I Asked 100 Companies To SPONSOR Me!

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so the other day my knees started

feeling a little bit better so I was

thinking you know what I could probably

go skate just keep it light maybe some

flat ground and ledges but instead I

ended up Street skating in downtown LA

and I tried this and I got one of the

fattest heeled bruises I've ever had it

was so bad I could barely walk so I just

kind of took it as a sign that maybe I

shouldn't be skating if I'm not a

hundred percent but then probably a week

later I ended up driving three hours to

San Diego and I tried to skate rink on

and I just completely smashed my

tailbone so I do feel kind of crippled

right now but I've still been trying to

skate and I know it doesn't look like it

but I haven't tried my best to be

careful because of these annoying little

injuries and of course I have still been

posting a little bit on my Instagram so

if you guys aren't already following me

make sure to go follow me at brand on

her net and speaking of Instagram some

people were calling clickbait on one of

my last videos where i DM pro skaters

because in the thumbnail i showed that i

messaged pirata and it said that he was

typing and of course in the video he

obviously never replied but believe it

or not pirata is actually one of the few

skaters who did reply he just replied

like a week later after the video he

went up he just replied a laughing face

and no this isn't Photoshop this is

actually my DMS way with pirata

but in today's video I'm not gonna be

messaging any skateboarders today I'm

actually gonna be trying my best to DM

as many companies as I can trying to get

sponsored just to see what kind of

response I get from these companies and

before I start can I please just say do

not try this if you guys are trying to

get sponsored what I'm about to do is

not the way to go about it it's probably

not gonna work you're just gonna annoy

them and the last thing they're gonna

want to do is send you free stuff these

companies give people ask him to sponsor

those like every single day like they

hear all day long so I was thinking

every few companies that iMessage do it

a little bit different every time just

to kind of see what works the best if it

even works at all I'm gonna be trying

skateboard companies companies that are

affiliated with skateboarding and then

companies I have nothing to do with

skateboarding so I think I'm gonna start

this off by damming like five to ten

shoe companies because this is what my

skate shoes look like right now

so I would definitely not mind picking

up a shoe sponsor so of course I'm gonna

start with bands I'm gonna DM them my

2019 recap at it and then I'm just gonna

say like let me rep you guys I just

realized I'm wearing adidas in the

thumbnail of that edit out of all the

clips in that video that I'm actually

wearing bands

I'm just gonna send that same edit to

adidas I'm gonna DM Nike sv and I'm just

gonna be straight up I'm gonna just say

sponsor me

all right so I just dammed a few more

shoe companies a message America DC New

Balance pay less and converse I doubt

I'm gonna get a shoe sponsor but let's

just move on I already have a grip tape

sponsor so I'm not even gonna bother but

I don't have a wheel sponsor so I'm

gonna hit up some wheel companies I'm

just gonna start with Spitfire and I'm

just gonna ask can you sponsor me

Bolin's wheels I think I should actually

send them some footage and I'm actually

gonna put some effort into the message

which I haven't done yet I still don't

even think they're gonna see it

regardless but it doesn't hurt to try it

forced will is actually a company that

I've always wanted to be sponsored by so

I'm gonna go ahead and message them I'm

just gonna dam them this raw Street clip

and then honestly I don't even know what

to say I hate doing this I'm so bad at

talking to companies if I actually knew

like the secret like the proper way to

go about getting sponsored I would have

so many sponsors but I really don't so

it's just awkward I also just the m2o J

wheels acid wheels orbs wheels SML

wheels and 550 wheels and for all those

companies I just kind of said let's work

together because I feel like that sounds

way better than sponsor me I was about

to DM Richter wheels but I realized my d

ends with them are already open because

I want to contest a couple years back so

I do feel like there's a pretty good

chance that will actually see my DN so I

wanted to say something a little bit


okay I think that's good for wheels

let's move onto trucks and bearings I'm

gonna tell on dolly bearings that I can

almost kick from nose manual and that

they should put me on the team I

messaged venture trucks H trucks Royal

trucks cortina bearings and fkd bearings

but I'm getting kind of tired so let's

move on to skateboards I'm gonna tell

Baker that they should put me on the

team because caters my brother I'm gonna

be all stupid right now I'm gonna ask

Deathwish for a list of tricks that it

takes to get on the team I was not gonna

stop yeah i DM the girl and joy

chocolate Toy Machine real plan B and

then it blocked me from DMing companies

but jokes on them cuz I actually have

another Instagram called Breiner net

clips you guys should go follow it to my

other Instagram called Brandon it Clips

not what you're doing right now pause

the video and go follow Brian in their

clips because that's neither it's true

oh my god I post a lot on there so now I

damned element Santa Cruz zero almost

Red Bull Monster Energy

Mountain Dew Kellogg's Frosted Flakes

wings stop raising cane's Buffalo Wild

Wings Dasani water and then it blocked

me again so I'm pretty sure is just up

there I'm pretty sure I should I'm I'm

pretty sure I should stop there oh my

god I'm pretty sure I should stop there

I don't think I'm gonna have any luck

with any of these companies but who

knows I'm gonna check back in 24 hours

and I will let you guys know

so [ __ ] I have 30 seconds in impossible

relax like 50 seconds yeah let's pull it

up in the forum

it's cuz he crashed his car and stay

totaled it hey not to be stereotypical

but I think I know you crash brothers

dude sucks at hopping fences to the rim

so bad how many tre flips do you think I

could do in a row without messing up









I swear I started getting a cramp in my

calf all right so this grounds already

slippery as it is but I'm gonna try a

couple squares and so it's been a little

over 24 hours and actually at three

company's message me back without

skipping forward in the video and

cheating away guys I guess the three

companies that reply to me I'll give you

a hint there's a wheel company a shoe

company and a board company but want you

guys to pause the video right now and go

take your guesses are you serious

you still haven't paused the video no so

cringe alright so the first company that

replied to me was 550 wheels I said

let's work together soon and they

replied in like an hour and they gave me

a promo code for $10 off so I didn't get

sponsored by them but that's way better

than nothing it was super generous of

them so we're off to a good start and

then the board company that replied to

me was Android I just said sponsor me

and they straight-up just said no thanks

and then the third and final company

that replied to me was adidas they said

I'll reach out and see what I can do

this has been by the way I used to run

the active account keep killing it you

guys know exactly how much I've

supported to do this for the past couple

years there was even a point where I was

trying really hard to get their

attention having you guys tag them in my

videos but I never really got any

results so I'm super hyped that they

were one of the companies I reached back

to me I didn't get sponsored by them in

this video but who knows maybe that

could potentially be an opportunity for

2020 and speaking of 2020 since the new

year has started now I wanted to quickly

run back 2019 for you guys at the

beginning of the year in January 2019 I

was kind of in this weird position that

I really hope I do not get stuck in

again anytime soon

I was working five days a week at a

McDonald's while still being in high

school so basically every single day I

would wake up go to school and then

right after school at like 3 o'clock I

would drive to work for the rest of the

night and then repeat the next day which

obviously doesn't sound that hard I mean

any regular person can do it but the

thing for me was definitely my time I

felt like I had no free time anymore and

I was down to literally only skating

like two times a month if you've been

that I mean yeah the day decided to get

off I would try to make the most of them

I would drive out to LA and try to have

a super fun session but then I would

just have to kind of wait two weeks for

another one and then on top of that I

didn't post a single YouTube video the

whole 7 months that I worked at

McDonald's so I just felt like my

channel was dead but luckily in the

summer I was able to quit my job at

McDonald's then get a different

part-time job active which gave me way

more free time to start skating and

filming videos again and just within

those few months I was able to triple my

subscribers I started posting again when

I had 20,000 and I just recently hit

60,000 so thank you guys so much for

that but I do feel like I'm heading in

the right direction now this is

definitely what I want to be doing

skating and making videos not flipping

burgers so I'm gonna make sure I work

ten times as hard this year I got a lot

of stuff planned and new stuff dropping

so make sure you guys stay tuned

subscribe for more videos and I'll see

you guys on the next one peace ah