Guy Asks Girl to Prom in Front of 2,000 People and It Doesn't Go As Planned

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is there any way you would want to come

to prom with me what's worse than being

rejected for a prom date pain injected

in front of 2,000 people that's what I

check out 18 year-old Patrick Smith sad

face as he slinks away from his

embarrassing promposal at a New Jersey

track meet I was pretty much just like

what just happened like I then there's

no way you can go back for me no we

spoke with Patrick and the girl who

turned him down Jen Malaspina I assume

you expected her to say yes I did yeah I

completely did Jen has known Patrick for

years but she didn't have a clue the

proposal was coming I was shocked I was

not expecting at all but Patrick is a

resilient Romeo he shook off his shame

and went to the home of classmate Lily

Abraham carrying this sign and she said

yes how do you feel being second choice

obviously rather than free choice but

there's nothing I can do about that so

they're all going to the prom and no

hard feelings over the promposal gone

wrong right now it's just a laugh like I

think it's just I think it's just funny

is there any way you would want to come

to prom with me