Teen Gets Rejected Before Prom And Laughed At, Then 13 Girls Stand In Front Of Him

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extreme trends presents a teen is

rejected and laughed at before prom then

he sees 13 girls lined up in the hallway

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to be inspired by these heartwarming

stories every day high school can be a

hazardous place it's hard enough for

teens to deal with the demanding

workload and keep good grades especially

if they participate in sports Student

Council or any other time-consuming

extracurricular activities it's even

more difficult to cope with today's

extra pressures such as bullying finding

your place in society finding a solid

group of friends or asking someone out

for your very first date it feels like

everything will turn out properly if you

can just ask in the perfect way and you

rehearse your speech hundreds of times

in your head but your hands keep

sweating and there's a lump in your

throat that threatens to choke you

before you can say a single word how to

get past the nerves and get to the

invitation all you can do is try to talk

yourself down

you've probably told yourself at some

point the absolute worst thing that

could happen would be for them to say no

right but sadly that's far from the

worst outcome a sophomore from GRA

Louisiana named Dakotan Elton learned to

this the hard way

when he invited a classmate from HL

bourgeois high school to attend the

homecoming dance with him in October of

2018 which marked the start of national

bullying Awareness Month given what

happened to him it's clear that he'd

have preferred a straight-up know as his

answer he had marshaled his nerves and

gotten up the courage to ask the girl to

be his first-ever date it would be a

very big moment for him and he had

planned out his strategy carefully he

even prepared a handmade sign inviting

her to the fall dance and asked her in

the school hallway while their

classmates milled around and encircled

them unfortunately that meant that when

his friend flatly turned him down what

seemed like the entire school witnessed


dozens of onlookers began to chuckle at

Dakota's predicament and some even

laughed in his face before trampling the

sign he'd so painstakingly made though

Dakota had originally been frozen by

embarrassment stuck inside the circle of

students facing the girl who'd rejected

him and trying to find a way out it was

the students walking on and ruining his

poster that galvanized him into action

understandably Dakota was devastated it

would have been difficult enough

handle his humiliation privately and

returned to school to face the crowd not

to mention the girl who had rejected him

but things were about to get worse

someone who was in the hall that day

posted a video of the invitation and

rejection the embarrassing clip shows

Dakota's smile freezing then his whole

body sagging as his hopes are crushed

and the signed tumbles from his hand to

be trampled on the hallway floor and

like any other mortifying moment it

quickly went viral on Facebook which

meant that Dakota had to relive his

humiliating experience over and over

again as it circulated among his

schoolmates and on social media over the

weekend but little did he know plenty of

his fellow students who had seen the

video were not laughing in him far from


Alyssa Buckley along with 12 other

friends were concerned by how Dakota had

been treated especially as their school

values bravery caring and Happiness they

decided to do something to turn the

young man's failed invitation into a

major win the girls showing a maturity

far beyond many teenagers resolved to

ask Dakota to the dance and they ensured

that their invitation would be one to

remember the next Monday the group which

included a few cheerleaders

traditionally considered the most

popular girls in school greeted him in

the same hallway where his rejection had

taken place each of them held up a

handmade sign and each one asked Dakota

to attend the homecoming dance with him

Alyssa later explained their reasons

they wanted to show Dakota that he was

loved and that he was worthy and that he

deserved to attend homecoming with

someone special

she said the girls planned to be sure

that he had a great time and would keep

him on the dance floor dancing with them

all night Dakota was awestruck by their

actions and thrilled by their kindness

not to mention all the attention he was

receiving from some of the most popular

girls at school he said their good deed

made him feel popular as well and just

like that the young man who had been

rejected by a friend that he'd come to

care for would indeed be having his

first date at the homecoming dance that

fall but instead he'd be having it with

13 lovely girls Dakota's bravery had

paid off and then some and with their

sweet gesture the group of 13 girls went

a long way to healing his bruised and

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