The TRUTH About Giving Money To Church | Tithing and Poverty

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if you go to a church and you've heard

about tithing

chances are good that you've seen signs

around your church about the importance

of tithing and that you're more

progressive churches you certainly heard

sermons about tithing

if you tithe you will be blessed tithe

and good things will happen to you if

you don't tithe don't expect anything

good to happen to you some will even go

as far as to say you are cursed if you

don't tithe but what does the Bible say

about tithing first you should know that

the tide was a Jewish law

it was the customary thing to do during

the times of the Old Testament the tide

which means tenth was from whatever you

produced so if you were a farmer you

gave a tenth of your produce if you were

a herder you gave a tenth of your

animals money wasn't the focus the tide

was given to certain Levites who had no

claims to the land most Jews of today do

not follow the old law as there are no

ordained Levites according to this rabbi

now the Levites received a portion of

this tithe

and that is because the Levites had no

inheritance in the Land of Israel

therefore they had no other means of

income unless the children of Israel

would give the tithes and they took a

portion of that tithe for themselves to

feed their family to clothe their family

to provide for their needs and the needs

of the Levitical community since there

is no Levitical priesthood working in a

temple there is no such thing as a tithe

right now

now once the third temple is rebuilt and

let's say we move back to the Land of

Israel then you can start worrying about

giving a tie then working out all the

the things that a tithe is Christians

are supposed to follow Jesus and Jesus

never taught of tithing specifically in

fact when Jesus observe rich Jews that

were tithing he said that a woman who

gave only two coins gave more than

anyone because she gave all she had

Jesus focused on the spirit of giving

and not a specific amount when it comes

to supporting the actual church in many

synagogues there is a box at the back of

the church if anyone wants to give to

the church specifically they can do so

by dropping whatever amount that's in

their heart in the box Jesus also

believes in giving to the poor he talks

about giving to the poor many times I

reiterate giving to the poor so in the

case of Christianity which literally

means Christ like Jesus would rather you

give to someone in need rather than a

church speaking of the poor the u.s.

poverty line for for people in the house

is about $24,000

the average net worth of a black or

Latino household is less than $15,000 I

would estimate that for black and Latino

Christians more than half of the people

who attend churches are below the

poverty line that means as far as Jesus

is concerned if you are below the

poverty line you are the last person

that should be giving to a church

instead someone should be giving to you

but again like the poor Widow woman in

the Bible if you want to give you can

Jesus cares more about your heart than

specific amounts that you give if you

give 10% but you have an attitude the

whole time God would rather you keep

your money as the Bible says God likes a

cheerful Giver the most important thing

of all is this tithing or giving is not

in any way tied to your salvation you

cannot by God's grace you cannot buy a

ticket to heaven the bible does say that

if you sow sparingly you will reap

sparingly but that is a choice not a

requirement the Bible also says that

when you give you should do so in secret

so that $50 line your pastor asks you to

do is not God that preacher telling you

to give a specific amount so that you'll

be blessed is also not God the vlog that

you did when you talked about giving

twenty thousand dollars to victims of

Hurricane Harvey is not God

everything that I told you is in the

Bible read it for yourself I challenge

you to then take these findings to these


so in short tithing is an old Jewish law

that many Jews who still operate under

the old law don't follow today

Christians who operate under Christ were

also never required to time whatever

church you attend is supposed to survive

on donations

freely given from members or even

non-members in other words your church

is supposed to depend on faith now where

have I heard that