How To Ask a CHINESE GIRL To Marry You

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and this is probably the most romantic

proposal story of ever in your life but

I busted out a guitar the blindfolded

you and I took you to a mountaintop

and again I won me and I just sang you a

song that I'd written for years it was

amazing maybe it laughing about I still

have the song here I could play a little

bit and I had these vows written down so

I was two nerves are shaking love my

life over here I should probably let you

tell us


hey leaveners this lau 86 here with

another video and today i'm here with

vide could you would you ever guess that

i'd have baby as a special guest on my

channel like crazy special could have

you here I'm gonna have you here in this

place I noticed something about your

other hand though interesting I'm just

going to call you newcomers to the

channel about our my proposal story to

you but I want you to notice this

there's a very severe tan line here on

the sand and what that is is actually

wear her wedding ring should be so

actually what you do here know how to do

really good clickbait for this video

I'll be like we're getting divorced and

then just show that tan line and I'm in

because I want a divorce you after what

happened I was making babies like

peeling this gives this thing will stuff

in my range so where did you put your

rings on it so I'm just going to throw

this out there those rings cost me a

pretty penny back then okay this kind of

ties into how I proposed to you right

I've been eight years now so what is it

like four years into China was when I

start started to like decide to settle

down right but up until then we were

still together right however people

think that you know cut to the you know

how we met each other is in the

supermarket and you're the only one that

could speak English blah blah blah you

know the story but a lot of people think

because I was having all these crazy

adventures and going around the place

and stuff we were still in contact we're

still dating but it was hard and I think

a lot of people think that it was just

all they're meant to be so you know

they're always seeing each other and

stuff most of the time you need to just

chat on the phone every single day every

day seriously is like to 365 for 66 days

depending on the year right keep

drinking by the way okay

looks more like milk and tea since the

name I guess be no tea nice lips

they're going to make some really bad

conclusions about that but today we're


long story short four years around I was

popping around so first year was here in

your hometown second year I went to

Taiwan and that was difficult because -

although Taiwan you know according to

some people is in China it's difficult

to get there right and the only reason

you were to get there was I yeah because

I was study I'm a student in Macau so

that's really easy for me to go to

travel how on whatever application

because I already have a visa to stay in

Macau right so am i encroaching on your

feminine rights here like my kind of

manspreading yeah of course okay sorry

about that let me give your space ah the

URI of power you were able to come visit

and it was it was kind of heartbreaking

let's be honest I'd I actually didn't

think I thought yeah maybe we continue

dating a stuff when we when I moved to


it was difficult I mean we were able to

see each other very often I think you

visited once the whole year right

obviously I visited you but that one

time that you visited it was one of the

moments that I realized that I wanted to

be with you and what about you I want to

be with you from there way earlier than

you so you lose no but when I was in

Taiwan we had this trip and basically

when she got there I said pack your bags

we hopped on the motorcycle and we rode

across all of Taiwan and it was so so

romantic I mean you know his mountain

passes these little hotels we stayed at

you know super we shared like some of

the best memories we were had and it was

especially sweet because I work six days

a week there it's very rare that I got a

vacation so we really use that time to

our advantage remember you remember that

like when you cross the mountains I was

like lost my oxygen there falsely oh

yeah so we went up this mountain it's

called um close to call Kevon Sun and

apparently it snows up there and this is

Taiwan a tropical country right so we're

going through this over or this past on

the top of the mountain and I realized

like we had been chatting the whole time

we have to scream basically to hear each

other right but up there we're going so

slowly because if bike is chugging along

else to do so I we could actually hear

each other you're talking a lot Nelson I

realize you stopped responding to my to

my conversations know what and the whole

fell asleep on the back

motorcycle and I'm telling you it was

treacherous drop this on the other side

aloud anyway that's people aren't here

to watch a video about our romantic

Taiwan trip because after that I ended

up instead of coming back to be with you

and that difficult gear apart

moving and I went to Inner Mongolia my

to me because of you I move back to

rajole and then you the last minute by

the time I get the job in Rajjo and then

you told me that like also I need to go

through maybe I get in a bad press

already alright I'm the one that takes

the brunt of the force here everyone's

going to be like oh you dick down the

comments anyway that being said you did

visit a couple times when I was up there

we had a really good time and it almost

made our times more special right

because we plan these really really epic

trips you remember we went to some walk

which is in Hunan and I was working for

a magazine at the time

so in Fung Hong hoop you Nunn and I was

writing articles freelance for these

magazines and you would be my little

tag-along you translate some stuff for

me and whatnot we were finding it's

discovering all these little minority

villages and eating all this exotic food

and taking photos and those really fun

amazing today we didn't YouTube back

then and then we had a really really

kind of life-changing trip and that was

when we went to lounge right what do you

tell what happened there I don't think

anyone knows this story should I tell

the reason why we get Passport okay okay

this man he always try his best to spite

me at some point and I told him that

every food dropped on the table don't

pick it up our second rule yeah

five-second rule almost turned into five

exid per minute in my heart yeah the

second we go there and go to restaurant

it's really dirty and he did that I was

really angry and he's been hanging that

night I'm sorry I meant spreading oh

good yeah Wow let me keep it in my

little man so anyway so I got typhoid

and it was a problem because no one

spoke English no one spoke Chinese but

we ended up finding someone that spoke

Chinese and he had studied in Kunming

that's a great thing because that was

how we're actually living they are their


speaking Chinese study in nuit totally

cool much better than my daddy in the

car in University and his Chinese major

Chinese there's lawless Chinese he

actually save all in life he saved their

lives because my life literally flashed

before my eyes what happened was because

I didn't know what typhoid was I didn't

know what I had but when we when he put

me into that I don't really remember

this we put me in the back of a truck

kept at a tuk tuk and drove me to a

hospital and there was no beds it was

like indoor beds it was like these

bamboo beds outside right and I remember

vaguely opening my eyes and it was like

the Sun is just beating down on me but I

was got like 40 degrees 110 degrees that

right but the Sun was just pounding on

me and I felt like freezing cold I was

dying I was so cold and just sweating

through everything and I just remember

coming in and out and I remember he took

my pulse right and he said that it was

down to like five or ten I can't

remember beats per minute or something

it was I had been so dehydrated excuse

me my body was in such disarray because

we had waited too long the Treatise

finally they wrote an entire journal

about my illness right actually because

you are lucky at that time they don't

really have a really good doctor but

he's from the main city that day there

is a doctor from the capital come to

help out yeah it was like a charity

thing he was helping the little towns

that were really poor and he spoke

English but he had never seen a

foreigner before remember and he was so

nervous or something I remember the fog

and then the one really funny one is

like soft belly yeah you like wrote

every detail about my body belly soft

diagnosis typhoid almost dead we slept

the journal sorry why do I keep doing

this I got to get over this anyway so I

proposed to you and I - no I'm joking

that was one of those moments when I

just watched how you took care of me and

you forced me after that to take all

this anti diarrheal medicine and stuff

because I was I was in and out of

consciousness didn't say I was just

mumbling weird stuff and like it was


a bed and I didn't know I remember just

the way you the way you took care of me

like really I don't know it was almost

like it enlightened me and when I went

say Inner Mongolia back after that I was

like why am I not with her all the time

like it was just almost foolish it was

kind of around that side that I decided

to save up my chin my little my rainbows

and buy a ring when I visited back home

right now when I got back I was still in

Inner Mongolia that was when my

motorcycle got stolen and it was almost

like that was so it the last that was it

I was like enough enough is enough I'm

out of here

and immediately I came back down and

this is probably the most romantic

proposal survivor in your life but I

busted out a guitar the blindfolded you

and I took you to a mountaintop I got on

one knee and I just sang you a song that

I'd written for years it was amazing I

still have the song here I could tell

you a little bit and I had these vows

written down but I was too nervous are

shaking love my life over here I should

probably let you tell what all best not

true at all

I do now I never heard what you I never

heard you play the guitar first anyway

you know you're really messy fella yeah

you're not perfect

you can never keep your stuff in certain

place right I always need to type you

how's your bed and stuff so I already

know the way we boy football well you

already knew I had a ring yeah what do I

tell me that have fun in three years but

I don't even think that's my ring why I

was so happy to see the rain box but I

really don't think that's my ring why

because the size it's like bigger than

myself I thought it's your mom

I mean listen the girl I was going to

propose to is massively obese and I

apologized I had to leave her for you

and it cited the you know

no no jokes aside I actually had no idea

what your ring size was it would have

been smart for me to to measure it so no

matter so not romantic in the first

place and then second that day was my

birthday I remember and I yeah it will

be really romantic if you proposed to me

in my birthday but the problem is you

take me to a really not romantic

restaurant in a second about toilet

restaurant and meanwhile should be a

date and then you bring another friend

along what I wanted to do was take you

to modern toilet restaurants because I

wanted you to have absolutely no

premonition I was just shooting a lot of

clicks video we're showing the

ridiculous toilet restaurant we're

eating poop ice cream and drink it out

of urinals and stuff sitting on toilets

and I wanted you to have this kind of

this is totally not going to happen

today feeling like totally not my

birthday this is the kind of crap he

takes me to do I wanted to have that

kind of feeling so then I remember I

took you I took you home alone I didn't

bring my friend here I should have had

him film but I took you to a really

romantic location my parents councilmen

right next to Lake took her to our

parents apartment and but it was next to

the lake mosquitoes were a bitin yes the

bath route and chomping down those

mosquitoes and it's hot gross and you

kind of spores you know what before I

got to be honest I was really nervous

yeah it before it's like it's always I'm

the ones there like let's just walk

around the lake just do some exercise

relax a bit I'm the one that's anyway

yeah it turns out you are the one seven

and then I remember the stupid rain it's

like the oversized rain and then I

remember all the weird reaction you have

you just figured it out nah dude I'm so

tough job I saw at this moment that's so

not romantic but I don't wanna ruin and

then like one year actually propose I

just like I still need a birthday

surprise and then you put your actually

will take that right now I try to put on

me this can't even listen to this right

now I'm feeling I feel so embarrassed

Windows dad have a no big that I am okay

grandma I thought it was a bracelet okay

why would I have my grandma's ring it

looks new no came in the box

well by the time I find it and I fell

off I don't know how can you rather

stick so I really think that's good

already anyway we immediately got it

resized right yeah and I'm sorry usually

I'm good at this kind of stuff guys like

for real I'm really good at this kids

about the deafness I don't know anything

is because it was you I'll be honest

with it no it's because we have been

together so long and if it was proposing

to a girl that I had like this severe

new crush on it would have been more

probably organic ironically right but

the reason is because we're like best

friends like we're always just hanging

out joking around yeah we kiss on

occasion me right at me no you're just

our luck guys yeah we're like buddies

right and we love you too we loved each

other so much but it was more of a it's

not only dis attraction but it turned

into a real lot like someone that you

want to be with forever right so that's

what made it awkward it's because you're

I'm trying to do all these steps that

you see on TV and movies and it's to

someone that's my friend that's just

going to take the piss and laugh about

it anyway so it's kind of weird like you

how County your art argument is I feel

like a little bit of a victim here I'm

gonna smash spreads this is my advantage

of the moment you have this big white

birth anyway um I feel like my counter

is that I couldn't be that romantic

because you have no ability to accept

romance you are absolutely romantically

disabled you are you everything is

nervous laughter after that because you

think it's so awkward and weird that

someone would do that so I know I knew

how you're going to react and that's why

I act acted awkward and think you should

take me for taking the bullet there I

had to take the awkward bullet

now you're telling everyone in the world

anyway I want to ask you this last

question did you think that you're going

to marry me no why

I'm not dating here because you're never

around do you remember the last talk

we're saying because like my family is

wicked tradition they they keep thinking

I'm a leftover draw right like when you

pass 25 in like emerging to 27th up they

just like totally give up on you they

tried their best to set things setting

me up and stuff right with other people

that's another story for another time

because that is a very very good topic

and I I just give you a cause and light

good guess I'm like we've been together

for really long I really like just like

will put this relation should do in my

heart that doesn't work because never

around I can't see the end you know if

you don't make them movies I know you

mean and I guess like your ultimatum is

not really what made that decision for

me I think that's why I told those

stories in the beginning of the

cultivation of all of those times that

you cared about me and like how much

effort you put into the relationship

calling all the time and making sure I

was okay and it was all of these kind of

moments that we shared and it was almost

like a blessing in disguise that we

weren't together all the time because

those moments that we shared were so

memorable and we had such a good time

together never fighting or anything and

it was supercool women


the bedroom for white I wish that none

of CeCe's had locked up



background humble city streets and

whispers from the neighbors intertwined


be concise control between our slides

wait for it siding out of you wait


see dream




anyway I found something okay take it

out of my pocket here remember this you

found that I stole it was just right

next to you when you're taking care of

the baby got your friends doctor prank

yet the prank Channel no prank yes

gotcha and your other there dirty you

need to take care of this it's not dirty

that's like your fingers made a dirt no

that's not even dirty our night

yeah okay well I wanted to put these

back on you and I want to say that you

are the best thing that ever happened to

me and I'm not trying to be romantic I'm

just being genuine you're the greatest

person I've ever met my life now I love

you so much I love you too and let this

be remembering reminder to you because

we got it resized I'll never fall off

okay and another reminder to finish this

video and finish this whole table

because that our baby is screaming at us

right now because we're sitting here

filming a video so no response or so

responsible well you know they say the

best parents TV right no they say thank

you so much leaveners and I really

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