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marketing that's that's the biggest

thing right um

how did you where how were you able

because 2 500 items a month that's a lot

of merch that you that you're

moving so how are you able to move it

from one t-shirt to selling 2500

items a month what was the marketing

plan i

just learned marketing keep it real

100 000 i didn't know that

outside of i so when i first started i


i was out out the house at 5 00 a.m in

the morning

back home by 2 30 a.m in the morning

because i was like

i'm going wherever i'm like i'm fi

follow everybody

you're doing a book signing here i'm

pulling up what's up

got this merch for you i was very


with making sure i was networking with

every single

person whether you are rapper whether

you're a pastor whether you're an

influencer i'm pulling up on you

wherever you are

that's that's the i would call that the


guerrilla marketing yeah guerrilla

marketing and i'd say i was going to use


term today yeah i mean you are the

street team when you're pulling up

you're just giving

the merch away right we're not are we

charging people at this point

that's originally that's even now to

this day give it away it's still like my

that's my that's my personal slogan

when it comes to the merch or find my

finances we're giving it away because

you can't hold on to this stuff

you can hold on to it all you want and

you could be stuck with it during the


you like so i was definitely pulling up

and just giving it away

like you know i mean like sometimes

you'll pull up on people's security

stops you

and they're like nah fam you don't want

it i'm like alright cool

what's your size security guard what's

your size bro

that's how i got one of these hoodies

for you they like yeah it's all good

and they like give me that even their

address and i'm like i'm gonna ship it

to you what's your phone number take the

phone number

next thing you know i text them like a

week later you get your yo

good looking bro yo we gonna be at what

you call it if you want to pull up and

i'll make sure

i'm like i cool so it's like consistent

like you always gotta like

do the homework i'm not taking no as an

answer if if the

if you feel like the artist or the

celebrity or the influencer

or that pastor is not gonna want it cool

or that or anybody who doesn't want it

i'm gonna find a way to get it to you


what you just said what you just said

was extremely important and

i don't want that to go what people said

because i remember going back to mike we

was in la

um years ago and we was trying to get

into a club

and we were um new to promoter the dj we

use all right so you're trying to get

into the club right

the first person you think of is a

promoter second person you think of is


you might even think about bottle

service girl if they you know pretty


um you kind of just run it down from

there right and he was he told me

something i never forgot he was like the

most impersonal he's like you know who

the most

important person is in the club and i'm

like who and i named all those different


he was like the most important person is


the first person at the front door front

line because they they

and you go to clubs all the time you pay

security to get in like security they

they really controlling this it's like

stuff like that and sam rosting said

that in in casino he said the most

important person

in vegas was not the big bosses and all

that the most important person was the

valet parker

because they knew everybody they was

like the conduit so

a lot of times when networking we look

past the most important person yeah like

you're trying to get to the celebrity

but his security is a person that you

can talk to right

it's like you're trying to meet this

person but why not

just start with their driver the driver

sees that every single day they know

where they're going

exactly and and that's that's i i'm

currently i haven't

actually finished the book i don't know

if you guys read it third door um

no but that just talks about like

and specifically they bring out the club

they use a club as the

example like there's the front door that

you walk in you get online

there's the vip entrance and then the

third one is by any means

necessary i gotta come through the

kitchen if i gotta come through the back


if i if i gotta come through the back

door using walking in whatever it is you

have to do to get in these rooms

you have to use that third door no

matter what so once i figure out like

that's that's always been part of my

like game plan and trying to make sure i

get stuff to people

it's figuring out what the third door is

you know what i mean first door is

walking up on somebody it's like you

know i mean you know where they're gonna

be you pull up

the second one may be like oh i have a

family member or friend that's cool with


the third door is man i see that's their

uber driver right there sitting across

the street

and be like look um i came downstairs

and i was told to leave this bag for

what you call it just let them know we

left it in the car fun

next thing you know my card is in there

my instagram is in there

and i'm getting a dm from xyz like thank

you got your merch

i'll tag you in it when i what you call

it now on top of that

i've also opened the dm door because you

know the dm door is not hard to

there's that third part of your dm where

you have all these requests

sitting from different people plus 99

once they've responded back to you

now it's free-flowing conversations yeah

yeah you're in you're in that you're in

the trusted circle where's one statement

what's the first response

once you get to the general you got a

chance you got a chance

general population you got a chance so i

mean i'm sure

your days as being a party promoter have

helped you with the security part right

yeah absolutely so who who is the the

first i guess celebrities

that you saw when the wearing the merch

that really took it off i know envy war

but was there somebody before him or was

was was that

the transition yeah envy was the

first one that really had me like i saw

it and i was like

yes so let's talk about that because

shout out to envy he's an ey

he came on our show yeah yeah i saw that

yeah yeah definitely yeah i remember

like i actually now just remember mike


sent me a message after he was like it

was like

it's crazy i got envy on here before you

i was like yo that's for shop folks

yeah shout out to envy him and caesar

came on and um so yeah i mean obviously

being on the radio everything i was

seeing him wearing that i didn't even

know what it was i just

see him wearing every day so how did how

did that come about because all it takes

is really one

really powerful influencer to really

change everything if you really think

about it um we see that with diddy and


a couple different scenarios we can name

so how did that come about as far as

like getting envy

involved in the situation yo you know

how the crazy things i can envy one


right shout out to my homie just like

did you know him or

oh party promoting one door it's all

part of planning

yeah yeah yeah see full circle party

people that i'm

always booking indy you know i was

always booking envy

for different clubs so we had like uh

if i had to call out relationship at

that point i was like

i was probably in his like

m list of friends

i'm a level m at that point just like

you know it's just

really business so it's just like you

know i hit him up and i had his number

to hit him directly

and you know sometimes you try to

maintain rapport with people just

for for the sake of like business like

you so you can be like you know the

party promoter you talking to your

friends like yeah i was talking to heavy


they're like who's talking like 10 years


though like when empty was just like the

dj on a you know radio and when it was

like before even a breakfast club it was

just like you know we had no envy for

mixtapes yeah

so and things like that so

um yeah i gave him one shirt and then

he would wear one shirt like numerous

times to the breakfast though to the

point that i remember one time i saw

that like the shirt had a lean

i was like nah yo i gotta get envy

another shirt yo

so then i had that eureka moment and i

was like

oh snap what if i asked envy

to rock out with me and kind of like you

know even partner up for like a

percentage of the company or something

like that you know i mean let's see what

we could do

then i also remembered that one thing i

said like you cannot

if god blesses you with something you

can't make a decision

and just say i cool i'm giving it away

or i'm doing

something without moving first with guys

so i prayed on it right

prayed on it went to sleep that was a


friday morning at 6 30 a.m phone rings

it's my friend charisma

she works she's very she worked very um

closely with envy at the time

um she's like yo envy said

hit me up hit him up and just to have a

conversation about working with you on

the brand

and i was like you know that's all god

because it was just a thought

so and that same token like just you


pressing that conversation with people

is that like

thoughts the same conversation everybody

knows thoughts become things like what

you think

can manifest star once you start

vibrating on a higher level you know

what i mean if i sit here

i feel like i totally could manifest

a meatless burger coming to me right now

because my brother probably went to the

store i was like yo

i bought two sandwiches just because i

think sometimes a lot of these things

come to

they come to fruition so that's that's

kind of like how me and envy's uh


uh began from then on

my graduates from my school being forbes

back drop back drop my drop

back drop