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hi everyone welcome back to my channel

and if you're new to my channel my name

is Desiree and as you know I am engaged

to Ruben we are actually having our

engagement party this weekend so I will

be giving my bridesmaids who will be


their proposal Brides microphones old

boxes and if you don't know what that is

basically the new thing or out and if

it's existed before but you basically

put together a little gift or some like

little gesture to pop will you be a part

of it with me so they have proposal

boxes or proposal gifts proposal

gestures to ask them will you be my

bridesmaid so I've done my research I

figure out what I like what I don't like

and figure out what the theme of my

wedding is gonna be because I wanted to

kind of be cohesive

I love blush I love white I love gold

that's pretty much the aesthetic of my

boxes and I'm gonna walk you through

what I put in them and the struggle and

the whole just process so here's what

they look like

once they've already been wrapped but

it's this one's not even done yet this

is what it looks like without the ribbon

so it's just like a little castle in the

front and this is what it looks like

when you open the box so it says their

name on each box with like the slot with

a floral theme and it has everything

inside these custom will you be my

bridesmaids cars you can order them on

Etsy you can order them on Amazon there

are different websites we can just

google search bride nikrif code little

card and there are gonna be a whole

bunch of stuff but what I

because I made these myself I have

Photoshop on my phone so I literally

took the image that I liked which is

blush and flowers and I just got them

printed at Walgreens I have an app where

you could just select any photo in your

camera rule and hit print and they'll be

ready for pickup

easier than ordering them online and

having to wait if you're and like

interruption besides that I'm gonna pick

this little part because this one's not

ready you know the ones already like

ready to go first things first I saw

these a set of four with these bath

bombs you basically throw one of these

in the water and it changes the color of

the water it makes the smell makes

bubbles they're just like the new trendy

single bulb bath bombs and I love them

so after this I did get these soap soap

roses if you put these in water it'll

actually turn it to soap so instead of

just getting regular flowers I got

scented soap um after that I got these

rose gold BOS chopsticks some of them

are like a cream color but again my

theme is more neutral so i got rose gold

and i got cream and there's everyone has

a different color so then i got these

little travel-size perfumes again most

of the things that I got wearing sets of

four so I wasn't gonna like shop

individually it was just in a package

sets and they have them JC Penney's and


Marshall everywhere especially right now

that we're having our engagement

printing it in December right now

there's a ton of like gift sets for like

little trinkets like this because of

Christmas so there's these gripped

Christmas sets and I just bought all the

sets that come with fours or more and

separated them for each girl feet size

that I gave them a couple of cute pins

some of them say wake up and make up

with make up on it and then this is cute

blush pin with gold on it so each girl

gets two pins then I there's these

little packages with tattoos they're

little gold tattoos and has hearts and

arrows and it says like teen cotton teen

bride that I got at Spencer's and I just

put them in these little little clear

baggies so that it's not just like a

giant strip of tattoos in the box it

just takes away from the cuteness so

everything is very small and cookie I

also got the maid of honor a little tray

for like jewelry and stuff that says yay

and then the girls also got the I can't

tie the knot without you win a little

bracelet than just a little bracelet

that comes with a little knot so get it

a little nuts knotted bracelet I can't

turn anything not without you they go

together so that's pretty much the only

thing that comes in it I know a lot of

other proposal boxes have like champagne

or socks or the robes but because my

weddings gonna be so far away I just

wanted little trinkets for them to like

enjoy until we get to the whole wedding

and stuff and for the inside I just

bought new bag you have

Michael and a lot of people use the

paper shredded it's like the crinkly one

at the bottom which also is cute but

because my bosses like a jewelry box the

white paper I didn't think it like whips

well together this like fluorescent

fluorescent style shredded stuff

iridescent shred that's what this is

called area distant so I take a handful

and about five bags and then I just

stuff it in and you want to put like a

decent amount so it stays like higher

into the bin okay this is how I was able

to fit all of the soaps and trinkets as

you can see you as a tight squeeze

and then the ribbon since the box itself

is blush and gold I was going to aim for

white but I thought it'd be too harsh

considering everything was very neutral

so I saw one that was very champagne II

more tan and that's what I was aiming

for but I didn't find it anywhere I

ended up getting this like cream it's

almost white but not white exactly I'm

also going to put the labels they had

such cute white and gold plain labels

but the line was huge so I said I'll

just come back tomorrow and then they

sold out so I had to opt out for this

pink white and gold label that I'm gonna

put through the ribbon so I know Guzzi

to news because obviously the names are

in sight so I can just give anyone any

but so I'm gonna write their names on

this card put it through the ribbon and

on the box so that pretty much concludes

my bridesmaid boxes if you have any

questions and in regards to the details

let me know if it again everything

should be custom to the bride style so

you have a good luck and until next time