be consider

their objections and disarm them before

they come up so something to the effects

of I won't ask for a penny until I prove

them what I can do and if that's two

weeks you don't like my work we can cut

things off no hard feelings this will

make it an absolute brainer for someone

to at least try you out you're making it

no cost at all and it will make your

email much more effective number three

and some sort of bonus as a PS to your

message there's a psychological

principle known as the recency effect

which states that the parting impression

you leave someone with is the one that

will be most remembered so this can be

something this can be a link to an

article this can be a general suggestion

something that will leave them with the

aftertaste of you being someone who can

help an add value to what they do so

this will leave you with a line of

intent at the top dream problem solution

overcoming obstacles best your name PS

bonus now this would be incomplete this

thought could be incomplete without a


the biggest mistakes that people make

these are the things that make me want

to punch a hole through my laptop that

make me grind my teeth so make sure you

don't fall into these common pitfalls

number one spelling and grammar I wish I

didn't have to say this but again

judging from my inbox I absolutely do

proofread your email and further to that

have someone who knows what they're

doing proofread your message to is it's

very hard to proofread something you've

written yourself if you don't it will

get things off on the wrong foot and

look unbelievably sloppy before you even

begun so number one number two do not

write lull do not write hahahahaha or

anything else that would suggest this is

a text message to your best friend while

being excessively formal will make me

want to archive your email just as

quickly you need to strike the balance

of being warm yet professional number

three do not write a lengthy essay about

who you are or what you've done at this

stage it won't capture anyone's

attention to get someone's attention you

have to write about them and their

success not your own if they're

interested they'll then ask you which is

then when you can present it number four

don't use comics ends number five do not

have your message sign-off sent from

iPad or sent from iPhone or sent from

Samsung mobile whatever it is you use

this looks terrible and suggests that

you put no thought whatsoever into the

email that you've bashed it out in the

back of a taxi somewhere even if you

spent a week crafting it you need to

check your email over on one of these

devices make sure to get this get rid of

this at the end of your email mail

suggest all of your emails number six do

not in any way suggest that when

contacting an organization or an

entrepreneur that you are looking to

become this person's direct competition

in the next five years no one wants to

spend that time training the next

competitor and so if you have big plans

that's great but keep them to yourself

now this might seem like a

of work it is if you take the time to

research and assemble and craft an email

in the way that I'm suggesting it may

take you up words of a week for one

email here's why I consider that time

well invested it's my personal

philosophy it's my personal belief that

who you work with is as important as

what you do who you work with is as

important as what you do whether it's

personal growth whether it's happiness

whether it's fulfillment who you work

with is as important as what you do now

it's often said in self-improvement

circles that you are the average of the

five people you spend the most time with

given that everyone here is likely

working up with 40 hours of the 168 we

get in any given week we might as well

say you are the average of the five work

colleagues you spend the most time with

I don't spend 40 hours a week with my

friends sadly most people don't with

their significant other who you work

with is as important as what you do so

if you're looking for your dream job

going out and sending a machinegun

resume blast may seem like the quick way

to go but I implore you to consider not

just what you do but who your work with

to use a plan and a structure like this

to go after someone you admire someone

who's a leading expert in your field

someone who inspires you someone you

would love to work with that's how you

land your dream job with one email I

wish you the best of luck and putting it

into practice thank you