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asking a girl out can be exciting or

really stressful if you have done it

more than once you have come to know how

the game works

you get often rejected and then you're

like whoa what the hell just happened

but 10 seconds later you're already

looking for the next one it is safe to

say that you significantly care less

then someone who has never asked a girl

out or someone who has only done it a

few times in their life asking girls can

then be one of the most nerve-wracking

things to do what do you have to say how

should you start a conversation where is

the best place to ask her out don't

worry I'm going to answer these

questions for you I'm going to give you

four tips that will cover everything

that you need to successfully ask a girl

out so to start at the beginning where

should you ask a girl out if you like a

girl at work or at your school should

you just ask her out during lunch break

or if you're at the gym and you see your

crush taking a break between sets is

this the moment you need to go for it

questions like these can be answered in

a very simple way she needs to feel

comfortable enough to answer your

question in that particular situation if

a girl feels like she gets rushed into

something or that you're a creep or that

you're not respecting her time then of

course she is going to say no respect

her time and ask her out when you notice

that she has the time for it when you do

this you increase the odds of getting a

yes because she has the time to think

about it it doesn't interrupt her in any

way and she feels comfortable so asking

her out between sets while she is

working out you better don't but asking

her out after she has finished to work

out that's definitely a better bet all

right so now that you know what the best

situations are to ask a girl out let's

take a look at how you should prepare

while engaging in a conversation with

her should you appear super dominant or

just a little bit shoot you laugh a lot

or does that make you look awkward and

insecure body language is super

important to persuade someone approach

her in a confident way look up and let

your arms hang in a natural position

also stay focused don't look around

while you're approaching a girl as if

you want to appear super casual this

will only make you look awkward to the


while you're talking with her look Ernie

eyes but also don't stare at her like a

zombie and also smile a lot research has

proven that this makes you more

attractive and it helps with persuading

people and last but not least stand up

straight with your shoulder blades

neutral don't lean forward this will

make you appear less open and also less

confident so once you've got the body

language figured out you need to know

what you should say and how you should

say it what you're saying has to be

interesting if she is not interested in

what you have to say then she never gets

attracted to you and you will never go

on a date with her attraction between

two people arises when they feel like

they found a match so what you need to

do is to find commonalities between the

two of you you can do this in two ways

the first way is to find out if the two

of you have shared interests when you

talk with her for the first time though

this is a bit harder since you've got

just one conversation to get the right

information out of her or you can find

commonalities but just casually talking

with her without asking for a date and

the most cases when you want to ask a

girl out you've already talked with her

before these super ordinary

conversations are actually seats for

future dates because you can find out

what she likes to do in your spare time

so start talking with this girl about

your shared interests and make her

excited about it

once the positive vibes start to flow in

you can go in for the hook be assertive

but don't make it feel forced you could

say something such as you seem cool we

should hang out more often

or for example if she likes running you

could say something like we should go on

a run together and see who the better

runner is looks like these few natural

confidence positive and they also create

curiosity so to sum it up find out what

the shared interests are and bring them

up while you're talking with her and use

them to go for the hook alright so now

that you know everything you still might

be thinking nah not for me I'm still

going to fill that's complete nonsense

that's your mind that is creating these

irrational and false beliefs at some

point in your life you've got to step up

you've got to go through failures and

rejections in order to feel a comp

when you're getting a yes there is

literally no trick or magic pill for you

to take action you just have to do it

there's actually been a guy who went

through hundred days of rejection just

to become completely desensitized from

the pain of rejection and overcoming

fear we asked the most random and

craziest questions some of them were

surprisingly well received but for the

majority of time people told him no

right now he's a successful speaker on

dealing with the pain or fear of

rejection so this example shows that

this point where you just don't give a

damn anymore a lot of rejection and fear

really exists and that you can get there

also if you are willing to take it first

step wait that's it if you found this

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