Financial Aid Offer Not Enough? How to Ask for More College Scholarships

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hi everyone i'm shannon vasconcelos

director of college finance for Bright

Horizons college coach and I just want

to check in as we've been working with

lots of folks over here at college coach

who are struggling to make their final

college decisions in light of everything

that's going on with the kovat 19

pandemic and particularly in regards to

their finances and financial

circumstances that might look very

different now than they did back in the

fall when you might have been initially

applying to college and applying for

financial aid so I just wanted to make

sure that everyone out there knows that

they can and in fact they probably

should go back to the college is under

consideration and ask for more financial

aid and scholarships a first offer is

not necessarily a final offer so if you

received a need-based financial aid

offer based on financial circumstances

that no longer exists for your family I

want you to check the college's website

for any official financial aid appeal

form that they have if they don't have a

forum simply send it an email asking

that they reconsider your financial aid

offer based on your change in

circumstances and that could be you've

lost your job or you've been furloughed

your business has been closed or maybe

your savings have been depleted maybe

you have high medical expenses that

you're paying or you're supporting an

elderly relative it may have nothing to

do with the pandemic

maybe you as a parent are still paying

back your own student loans or you may

be you reported receiving child support

back in 2018 but that is anything soon

really if there is anything that the

financial aid office doesn't know about

your financial circumstances anything

they didn't ask on the FAFSA form or

that has changed since filing your FAFSA

let the aid office know you want to

document it with facts and figures and

receipts and you just ask them to

reconsider your aid offer and I would

actually want to add that this also

applies to juniors who will be applying

for aid in the fall with 2019 income

information you'll definitely want to

send in an update

well if 2020 looks different for your

family now if you did not receive

need-based financial aid but we're

offered a merit scholarship you can also

ask for more scholarship money now merit

requests typically go to the admissions

office instead of the financial aid

office but it's the same basic process

you just send in an email letting them

know that the cost of college has become

more of an issue for you and while you

or while your child would love to attend

their school you're concerned that you

can't justify the extra expense right

now and that maybe you got a better

scholarship offer from another school or

you have a less expensive in-state

public option that's really hard to turn

down right now and just ask if there are

any other scholarship resources at the

school that could help you bridge that

gap again you want to document those

better offers that you have and then

just ask politely for more now you won't

always be successful I think we need to

acknowledge that many colleges are

struggling financially right now as well

but many are also struggling to fill the

seats in their class so that if you let

them know that some extra funding from

them will make a big difference to your

enrollment decision they may be willing

to work with you so I would say before

you put down that enrollment deposit

send in a request for additional

assistance then you probably want to

follow up in a couple weeks if you

haven't heard back and don't hesitate to

ask for an extension on your enrollment

deposit if you need it but just know

that it never hurts to ask for more the

worst that College will do is say no or

they might say not right now because we

have to see how 2020 plays out but know

that there are many colleges that

regularly say yes and they can be

flexible with their aid offers so I

would encourage you to at least ask the

question so good luck everybody please

stay in touch with us let us know how

you do we would love to hear some more

success stories about negotiating and

appealing for more financial aid so stay

in touch and do take care and stay

healthy please bye bye