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no graduates ever know that the most

important part of an interview is the

very end you get a couple of minutes

just before the interview is finished or

even when the form of this had finished

and you need to learn how to ask for

that job how to say it sincerely why it

means so much to you you will melt the

heart of any stony-faced flinty

interviewer if you say quite sincerely I

want this job because this job means so

much to me because it's a one thing you

never learn in the books it really

really really does work we're going to

show you how you ask for the job the

last point to winning a job is asking at

the end of an interview I want the job

right no one ever asks I want the job

let me tell you how I learned this in my

days in pitching in advertising you do

all the work you'd finish all the stuff

and I could never end them well it's

that one day I was quite a broad Geordie

speaker then I think I'm getting more

and more Geordie on this tape as the two

days have gone on right but I was really

quite broad so actually I still in quite

a lot of business from northern base

clients now I never worked that one out

but one time I actually the presentation

had finished the MD who'd said Knuffle

in the entire presentation I needed to

kind of just engage him and you know

what he wasn't really interested in what

we had to say or anything like that not

really and he being dragged along by his

marketing team and it was kind of well

I'm sitting through it and I'm

exhibiting all I'm bored I've got me

things but I sat like this through half

the presentation but you know he's the

final arbiter because that's why he was


so he's kind of shifting is about

forgotten see I said just came to me I


Jeff just a minute before you leave I

want you to know that this win of your

business I'm about said the brand

because a syllabic ground and they're

still around today this win would mean

so much for this advertising agency it's

really important that we win it let me

tell you why it's really important to us

and I then went through three or four

reasons why that win would really help

us he suddenly thought this guy he

really means it and I can trust him

because in a northerner so he's not just

trying it on and actually I wasn't

because I just made up on the spot later

we got taught by the marketing director

how do we were in the business I thought

was a creative work other you actually

forgotten what I said I thought it's all

about the work the crate flip but you

know when you're doing advertising

pitches after 5 days 10 days clients

can't remember any of the pictures car

remember you win a pitch on such little

things you win a job on such little

points as those he realized I was being

completely sincere I would work there

for twice as hard to win his trust and

his business it's so important to do

that it's so important in fact that what

you are now going to do you are going to

come up here on the stage and one by one

you are going to tell me why you want

the job I really want this job because

it means a lot to me I mean I've worked

like all my life kind of trying to build

towards this career my psychology degree

the work experience that I've done

alongside it I mean even all the

extracurriculars and things that I've

done I mean my reading of psychological

journals there's a range of different

things I mean and I enjoy it so much

it's a passion of mine to be able to

help others and it sounds cliche but

it's something that I want to do it like

to be able to make an impact in

someone's life I mean once you impact

someone's mind you can impact the way

they live the rest

life and I think that's the most

important thing for me heartfelt just

say it mmm

but eyeball them or eyeball them so they

are really listening to oh that's a real

real one of me to be able to work for

your company and bring something to you

that you might not have seen before I've

just finished my degree and I've got

lots of experience in compiling v80

returns purchase Ledger's and sell

Ledger's I think what that could be an

advantage to myself and yourself I'm a

fast learner I've learnt that all by

myself I've also got great interpersonal

at school which I'd love to use to

attract new clients to a company and

also bring and build lasting

relationships with clients so I can keep

my business thriving and to know I

wanted to say that sir when I first

started University and I first started

mapping out what I wanted to do as a

career I I didn't know I'd be able to do

a lot of the things I can do now that

I've now I've graduated so the kind of

job I want is a job where I can use a

combination of all those different

skills and the reason I apply for this

job is because I think I can do that

with this job that easy to practice this

with a couple of mates very easy so

important your soul on the table this

means a lot to me suddenly you're human

suddenly you're not candidate anymore

suddenly the guys looking that could be

my daughter

that could be my son very powerful I

feel it's good to practice in front of a

number of people just to prove to

yourself that you can do it and then

it's just a matter of just practicing

over and over again with friends just to

make sure that you get it completely

spot-on and then hopefully that can make

your interview right at the end that you

sit there you write applications and you

see why you want to work for the company

but you never think you're going to

actually put that into practice in an

interview how important the job is to

you how much you can give to them in the

job and how much effort you're really

going to put in I've got to say is

really invaluable it was more than I

could have probably even thought about

or even thought to ask for and I'm

really grateful for that because it's

really quickly where