How to Remove Negative Seller Feedback 2020 Amazon Seller Central

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seller feedback is something that most

people confuse with product reviews but

it has a somewhat important aspect your

metrics and can slightly impact your

conversion rates on your listings I'll

be talking today about how to remove

negative feedback that shouldn't be on

there that a customer has left and why

this metric is important my name is

Steven Pope and this is by Amazon guy


alright so first of all how do you get

to this location where seller feedback

shows so this is product reviews this is

not what I'm talking about today and if

you go on the right hand side and you

click on the seller name if you're a

customer that is you can come in here

and see previous feedback that's left in

the last 30 90 12 months etc and if your

rating is hits and it's not close to

that ninety five percent that can sway a

customer from ordering from you and

perhaps buying from one of your

competitors that's why it matters so how

do you remove these negative feedbacks

first thing you do is you put your

cursor over performance go to feedback

that will pull up this page you can sort

this by all the negatives so I'm gonna

click on the negative and see there's

some in here that may need to be removed

now you can always respond to all of

these and address them and sometimes

customers will leave a product review in

a seller feedback other times they will

complain about an FBA experience and

quite frankly you should be a little off

the hook when those things occur so what

you do is on the action side on the on

the mid right here you go ahead and

request removal and and it will tell you

the reasons why they won't remove

something or why they will if it's got

obscene language if its seller specific

personal identifiable information the

entire feedback is about a product

review or if it's regarding fulfillment

or customer service for FBA so those are

the reasons why they will remove it now

a year ago they used to remove

everything you asked for nowadays it's a

little bit more tricky so I'll click yes

here and you'll see an automated

response it will trigger hey we reviewed

this and found it is not in violation of

our guidelines so it's been retained to

request further review of this decision

you go to the case login so you can

view the case and try and ask for an

additional manual review this is very

worthwhile in doing so and and winning

those battles is a little bit harder

than it has been in the past and so you

need to make sure you articulate why it

specifically violates everything that

you mentioned so in this case USPS for

some unknown reason said they could not

deliver and that is generally speaking

related to an FBA issues so we'll go

over to the view case section and we'll

try and fight this one and we'll say hey

get help hey I need help with this

particular issue this feedback is

entirely about the FBA shipping process

please remove it and strike it as it if

I could spill strike strike it as it

violates Amazon feedback guidelines so

it can be this simple and you submit and

reopen the case they'll usually get to

you within 24 hours and you'll find out

if they've removed it so anytime you get

a negative regardless of the situation I

do typically recommend go ahead and

request a removal on these and to see

what happens sometimes they'll remove

them sometimes they won't it's

definitely worth the effort if you can

get your feedback score above 95% that

really is the target that we're going

for so hopefully this was helpful if you

have any questions about how feedback

works product reviews or anything else

within seller central please leave a

comment on this video with your question

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