How To Negotiate For Scholarships - Scholarship Success Series- Negotiating For More Scholarships

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so this video is for any parent any

student or anyone who's helping a

student get more money for school

basically so this is all about

negotiating financial aid packages

whether that be negotiating a larger

scholarship offer or a larger need-based

package or reducing the amount of your

tuition bill so the best way to approach

negotiating a financial aid offer is to

have other offers right I mean you can

always ask for more right close models

don't get in bed that is like the key

turn and you always want to keep in mind

for just life in general but

particularly for financial aid and

scholarships closed-mouthed do not get

fit that means if you don't ask for it

then you don't get it you miss 100% of

the shots that you do not take so always

ask just ask number one just ask and

then okay let's get back to the whole

having other office thing so when if

you're if you're a high school student

who's applying for college and if you

maybe you're a college student and

university student was applying for

graduate school or other programs you

always want to apply to at least ten

schools no matter no matter who you are

or what you're doing because when you

the more schools you'll apply to the

more the higher the chance of you

getting other substantial financial aid

offers and anytime you have a

substantial financial aid offer you can

use that as a tool to leverage to get

more aid from the school that you really

want to go so or to get more aid from

the school that didn't give you asthma

for example so when I was a university

student applying for graduate school the

first time around I applied to a bunch

of schools but only got into one school

I was you know I was supposed to pay

like fifty thousand dollars for like a

one-year master's program I was like I

don't really want to do that so I

emailed Dean I said is there any way I

can get more financial aid is there

anything else that you have available so

number one I asked right and then the

guy was like okay we can look into this

for you but in order for me to make a

case for you

can you please share with me any other

offers that you've gotten any other

admissions offers or any other financial

aid offers that you've gotten for this

year because I can use this and say hey

this student is really valuable and she

wants to come here I mean that was a

date from the University of the

University of Chicago and unfortunately

didn't have it I didn't have it but I

mean then and there I learned I was like

oh man like having other offers would

have helped big time and so I kind of

regretted not applying to it as many

schools as I could have that's one

lesson that I learned well on the other


you know before all of this before me

applying to graduate school when I was a

high school student no I was offered a

lot a lot of scholarships I was offered

full rides from my core schools and I

was easily able to say hey look this

school offered me two hundred thousand

can you offer me 200,000 I mean this is

how I got a full ride to Cornell the

first time around because I had a lot of

scholarship money offered to me and you

know I had already proven that other

institutions and other and other

individuals deemed me worthy of

investing in you know they saw me as a

student they'd like to invest in so

that's why they were paying for me to go

to school so and the third tip I could

give you so the first thing was to ask

second tip is to have other offers

applied to a bunch of schools so you can

have other offers to leverage and the

third tip the third tip would be to be

the best student that you can be and

present yourself in the best way

possible be the student that they want

because they're not going to say no to

the student that they really want so the

best way to do that is to show that you

want to contribute to the campus they

can plan on matriculating to show that

you are passionate about whatever you're

trying to study show that you will be a

positive impact on your college campus

and community and fill in a need so when

I mentioned filling in a need what I

mean is give something that the school

is either looking for or that the school

lacks so if this is a big athletic

university and they need more nerds be

that nerd or look for the schools that

are looking for what you have and what

you offer and who you are so it's a big

nerdy school and then you look for some

top athletes and maybe gymnastics or

football whatever be that person if you

know you're that person look for the

schools that are looking for you so

that's pretty much it

these are the best avenues for

negotiating your financial aid package

and getting more scholarships and

getting more money to go to school

always remember that if a school wants

you they're going to be less likely to

say no

and if you open your mouth and ask your

chances of getting more aid and more

scholarships and more money increases

big-time so I hope you thought this was

helpful if you have any questions please

comment subscribe and let me know I'm

very accessible if you come and I will

answer questions and also check out the

article below a more detailed

description of how to negotiate your

final aid financial aid packages alright

see ya

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