Perfect Maid of Honor Speech

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good evening everyone so I thought the

most nerve-wracking part of my job as me

of honor was going to be this speech but

managing me Tamara's veil was definitely

definitely out there but I've stopped

sweating now so good uh so I hope you're

all having a wonderful time so on

celebrating this special day of these

two lovebirds here for those of you who

don't know me my name is Kristen and I

know mark and Mara from college I met

Mara when she joined our sorority Kappa

Alpha Theta and we instantly became best

friends and soon after I chose her as my

little sister and she chose me as her

big sister since we met when she was a

freshman and I was a sophomore I was

there for every significant moment in

Mara's life throughout her four years in

college the biggest being the start of a

beautiful love story between mark and

Mara as many of you know mark and Mara

met through sister Owens

as student ambassadors for the

University of Florida but it was

participation in the talent show for the

Filipino Students Association where

their love story began I first heard

about Marah during a three-hour road

trip down to Daytona for a beach weekend

sorry I first heard about mark I already

knew Marah we were having gossip time

and we were headed down to Daytona for

each weekend with Mara's family and she

very casually told me about how the two

of them were performing a duet the Bruno

Mars song amazing for the talent show

right then a burst of excitement pulsed

through me as I imagined how perfectly

romantic it would be if Mark and Mars

started to fall for each other and what

could be a scene straight out of high

school musical he was Filipino

attractive and he could see him play the


so pretty much Mara's perfect man right

but when I brought this tomorrow's

attention her initial reaction was

something along the lines of Oh Rosie


and to be fair I probably would have had

the same reaction because Mara and I

were a bit shy when it came to the idea

of liking or dating boys in college they

may not have fully recognized just what

a special relationship with students

about love but for those three minutes

when they perform together on stage the

world Stood Still and it was obvious

there was something truly amazing

between the two of them four months of

courting in a very very very confused

mark later Mara finally accepted his

proposal to be boyfriend and girlfriend

and the rest is history for the past six

years mark and Mara have continued to

show us the true meaning of love our

friends always say how obviously perfect

they are for each other you take one

look at them when they're together and

the idea is meant to be is depicted in

its truest form but it's the deeper side

of their relationship which reminds us

all what it means to truly be in love no

relationship is perfect there are always

ups and downs different viewpoints which

can cause conflict and more hard times

that must both must face together and

like every couple on this room mark and

Mara have dealt with their such trials

throughout the relationship but they

have pushed through every single one not

by sweeping them under the rug but by

facing them full-on and together as a

couple working through their challenges

while always maintain the respect and

love they have for each other they have

been there for each other and countless

times of need and supporting each other

through both the difficult and wonderful

times in each other's lives and that is

the true definition

of a love and marriage that will last an

eternity mark and Maura you are an

inspiration to all of us both

individually as two people who strive to

be a light and the lives of others and

together as a gorgeous couple radiating

love I am honored to be not only a

significant part of your special day but

a significant person in your lives

and I am beyond excited to watch the

next chapter of your lives unfold

together as husband and wife I love you

both so much and I wish you a lifetime

of laughter and those joyous moments

loving support in those trialing times

and excitement for all of the adventures

that lie ahead to the happily ever

hermanos Cheers