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what is going on guys my name is Ryan

roots I am a professional online

reseller that is what I do for a living

what that means is we buy stuff and then

we sell it online on platforms like eBay

and Amazon for a profit in today's video

I want to talk to you guys about a

question that we get every single day

and that question is how do you guys

deal with negative feedback on eBay so

let's talk about negative feedback on

eBay first of all what you guys need to

realize is that negative feedback on

eBay happens to all of us it's not the

end of the world it's how you deal with

getting that negative feedback that

really matters so in this video I am

gonna be talking about two proven ways

to get rid of negative feedback on your

eBay accounts both of these methods

we've used ourselves in the past in fact

one of these methods we've used this

week to get negative feedback removed

from one of our eBay stores so let's get

into the two ways to get the negative

feedback removed from your accounts so

the first question that you need to ask

yourselves when you're looking at

feedback is did I create the problem so

yes I got a negative feedback was it my

fault did I create the problem or is it

really the buyers fault was there

anything that I could have done better

to avoid getting this negative feedback

in the first place if that is the case

if it is your fault

here's how to deal with getting that

negative feedback removed in every

situation when that happens you want to

reach out to the customer who purchased

the item from you and you want to send

them a message saying something like hi

I saw that you left us a negative

feedback our reputation on eBay is very

very important to us we want to make

this situation right how can we fix the


so that you would be happy enough to

change the negative feedback to a

positive feedback that's the first

question that we'll send to the buyer so

that we can gauge where they are let

them tell you what they need to change

the feedback in a lot of instances if it

is our fault we've had to send them a

refund let them keep the item eat the

shipping fees sometimes even give them a

discount on another item in our eBay

store at the end of the day we will do


it takes to make sure that that customer

is happy and make sure that they are

ready to change that negative feedback

into a positive one so once you fix the

issue with the customer so the customer

is now happy what you want to do is go

to what is called the eBay feedback form

from that form you could submit a

feedback revision request what that

means is you're asking eBay to send a

request to that buyer who left you the

negative feedback asking them to now

change it to a positive so again you

don't want to send that request to the

buyer until you've fixed the issue it's

something that you do after you've fixed

it after you've solved the problem then

you can go to that feedback revision

request and you are asking the buyer to

change their feedback from negative to

positive and I know that sometimes you

will get a buyer who you just cannot fix

the issue with it's happened to us in

the past our feedback is not 100%

positive on our account

we're sitting at a ninety nine point six

percent positive feedback on eBay with

thousands of transactions but there does

come a time where you won't be able to

solve the issue with the customer and

you just have to be prepared for that

but in most cases we have been able to

fix the issue with the customer and get

them to change the feedback we've done

it probably more than ten times fix the

issue ask them for the feedback revision

and they have changed it from a negative

into a positive

so that's the first way if it is your

fault if you know it's your fault be

ready to fix the situation by any means

and then humbly ask the buyer to change

the feedback for you okay so now what if

it is not your fault what if you did

everything by the book and the buyer

still left you a negative feedback and

it is entirely not your fault let me

give you the example of what happened to

us this week we had a customer purchase

an item from us it was a cheap item an

eighteen dollar item one of the cheapest

items that we even sell on eBay our

average sales price right now is about

forty six dollars per item well

unfortunately when this buyer bought the

item and went to checkout they inputted

the wrong shipping address because we

are a top rated seller and we do a lot

of volume on eBay

we ship items out very fast so that item

was bought at night and by the next

morning that item was

out to the buyer tracking provided to

the address that they asked us to ship

to a few hours later we got a message

from the buyer saying hey I put in the

wrong address can you please ship the

item to my new address that was an old

address that I was staying at our

response was unfortunately that item has

already been shipped and the ball is now

in your court you're gonna have to track

down the item and see if you can get it

redirected to your new address we were

nice about it we did say if the item is

returned to us then we will ship it to

the right address at our cost so that

was a situation and we thought that that

would be the end of the story well about

seven days later so about a week after

the first contact with the buyer they

sent us a message saying hey the item

has still not shown up at my address

you guys shipped it to the wrong address

to which we respectfully replied again

listen that is not our fault you put in

the wrong address it is your

responsibility as a buyer to input the

correct address by that night we had a

negative feedback from that buyer and

the feedback said something like seller

ship the item to the wrong address so

knowing what we know about eBay knowing

that that was absolutely not our fault

we knew that we could get that feedback

removed a lot of people don't know that

eBay will remove negative feedback if it

is not your fault some people don't even

know that you can call eBay's customer

service and talk to them about the issue

that's going on and one thing that I

will absolutely say is eBay has gotten

ten thousand times better in the past

couple years than they used to be with

their sellers so I genuinely feel that

eBay is now on our side if we have an

issue as a seller we can definitely call

eBay's customer service and get the

problem fixed in fact in this situation

we called eBay and literally in four

minutes the feedback was removed cold

eBay's customer service explained the

issue to them they put me on hold for

two minutes and came back and said Ryan

sorry about that issue that feedback

will be off of your account in the next

24 to 48 hours so that just goes to show

you if you know that you are in the

right if it was not your fault which

again in a situation like that there's

not a whole lot that we can do we did

everything that we possibly could to

please the buyer it was not our fault it

was their fault for putting in the wrong


but it's nice to know that eBay will

have your back all you have to do in

that case is call eBay's customer

service talk to the right person and ask

to have the negative feedback removed

and there you have it guys the two ways

to get negative feedback removed from

your eBay account in the first situation

it's your fault take the blame fix the

issue ask the buyer to remove the

feedback in the second situation it's

not your fault

call eBay get the issue fixed and go

about your day again guys I know that

getting negative feedback can absolutely

suck on eBay but it's not the end of the

world you have options and you don't

have to lose your wonderful feedback

rating just because you got a negative

feedback there's ways to deal with it

don't let it stress you out it happens

to the best of us it happens to small

accounts and it happens to big accounts

deal with it and move on and keep

selling that's the biggest thing guys

don't let it stress you out just keep

moving forward and I hope you enjoyed

this video guys if you want me to do

more videos like this please give it a

big thumbs up maybe leave a comment

maybe let me know some experiences that

you've had with eBay's customer service

and thank you so much for watching

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we will see you on the next video i'm

ryan routes peace out guys