Employee Reference Checking for New Hires

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when hiring new employees it's essential

that you conduct reference checks to

make sure that the information you have

is valid I'll talk about the key

elements of reference checking in this

video conducting reference checking will

validate that the information you've

collected through the resumes and the

interview process is actually true

however it's often difficult today to

get employers to actually give you

references so how do you go about

getting valid references not just the

references that have been prearranged by

the employee you should actually conduct

your interviews with reference checking

in mind

in fact Brad smart of top grading

suggests that you asked

performance-based questions that will

elicit specific details about how the

person performed certain functions or

crucial functions in their job so that

you can validate that with the reference

he also recommends that you let the

candidate know throughout the interview

process you remind them that they that

you will be validating the information

with their references a good example of

a performance-based question of a

salesperson who claims he attended

conferences to do prospecting would be

describe or give an example of one of

the conference's you attended what was

your goal prior to the conference in

terms of prospecting and what was the

outcome of it how many leads did you get

how many of those leads did you turn

into prospects they something of that


this forces the candidate to describe in

detail what was accomplished

so it shows you not only how conscious

they are of setting goals for

accomplishment but also details what

were the actual accomplishments you take

note of this and then you can use that

to validate with their references after

the first interview I determine who are

my final candidates and then I have them

take some tests or assessments

skill-based testing would be relative to

the essential skills in the job perhaps

operating a software program something

like that and I use a skill for that

I'll put a link to them in the

description in this video this will

validate what level of skill somebody

has in let's say for example Word or

Excel I also use the profile xt

assessment which is a total person

assessment and gives me a much better

picture of the person when the person is

is in an interview we're only seeing

what the person is showing of course the

better we are questioning the more we

can bring out of that person but

generally there's just a lot we don't

see it's called the iceberg effect where

10% of the iceberg is above the water

and 90% is below so the profile XT is a

total person assessment where it

measures their thinking style their

behavioral traits and their motivational

interests but it also matches them to a

performance model which is customized

for each company in each position I tend

to base my decision 1/3 on the resume

1/3 on the interview and 1/3 on

assessments once I have my final

information I'll then do the reference

checking Brad smart suggests having the

candidate arrange the interviews it's

often very hard to reach employers today

but if the candidate calls them and

arranges for them to receive your call

it's much easier so what are the

questions you ask this is crucial that

you prepare yourself for the reference

checking and again if you've used

performance-based questioning during the

interview process then you'll plan your

questions accordingly to validate that

information here's a few that you can

ask what were the person's main

responsibilities when he or she was

hired and later what were the person's

strengths and weaknesses how did the

person perform in comparison to his or

her colleagues why did this person leave

your company and here's

one of my favorite would you employ this

person again

why so like anything else how you

conduct the process is crucial to the

results you're gonna get reference

checking is crucial for hiring top

performers ask performance-based


remind the candidate that you will be

validating the information provided with

their references have the candidates set

up the meetings for you and do your

research plan your interviews thanks for

listening leave a comment and we'll talk

again soon I hope you find these tips

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