How To Create Social Media Marketing E-Contracts (And Take First Client Payment)

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hey guys Jordan here today I'm gonna

show you how to make econ tracks that

you can send to any company all over the

world may you can also take payments

straight from these contracts on the run

boot all of that today so we're going to

jump on the Mac but before we do you

know the drill even I'm getting bored of

it like I can't subscribe tell a

notification Belen let's get started

with this video okay let's jump straight

into this video so we're on the Mac

today now very quickly why do you want

to use an e and e contract over a

physical contract pretty obvious but

it's for when you cannot actually

physically get to your potential client

to sign them up so if you like signing

up local businesses you're working with

restaurants you're working with gyms and

your local city it's easy for you to get

on the train or get in your car and go

see that business owner and put pen to

paper but if you're working with

international businesses maybe they're

ecommerce businesses or they're just

overseas or you can't be bothered to

drive for them you can and send over

electronic versions of your contract and

whatever that may look like now these

electronic contracts are fully legal and

you can still squiggle on the dotted

line I'm going to show you all of that

today and I'm also going to show you how

you can take your first client payment

as well through these contract softwares

so that's a little bit of a bonus there

for you as well now I have played around

with many different and contract

software and what I find to be the most

effective and easiest use is pandadoc so

what you want to do is you want to go

over to pandadoc dot-com okay now this

is accessible on any web browser as far

as I'm aware and they have a really nice

online web app now I think it's like

nine dollars a month but you can sign up

for like a free month to try it out so I

advise for you if you're looking to sign

up clients and new contracts that need

to be sent out ASAP just sign up for the

free trial if you're signing clients up

on it over a thousand pounds a month

nine dollars a month is really not a lot

to invest in in good contracts and

having a secure place where you can

store all of your contracts now diving

straight into this I'll let you play

around with the interface yourself to

create your first contract which

want to go go do is go on to the top

right corner of your screen here and hit

new document' once you're signed up to

pandadoc and then you only gonna hit

blank document this is because you're

not going to have a contract at this

stage and this is where you are going to

create your first contract now I presume

all of you guys will already have a

paper contract of some sort a PDF that

you print out and you read it per each

client if you don't I think I always

still have mine being able to you can

download it for free I think on my

website that's only gonna be for a very

limited time only I wasn't meant to do

that for this long so if you haven't got

a physical contract already I'd advise

for you to head over to my website and

download it by the time locks you guys

will be watching this video I would have

already taken that down so you won't be

able to download it for free and it'll

only be accessible through my course but

nevertheless what you want to do is you

want to click open to content tab now

what this is is I mean the way to look

at this is like almost like a a Wix

website builder it's that kind of setup

it's very much drag-and-drop very very

easy to use so what we want to do is we

want to go onto text and what we want to

do is we just want to copy and paste our

whole contract and so I think I'm

actually got one of mine here I think

I've got a template somewhere social


Daigo proposal so this is my full

proposal here and my full social media

marketing proposal which is on my

website at the moment I can't share this

with you guys because DocuSign and more

pandadoc story doesn't allow you to

actually share templates documents and

but I have got a digital friendly

version which is on my course at the

moment but as you can see here we have

my full contract and you can edit

everything here you can change the tapes

you can change the terms and conditions

but what pandadoc allows you to do is

create fields so you see here where

we're actually signing the contract we

have company name we have print name we

have signature and we have the date now

these are when you send this online

document when you send this to your

potential client they will only be able

to edit these specific fields themselves

okay and it will have a time stamp

stating that your client has actually

signed those themselves and it's coming

from that IP address which

ties it all in legally which is really

really great and it just saves so much

time from having to send over like a PDF

document for them to print off and em to

then put their signature in and scan it

back to you this is so much more secure

you can keep all of your documents in

one place I'm just going to show you

quickly how you can actually create at

these fields so what I'll do is I'll

actually just delete a few of these okay

now let's just say you've got your your

document here it's all copy and pasted

in and you want to add your fields for

your client to enter so you want to go

over to blocks and then we've got fields

here and you want to add a text field

first of all for that company name and

it's so so simple you're just going to

drag that in there we're going to call

that text field company name so this is

where your client ends as they come with

your name funny enough and we're going

to have another text field we're going

to come in and we are going to put that

here for their print name print name and

then we're going to have a signature

which is field signature and this is

where they're going to be able to

literally just squiggle on the dotted

line and then you can have date as well

and so it's very easy and you can see

how easy this this guy's okay and now

when you have finished your contract

you've got your full contract template

and busan to here you have your exact

fields that you want to use you can also

take a payment from your client as well

so what we want to do is we want to go

back over to blocks that's where we

found that initial text field where we

copied all of the text from our contract

and we only go straight down to payment

now what this is going to do it's going

to generate an invoice onto our a

contract and what pandadoc will do is

when the client signs this document

they'll be prompted to pay this initial

invoice and they won't be able to

proceed unless they do so it's not all

the hard work there for us what we want

to do is we want to change the payment

amount so we go to the right-hand side

here and we put our amount so let's just

say the first month service charge of

one thousand five hundred pounds

now you can do like a percentage off you

can do payment plans things like that

but we're going to keep it ultra simple

today and we can also change the to box

so we can taint a two

to Joe Bloggs and let's say that logs

restaurants limited personal message you

don't have to put that but you can and

fold social media service month one okay

and that is this invoice complete now

what we need to do now is we need to

allocate this invoice to someone so we

need to let pandadoc know that it's joe

bloggs that needs to sign or pay that

invoice and not us so we want to click

on that invoice and we want to allocate

it we want to choose a payer over here

now we haven't got any recipients listed

at the minute so we need to add one in

and so let's add a new contact and we'll

call him Joe Bloggs

and let's just put my email address in

there and hopefully it let us do this it

won't flag anything up a contact already

exists okay let's see everybody got a

contact okay I've already made one

before Joe Bloggs Jordan patna

okay and now what I will say that that

is prompting pandadoc that is lesson

handed up know that it is me that needs

to pay that is joe bugs who need to pay

that invoice and so we just want to go

up to invoice and just make sure that

joe bloggs is ticked there as the payer

now what we also need to do is make sure

that joe bloggs is accountable for these

forms here these these forms that we

created earlier so we want to click on

company name and we want to allocate

each one of these forms to joe bloggs

okay you can see here it just as a sign

of recipient to joe bloggs when you

click on it it comes up for you

mega-mega simple now what this is saying

this whole document knows that joe

bloggs need to signs all these forms and

joe bloggs needs to pay this invoice

it's getting a tongue-twister so we're

finished now we have our contract made

we have our first month's payment

invoice setup so we just want to hit

Send so let's just call this joe bloggs

can call our contract name there and

it's going to enable us to send an email

to joe bloggs to let him know that we

have his contract ready say hi Joe

please find attached your contract and

payment invoice

thanks in advance Jordan okay send

document perfect now that document has

been sent let's quickly jump over onto

my emails and I'll show you what it

looks like on your clients end okay guys

so this is the exact email that my

client that Joe would have received then

so all you're gonna have to do to sign

this document is hit open the document

dead dead simple and it's gonna bring

them to the actual document and tell

them what it is they actually need to do

so they can read through to contract

here go straight down and you can see

straight away we have these big red

forms here that they need to fill in so

we have company name logs restaurants um

that in fact I'm not even gonna bother

filling all this in because you know how

it works they can choose the date of

today and click to sign they can draw

their and their signature in they can

type it in or they can upload it so

let's just draw it and we're gonna hit

accept and sign okay great now what we

want to do is we want to finalize this

document that's what they're going to do

they're going to click down in the

bottom right corner finalize document

and then they are prompted to payment so

we want to hit submit payment and

they're going to have to put in their

card details and it's as simple as that

so we have just sent the exact same

contract that we're normally sending to

our potential new client

they've been prompted for an invoice

straight away they're now been prompted

for their card details and as happy days

we have the client signed up we have the

first month's payment and we are good to

get admin rights their social media

pages and start working for them and

that's in this video guys that is a

brief understanding of how you can

create an e contract I've been asked

this question so many times recently so

I wanted to make this this free video

for you guys as I said I think that at

this time at the moment you will be able

to download my pdf version of my

contract by my website by the time a lot

of you guys be watching this it won't be

available anymore

it is something that is included in my

course and I actually do now have a

electronic friendly just a reformatted

version in my course as well and so I

hope you've got value from this guys if

you have any questions at all drop them

down below and of call

share this video with someone else who

will get value from it as well someone

who's working with e-commerce clients or

international clients and by the way you

don't just have to do this for your

clients you may have seen on my previous

page I actually use electronic contacts

for my virtual assistant and my

outsources as well to secure myself and

I even do it with payment plans with my

course so yeah you can use this it's

fully versatile software it's very very

cheap so yeah that's the endless video

guys I will be back again on Friday

afternoon Cheers