Fundraising Tip- How To Ask For Donations

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Hi, my name is Ayda Sanver and I'm a fundraising consultant

and I'm here to make this short video and share with you some tips

today for fundraising. I want to talk about the most commonly asked question

I get from friends and clients about

asking others for donations and the question and I most often get is

"Ayda, what do I do?"

"I've got to raise some money or collect silent some auction items for my favorite nonprofit,

...and i'm too shy to ask.. and asking is is scary."

Well, guess what. Asking IS scary!

It's scary for all of us! But, there's two things I'm going to tell you up front before

I give you the tips that will hopefully boost your confidence. First, if you don't ask,

the answer is always "no."

Do you understand?

If you don't ask, the answer's always gonna be "no." See, you have to

take that leap of faith and make an "ask."

Second, if the answer is "no," no isn't fatal!

Nobody died from hearing the word "no."

It just means you have to keep going and ask others.

So you need to have a way longer list of

people and organizations you are going to ask

than your goal of success. So, with those

two little ground rules in mind hopefully that gives you a little bit of confidence.

The next tip I'm going to give you, to me is the simplest one.

You already have the passion. You care about this cause.

You care about it so much that you want to make a difference.

Well, let that that passion speak for you when you're talking to other people!

How do you do that? You do that by telling them a story about someone you know,

or someone the nonprofit has told you has been helped by their work

or it could be an "animal rescue" nonprofit, or a "saving parks" nonprofit...

Find a good story. Usually those stories are on the nonprofit's website,

and if they're not, you can ask them to give you good stories.

So, if you can tell a short, good story

about the impact that the

organization made on one person, one animal, or group of people, then you are half way there.

Because, when you approach your friends or potential donors,

you can tell that story from a place of heartfelt passion and say,

"I'd like to tell you a story about this great nonprofit and the work that they do..

Do you have a minute?" Then you start to tell the story..and then you make the ask.

So, you already know that you have the passion.

You just need the words to make it happen, right?

I have other tips like this on my web site (

and I have a free download. I look forward to hearing your feedback,

and I look forward to speaking with you.

As with you and everybody else that I work with - clients, friends people

that I coach, asking isn't scary, it just takes practice..

and it takes some knowledge. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to your feedback!