Good Ways to Ask a Girl to Homecoming

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now gentlemen today I want to make a fun

video for all of those high schoolers

out there that want to know the best way

to ask a girl out to homecoming now

we've got homecoming coming up here in

about a month or so and there's a lot of

guys out there that are wondering what

is the best way to ask a girl out to


now obviously I'm way past high school

and a lot of guys watching this might

also be past high school but we all

probably have our stories of success and

triumphs and also some maybe awkward

experiences as well but the thing that

you have to realize now before I get

into how to how to ask your girl out and

what's the best way to do it I want to

talk to you about how to evaluate a

relationship now if you're in high

school this will be super helpful for

you and if your past high school this

might be helpful for you if you maybe

had an awkward experience and you could

never figure out why and before I even

get into how to actually go about asking

a girl to a dance let's talk first about

how to evaluate a relationship because

if you don't know how to evaluate a

relationship you are probably gonna fail

and make a girl feel very very awkward

let's just say for instance you've got a

girl that you want to ask out to

homecoming but you don't know how to go

about it well the first step is

evaluating your relationship with her so

first of all ask yourself do you know

this girl

have you ever talked to her are you

friends with this girl and if you are

friends with her how good of friends are

you are you just kind of casual maybe

talk here or there or is she a really

good friend that you spend a lot of time

talking to and really really enjoy

talking to her now you also have to ask

yourself beyond that you know is is she

interested in you has she kind of made

that obvious are you interested in her

have you made that obvious how has she

responded you have to evaluate the

relationship and based on where the

relationship is at you can develop a

plan for how to ask her out now it's

important for you to evaluate the social

barriers that are also associated with

the girl that you are interested in

taking to the dance now is this a girl

that is an ex-girlfriend of a good

friend of yours or somebody that is

going to want to kill you and is that a

risk you want to take now if it's a good

friend of yours you should probably plan

on talking to them and saying hey you

know is interested in taking so-and-so

to a dance would you mind and if they

say no no that's no problem where you

just say hey stay ten feet away from her

otherwise I'm gonna kill you then maybe

you should probably consider other

options just to avoid a conflict now I

know high school can be brutal with all

of the social stigmas and you know the

popularity contests and the social

groups and the cliques and the the

niches and all that kind of stuff but

there's a way to navigate it very very

effectively now let's just say that

there's a girl that's part of a social

group that's very very tightly locked

and nobody's asked her to a dance yet

and you want to be the one to ask her

now let's say you know all the people in

this group but you want to ask this one

specific girl out well what would be the

best way to do that without instigating

an uproar now if this is a very very

tight group and let's just say that

they're kind of esteemed in all this

junk in the community which when you get

past high school this crap does not

matter seriously it does not matter but

in high school hey it's kind of a big

deal right so let's just say there's

this very tight group that's kind of

well esteemed and respected all this

stuff and you want to ask a girl out

from that group well what would be your

best option what you should do is you

should look for whoever your best friend

is in that group and if you got a few

friends whatever pull them aside and

just say hey you knows I was kind of

interested in asking so-and-so out to

homecoming dance what do you guys think

about that and if they say well no I

don't think she's gonna say yes to it or

whatever just say hey hey just give me a

shot and I'm gonna I'm gonna go for it

I'm gonna I'm gonna ask her out and I'll

just see what happens if she's not gonna

say yes then hey I know but hey I just

wanted to let you guys know I know you

guys are all friends I'm gonna I want to

ask her out so just want to make sure

we're cool here just want to give it a

shot and if I say okay okay yeah

whatever go nuts then go for it right

but if they say hey well you know Johnny

over here's got a thing with her going

on he probably shouldn't ask her out

because he's probably gonna want to kill

you then you know you should probably

look for somebody else to avoid that

conflict so let's

Poynter to evaluate the social

circumstances surrounding a person that

you want to ask out now once you've

figured out who you want to ask to the

dance it's important to build the plan

based on where that relationship is at

with that person now your plan is gonna

be totally different for somebody that

is a girlfriend or somebody you have a

thing with or somebody that's a really

good friend versus somebody that you

don't even know so here's how you can

establish a foolproof plan that most of

the time she's probably gonna say yes

now let's just say it's somebody that

you don't know this girl at all okay

let's just say that she's somebody that

you're kind of interested in either

becoming friends with or maybe something

more but you do not know her at all

maybe you're in the same classes or you

know you kind of talked here and there

but you really don't know who she is

well in that case you don't want to put

flowers all over her locker and do this

big extravagant thing because there's a

high risk that you could get shot down I

can tell you there's absolutely nothing

more awkward than doing a big elaborate

thing to ask a girl to a dance and

having a fall through because then the

whole school is going to be talking

about how you just got rejected so if

it's somebody you really don't know that

well the best thing you can do is try to

ask them one on one and don't make it

feel like it's a date or romantic

interest just say something like this so

for example let's just say this girl's

name is Rachel and you really want to

ask Rachel out but you don't know Rachel

at all but you'd like to get to know her

so what you should do is you should go

up to her and just say hey Rachel can I

talk to you for a minute and pull her

aside and just say hey homecoming is

coming up

I need the date to the dance you seem

like a really nice person I know I don't

know you super why I love to get to know

you better so would you be interested in

possibly going to going with me to the

dance now what you're doing there is

you're not overextending yourself you're

not trying to make the relationship

something that it's not you're just

being very direct very simple very

straightforward you're just saying hey I

don't know you super well I know you

don't know me

super well but you seem like a nice

person I'd love to get to know you

better would you allow me the honor of

taking you to the homecoming dance and

if she says yes you said great that's

awesome and then you go from there

now she's kind of like well I mean I

don't know and you know I was kind of

hoping this other person would ask me

and all that just be like hey hey no

problem that's totally fine I totally

understand I just I was looking for a

date and then you could even say hey do

you have any ideas or friends or

suggestions of people that I could take

to the dance and see what she says she

might say oh well I've got this friend

so-and-so and maybe you're like yeah

maybe so and so she seems nice forever

maybe I'd like to go with so-and-so then

you could say well hey sure I would love

to go maybe possibly ask so-and-so did

the dance can you talk to her for me and

then when you go talk to the girl she's

expecting it because this girl gave you

an inroad to that dance so you can

always work things if let's just say the

girl seems not interested you can kind

of redirect things make things not

awkward if you're just simple confident

and if she says no you're just kind of

like hey no problem and you just move on

you're not gonna have any problems let's

just say the person you want to ask to

dance is a really good friend of yours

so somebody that you spent a lot of time

talking to you've been in classes

together you have a great time talking

there's nothing romantic there but you

kind of maybe like this person or maybe

you know maybe it's just a good friend I

mean it could be anything along that

spectrum but the good thing is that what

you've already done is by becoming

friends you've already built a

relationship there so you've got a

foundation to stand upon now I know in

high school there's this big stink about

well are we just friends or are we going

as a couple or you know just kind of

this whole touchy-feely crap okay and

really it doesn't matter how you

classify the relationship let's just say

it's a girl that you're actually a

little bit interested in who's a good

friend of yours then in that case well

you basically can just kind of keep it

as a friendship and spend more time with

that person in a different context and

see how it goes so here's what you would

do if you're asking that person you

would just go up to them and you would

just say hey let's put a name on the

person let's say the person's name is

is Laura okay so you go up to Laura and

you say hey Laura I know we're really

good friends I love spending time with

you I love talking you I always have a

good time and hey I really need a date

for the homecoming dance and I would be

honored if you would come with me what

do you say and you wait for a response

and she'll probably yeah she's probably

gonna say yes unless she's already been

asked or she's already maybe start a

relationship with somebody or whatever

she's probably gonna say yes cuz she's

like well yeah of course we're good

friends why not let's go do it now again

if this is a good friend of yours you

don't want to overextend yourself so if

it's somebody that you really really

like that's a good friend that you

haven't asked out don't use the

opportunity to ask somebody to a dance

to just pour out your heart okay that is

the dumbest thing you can possibly do

okay what you want to do is you want to

start to spend more time with her so

that the relationship can grow and maybe

when you're alone with her either at the

dance or maybe at a different point in

time when you're hanging out outside of

school you can kind of be a little bit

more honest and say hey you know I

really like you can I actually take you

on a real date would you love to be my

girlfriend you know you can kind of take

things to the next level but when you're

trying to ask your girl to a dance

don't try to escalate things too much

take things where they're at and just

keep it there just say hey we've been

really good friends and be honored it'd

be an honor for me if I could take you

to the homecoming dance what do you say

and then just go have a good time

okay don't overcomplicate it don't over

stress things don't try to make this big

leap in a relationship that's not there

don't do that a gentleman I'm trying to

do you a huge favor here because there's

a lot of guys that go down in flames

after overextending themselves so do not

do not I repeat do not overextend

yourself when asking a girl out to a

dance now let's just say there's

somebody that you have a thing with so

you've kind of been flirting with this

person you know they like you you like

them all that you still don't want to

overextend yourself just ask them to the

dance okay that's all you want to do is

spend more time with them and let the

relationship go from there

so if you've been flirting with somebody

or they're interested in you you're

interested in them just ask them to the

dance okay you don't need to do this big

ol AB

thing whatever it's so overdramatic you

don't need to do that now all this goes

out the window if you actually have a

girlfriend or somebody that you're

actually in a relationship with now

let's just say you've got a girl you're

in a relationship with and you love this

girl to death and you just think she's

the most amazing person in the world

then yeah go nuts go throw flowers over

Locker write a cute no do you know go

the whole nine yards and make her feel

special and all her friends are think

it's so cute and yeah go be all cute and

all that kind of stuff okay but if

there's a girl that you don't know that

well you don't already have a

relationship with don't overextend

yourself now like I said if it's a

girlfriend or somebody you're dating you

can go to town in terms of how you ask

her out

do the cutest most romantic stupid thing

you can possibly think of and bless your

socks off okay people think it's cute

why not right and my last bit of advice

is keep it cool don't overextend

yourself don't freak out don't be

anxious don't act awkward just keep it

cool gentlemen there's guys that ask

girls out to dances and they get all

kind of shaky and nervous and they make

the girl through really awkward okay so

the best thing you can do is just keep

it cool keep it simple just don't

overextend yourself don't try to make

something happen that's not there okay

just keep it really simple like I was

saying you know just just tell her hey

you know I realized let's say it's a

girl you don't know very well like I've

said I've already said this several

times it's a girl you don't know very

well you basically just say hey I know

you I know I don't know you very well so

you're acknowledging the truth you're

telling her hey I'm not seeing this as a

relationship that is something more than

it is I don't know you very well but I

need a date to the dance

or don't even use the word date but

you'd say hey I don't have anybody to go

the homecoming dance with and you seem

like a really nice person I'd be honored

if you went with me what do you say

right use that it'll work a hundred

percent of the time unless she just

really doesn't want to go with you or

she already has something lined up

that's probably your best bet in terms

of getting in the door so I hope this

was helpful for you gentlemen we'll have

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