I Contacted 100 Companies to get Free Stuff

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this is amazing

I'm gonna be contacting 200 companies in

an attempt to get free stuff why would I

even bother to waste my time or to put

it simply I am sick and tired of seeing

these pathetic youtubers and celebrities

get anything they want for free without

ever having to pay a penny now I

currently have no income thanks to this

UK lockdown so I think it's time that I

made a stand against this injustice and

I'm gonna be unleashing my inner

scavenger and I'm just gonna beg for for

anything free I just really love free

stuff so here's the plan

firstly I have to track down 200

companies that would even consider

giving a beggar like me anything for

free next I have to split the 200

companies into 8 groups for 25 each

group will receive a different kind of

letter I'll get into that later

then I have to split the groups into two

where half the companies get letters and

the other half get emails the final step

is to take action and make contact with

those companies and reap in those

rewards that they are going to give me

the plan sounded pretty easy but little

did I know the sheer amount of hurdles

that I was gonna have to face

unfortunately when I was recording this

bit I was just looking far too

attractive my jawline was looking far

too sharp my 12-pack was clear as day so

the SD card unfortunately corrupted

itself I think you just have to bear

without my face for a bit I'm just gonna

start off by googling biggest companies

and just work my way down from there I

feel like some some white noise I feel

like Apple will be a bit stingy I had a

couple car companies in there just to

see what they're like I'm gonna get a

hat maybe you know doing this quarantine

we need food we need drink so maybe we

can get some free stuff back when I was

younger I sent a letter to innocent and

they gave me a bunch of apertures so

I've got high hopes for them Lewis and

button I kind of want to send letters to

a few celebrities I feel like they might

give something back let me call up a

couple mates I'll see what what

companies they want me to do

hello Anton if I can get you anything

for free from any company what company

would you want for free you don't ask

questions you just give answers well so

far I've got 50 different companies

I'll find a few movie companies see if I

can get your posters if you could get a

free item from any company which company

would you want free stuff from already

got a coffin makeup company's done I've

got Mac I've got James Charles Norris

straight nerves question if you get

anything free from any company what

company would you pick let's yoga

decrease for shoot oh that's a good

shout there when I was younger I used to

love this book called beast quest if you

know what beast quizes you were linked

by nose yeah but I've started a book

club when I was a kid which was just

dedicated to be square I give these out

to people they can read it give it back

to me and with that emailed the company

and they sent us over like 20 t-shirts

Rubik's Cube PE bags like a load of

different stuff just loads of it so

maybe if I try message a few book

writers they'll be like they're cool

have some stuff loads of people for

their clothing brands on tic toc if I

can just reach out to them feel like

they'll definitely give me freebies

after many hours of grueling tiresome

research I had finally landed on the

original 200 companies I was going to

contact which meant it was time for

Phase two

now I've already established that I'm

grouping the companies into eight

sections to send different letters to

but I haven't said what these letters

are to work out how to get the best

response from a company I've made eight

different types of letters including

flexing my tick-tock clout off one viral

video saying I'm a big fan of the

company blatantly asking for free stuff

say and I have a child who is a big fan

directly inspired by that B Square story

suggesting ideas to the company

complaining straight up just tell them

about this video and finally

say that I need free stuff for a short

film I signed all of the companies

randomly using a number generator

however this didn't go in my favor too

well Toyota car for short I've got used

my tip-top clout to try get free stuff

from oral-b

why why why would all be want to share

their teeth whitening kit with the

[ __ ] tick-tock guy who doesn't even

have thick top for his wife I don't even

have thick cloud I continued to sort out

all the numbers and then I put them in a

lovely little table but here's where my

plans started to fall through the very

first thought I've got Atlantic nine


nice-looking company it doesn't have

anywhere to contact them so they've

missed out we all switched that one out

now the next one might be quite hard to

find as well where do we find a Wii


the official Wii Sports not any

caliphates where to contact Wii Sports

oh right

luckily all I had to do to replace these

problem brands was look around my

kitchen take a few of those food

companies and pop them into my table and

this was the finish set of companies

feel free to pause if you're a big nerd

and here or now there was no more

problems I did come across an issue just

a very very big issue was massive I

opened up the Apple website I'd see

where their address was I saw this

temporarily closed and then something

clicked in with me I'm not going to be

able to send out any of the lads any of

them because chances are probably every

single office is closed because of

common virus now really yeah cheers guys

start of a virus just to ruin my video

thanks all right cool your grandparents

dead don't care my videos ruined I don't

even care about the sheer amount of

divorces that are gonna happen because

I've come on right now I just care that

I can't say no more kid letters but I

digress because what I've realized I can

do is I can that'll do two videos one

now and one off the corona ad I could

just get more body of views

just in case I'll say something very

very suspicious and they want to look

into it I'm gonna make a brand new email

so that way they can't trace it back to

me and then it'll also be easier to like

sort these from all the DMS I get from

girls create your Google account

Fred roast I think Fred roast is the

perfect name because it's free arrange

all them letters found and I look I'm a

fraud star give me all your supply that

you've just got scammed cuz that do be

me I hadn't looked him I think only two

people in the water of the name roast so

I'm gonna make it roster say fred rust

has already taken i'm blending in with

the card i'm a little bit of a joe i

began to send out every single email

based on a few templates I made which

sound like this hi there I came across

why do you never see hippos hiding in

trees because they're very good at it I

sincerely hope you laughed when I used

those templates this was typically how

the ending result sounded if you have

any fun exclusive items such as the red

sticker I would be over the moon to be a

possession of them to further show my

appreciation of you thank you for your

services Fundy and finally what you have

all been waiting for the responses we've

got loads of these where they just

saying yeah will reply to you in a bit

oh no this is everyone thank you for

reaching out please know that we do

stand by the quality of our products

cool please let us know if you have any

further questions

Keva sticker love you we are excited to

hear that you are interested in

collaborating with us collaboration

partnerships are handled through Knorr

corporate teams oh they're unable to

produce to provide contact information

I'm going to find it out 12 seconds late

girl you can't find I give up I'm really

upset The Hungry Caterpillar email was a

lie it's not a thing anymore they want

to get a nice week a pillar of my own oh

this is actually cool so I emailed sneak

energy thank you for getting in touch

I've forwarded your email over the team

who will be in touch if interested steth

you're a big man your legend

if they don't give me anything I'm

censoring that immediately Polaroid we

do not have any free arms to send out

right now cool so this company drop has

said that I can apply to campaign I

don't I don't know what I'm applying for

let's do it I sold my soul away which I

don't even think I got anything for but

then the worst message came through the

rudest person in my entire life I sent

dices email to a bixie online and she

replied hi Freddy no full stop


we got another email from bolt they

don't have anything this is going down

the gutter I'm so upset

we'll see how everything goes tomorrow

with an overwhelmingly negative response

including a straight-up no from a

tick-tock account nothing good was

looking likely but that was all about to


something very big has just come right

here is for an upcoming project was one

of my film emails I don't know which one

it's just for my woman named Holly thank

you so much for reaching out

Wow sounds like a very fun task you have

there smiley face of course we'd love to

be able to try and help do you have any

don't have any woof do I have any

chickies on the line do I have any more

information on I'm really nervous for

this because I feel like I've scammed

them oh my god this is amazing I sent a

letter to this company cubes is like

Rubik's cubes saying that I'm making a

film I bought an underdog story of a

child race in a particularly rough area

going against all hatred pushed upon him

to teach himself maths and physics

eventually freaking out how to solve the

towns of Water Supply Drop oh it's the

worst story anyone could make throughout

this film I present his hobbies the main

one being his obsession with puzzle

cubes please send me something hello


thank you so much for reaching out while

it sounds like a fun task there of

course we'd love to be I didn't help do

you have any links to send me to find

out more information that would be

brilliant this I think how all of the

stories this is the most absurd one this

is mental

hello I told my legal advisor ran to an

all about the situation as I needed to

hear his be honest the one where you

said to make a short film about like an

autistic kid he's trying to save the

town's water supply well I didn't

necessarily say he was autistic I think

he's just a bright kid but yeah if I

want free stuff do I legally have to

make this film do you think you're gonna

have to help me write a film well my

name on this email was read Rasta well

thank you very much I just ended the

legal advice and you said it's not good

to lie so thank you all right that is


guys I hope you're looking forward to

the brand new series off we're gonna

make a film I've weighed about a week to

open the last set of emails there has

been nothing it's wise nobody responded

people don't care about me don't so many

emails were said that they were gonna

get back to me well they never did maybe

it's cause of Corona maybe because they

didn't care about me we're gonna find

out today though but the ones that did

get back also you see how there's a

double camera angle high-budget

maneuvers now yes you do okay we'll

start off crux crosses the website want

anything from thank you for contacting

Crocs I'm very sorry but unfortunately

we don't have any stickers or

merchandise that's okay that's okay in a

hole I should imagine we receive an

offer offers from called pressure and

services we unfortunately have to tell

you we can't cooperate at the moment to

be fair do I even want anything else

from the films after what happened with

the last one wait Rose didn't want to

introduce my clothing range idea but as

a thank-you they've added us into our

monthly prize draw


in overpriced cheese the company fossil

said they forwarded my email and then

they never got back to me

so she bucks we've got u2's here which

said social media game oh no wait I

accidentally said that to them thanks

for the email we don't have any freebies

to give away right now I don't blame and

what did swear at them but we achieved

to see the video hi you twos how you

doing I hope you're watching right now I

probably sent this to you that means

make sure to send our way when it's done

maybe we can take part in to see cool

maybe you could take part in how are you

just slide me over something you know

you saw how pathetic this video won such

a great video and nobody sent me

anything so you can just slide a little

u2's our way or you can make one off me

yeah I'm a big big youtuber no 100

subscriber you should make a model of me

I'm gonna declined a great advertising

opportunity with me that's their loss

and yeah everything else is pretty much

just BOTS or they've aired me I didn't

end up sending any of the for flour

which was me pretending to have a child

just cause I got shy when lockdowns all

over I will definitely send out all the

letters I missed so look out for that

soon because that I will get stuff back

100 million trillion percent oh wait

actually no I do have a few more

responses in my personal email let's

just quickly have a look I sent Bandai

Namco over that joke and they responded

hello James I'm getting back to you

regarding the good trade you spoke off

to be honest you made us laugh a little

a little nice little backhanded

compliment they're saying I'm only a

little bit funny so here is one of our

own how does a penguin build its house

it glues it together

ah mine was funnier don't come at me

saying I'm really a little bit funny

when you produce that [ __ ] anyway carry

on we have agreed to give you this five

euro discount code that's a trade for

your jokes

banging that is I would let's see what

they've got let's see what I could get

for that oh [ __ ] they've got a proper

sale on right now so so I can get this

damn little nightmares which is usually

25 quid for only

found other that's the best thing of

good we're realistically that's all I've

got them back

I know zaple gave me a temps and

discount code if you want to use that

feel free it's a [ __ ] website so that

was an absolute flop that whole video

the only thing I got out of it is now I

have to make a film so yeah alright see

you next week