Questions College Coaches HATE Getting Asked By Athletes

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just want to talk to you today about

what not to ask a college coach or

questions that college coaches hate

getting asked have you been a college

coach myself for eight years of course I

got lots of emails lots of calls from

potential student-athletes and from

their their parents so just gonna focus

on three things today that should help

you when you're thinking about reaching

out to a college coach on what to say

and what not to say on the number one is

don't give the the college coach another

job or don't assign them a task athletes

are pretty notorious for doing this

maybe it's because they grow up and

everybody that comes to house so they

work with is sort of works for them is

employed by them college coaches are not

employed by you they don't work for you

they have bosses that they have to

answer to you're not one of them they

have what you want which is a

scholarship or an opportunity to play in

college so what you don't want to do is

give them a task a lot of kids do this

and they don't even really realize that

they're doing it on some of the things

they might see is hey coach can you come

see me play at this event or something

and he might just be thinking well I'm

giving the coach my schedule where

there's a there's a better way to do

that rather than say telling them to

come see you play don't text or call a

coach and say hey coach call me back at

this number or you can call me here I'll

be home later at eight o'clock and you

can call me um let me just give you some

some some knowledge here or perspective

on this that college coach has thousands

of kids trying to talk to him I'm

assuming if you're making that call you

do not have thousands of college coaches

trying to talk to you they have the

leverage in this negotiation or this

conversation so when you tell a coach

hey call me back on what you probably

should say is hey coach I'd like to talk

to you is there a good time I can be

available at this time please let me

know what I could be available let the

coach know that you want to talk to them

again you probably don't mean this but

it does come across as arrogant or just

uninformed when when athletes do this

I'm asking them to you know give them

duties or tasks or things like that okay

so the second thing the big no-no and

things college coaches hate is just

getting ask dumb questions

you've probably heard well hey there's

no such thing as a dumb question

well there is um any dumb question you

could ask a college coach or the most

common one are just one set then you can

find out with a simple Google search or

just a two minutes on the that coaches

schools website on you know kids would

email or call and coach you know what

city are you guys in or what tell me

about your school or what majors do you

have again a couple things come into

play here one of them is that college

coaches are busy and you know they don't

know you yet um you know college coaches

are old old men and women typically you

don't see a lot of you know millennial

college coaches yet that's changing but

uh you know as everybody gets older this

might change but myself as a non

millennial I can I can tell you Ashley

it's and some of you parents who are

counseling your athletes here um I don't

want to have a conversation back and

forth that's you ask a question I answer

you ask a question I answer it you ask

me a question I answer it it takes a lot

of time if I don't know you if I don't

have a relationship with you as a

college coach waste my time and have a

lot of time I'm very busy with with a

lot of duties so what you want to do is

you know you can ask some questions that

are a little deeper you know some of the

things you can't find out from a website

you could ask the coach about his or her

coaching philosophy you could ask the

coach about um you know what the

incoming class is looking like and you

know what their what they were

look for in a player you know more deep

meaningful um you know questions not

things that you could easily find out on

their website if you do ask those deep

and meaningful questions you will come

across to somebody very interested in

their school if you ask the generic

questions um you know maybe then you

come across as just somebody not

interested or no specific interest in

that school okay so the last one the

third one is the big one

that's why I saved it for last and and

that is in the first conversation or at

least the first couple conversations

with the college codes do not ask

anything about scholarship money the

reason is a college coach is not going

to give you scholarship right away


you should know based on a quick google

search if they are n-c-double-a division

1 division 2 division 3 nai JUCO

whatever you should be able to find out

if that school does offer scholarships

so you don't know that yet it's probably

too early to even think about contacting

that coach anyway you probably need some

guidance and help in the recruiting

process but assuming you know if the

school does offer scholarships asking

hey coach can I have a scholarship is

like walking up to a random person on

the street be like hey would you like to

marry me

not a terrible question it's just not

the right time for that question they

don't know you you don't know them of

course they're not going to give you a

scholarship they don't know who you are

you um you know asking them if you're

gonna if they're gonna offer you or when

they're gonna offer you or how much

they're gonna offer how much money they

can get you she's not quite time to that

yet they don't know you so what you want

to do is build a relationship with the

college coach a relationship starts with

an introduction some conversation back

and forth and eventually that coach will

tell you if they're interested in you or


in one of the things I sometimes tell my

clients is you know how do I know if a

coach is interested in me well if you

have to ask if they're interested in you

I can tell me the answer they're not if

they are interested in

you you will know that they're

interested in you there is nothing they

will not hide that fact from ya again

I've been a college coach the people

that I seriously was recruiting they

knew it

there wasn't any doubt in their mind

that I was seriously recruiting them the

people that I just had their email

address or something you know they might

have thought I was recruiting them but

it wasn't so um you really don't want to

be the one to bring up scholarship money

in the first couple of conversations how

there is a little caveat to that if you

are senior and you've had a longer

back-and-forth with the coach and

they're kind of dragging you on a little

bit being really vague about hey we have

scholarships but you know just not

really letting you know that you're

someone that they would want to offer um

it might be time for you to ask that

coach a I need to know you know or I'd

like to know if you have plans to offer

me and the reason is is you would rather

here know so that you could use that

decision you know move on to other

schools rather than just be strung out

forever because you're a senior and it's

time to you know find out for sure so

you do at some point want to ask about

scholarship money if it hasn't been

brought up it's just not gonna be right

away early in the process so um so you

know just to wrap that up again the

three things are you know don't give the

coach a job so don't take don't give a

task let somebody call you back don't

tell them to call you a certain time

don't tell them you know that they have

to look you up on huddle or they have to

go and look you up on this website

they'll do that you want the coach to

talk to you so you want to give them as

much information as again second thing

is don't ask dumb questions right or not

thought out questions or questions that

you could find out very simply with a

Google search or browsing on their

website and then the third thing is

don't ask for scholarship money in the

first couple conversations with the

college coach so when you do get a

chance to start a communication with the

college coach be thorough be

professional you don't need to be overly

stuffy and you know some kids and

parents trying to use like super big

words and make it all you know it's just

another person you know college coach

just another person you're talking to so

you know you don't have to get up the

dictionary and come up with words you've

never heard of and write them in the

email to make it sound all that just

sounds phony it looks phony anyway so

most college coach you don't like that

either but you do want to be

professional so you have to walk that

line between you know casual and

professional so anyway I'm here to help

if anyone I hope you enjoyed little

tidbits here and there today on what

college coaches hate being asked my

website is student athlete

WorldCom my name is Tim Ryerson and I

look forward to hearing from you soon

please like share and comment below if

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most of all thanks for listening