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this floor so freaking cold and I just

want you guys to know that I'm still

hung over for an event last night but

don't worry because that event was

career-oriented mom and dad anyway

commits upon this video in three two one

congratulations somebody likes you

you're valued in life the question is

what are you do next

first and foremost you're gonna know

this that your ego goes from down here

to light unattractive to just truth so

hot you can't even cut yourself that was

so cheesy like literally here you go

just mushrooms overnight and it's gonna

be the best feeling for you but the

worst feeling for everybody else because

they have to deal with you but you get

the point sorry you're gonna try to

imagine a life with them you know how

would you stand out from now a day from

now no a week from now a month for now a

year from now should I go on and

honestly when you imagine your life

among no are year from now it's pretty

unrealistic if you ask me because it

always changes now all those side

effects aside next comes what do you

actually do about this first you got

assess where you stand

notice how you use a big word like

assess clearly I know what I'm doing

second you're gonna start paying for

well second you're gonna start paying so

much more attention to that person for

example you're gonna start paying more

attention to how they look how they act

what they've done in the past you're

just gonna learn everything and anything

about them and Facebook is a wonderful

tool and that's why I put nothing on my

facebook don't know who's watching

grandma what are you looking to get out

of this are you looking for a

no-strings-attached love them and leave

them kind of thing cuz if so then yeah

by all means in a month it would be like

hey what are you doing tomorrow or is

this thing going to be a writer dice or

thing and that's the case you should

really do some digging to find out who

you are

who that person is and why would you

want to ride why would you want to die

with them well for riding I mean I want

somebody who'll be the DJ the passenger

seat keep me fed be the master snacks

but you know that's every

you're also gonna want to know this is

the right thing for you and take a lot

of time to think about this and I mean

more like one minute versus one second

because what's right for you now may not

be right for you Leah for example let's

right for me now is a cheeseburger or

pizza because I'm really really hungry

but I don't want to grow old with a

pizza sitting next me for the rest of my

lab I'm not kidding yeah I do I do but

you get the point at least I hope you do

so after you've done all your extensive

excessive research and analysis and

everything that you should learn for

your college paper but never did because

you're stupid

then you get aside if you want to go

over this person or not if you want to

go for that person then go ahead by all

means life is good life is easy be happy

but if not there's some more steps

involved for example when you shut them

down you have to be very very gentle

about it unless you want to be really

really obnoxious and clumsy about them

by all means I tend to be a lot more

clumsy than I hope but that's just me

when the likes I'm stupid that's why but

sometimes you want to take a more gentle

approach for example are you best

friends with them are you really good

friends with them do you value this

person and if you do then life sucks for

you because you're gonna have to find a

way to put thumbs down jazz gentle as

you can go just plop them down like a

sack of potatoes you can't put them down

gently like you would a puppy and for

those of you who don't know you don't

slam a puppy down on the floor you lay

it down soft and gentle because it's

precious cargo but that being said you

don't want to beat around the bush I

hate when people beat around the bush

they send somebody mixed signals and

that ends up making me hate them even

more not that I have anybody I hate in

the first place because nobody's ever

loved me back wait that makes no sense

because there's a reason I'm making this

video anyway continue and also one thing

I really really hate is how much more

people that shouldn't be involved

getting involved with this whole debacle

that is the process of love for example

just because you know and they know

whoever they is I guarantee you somebody

else knows and somebody else knows and

somebody else knows I get you a lot more

people know because people talk so

whatever you do will have an impact on

them too because every will started

talking so also the only assess that

person but who they're friends with and


to valued them because they will talk

and they may or may not hate you after

this depending on what you do so just be

ready for that

it sucks trust me we've all been there

or we're gonna be there so from that you

could all see that there's a delicate

balance between putting somebody down as

gentle as you can and making them feel

good about themselves but still getting

the message across that you not into

them or not into having a relationship

with them maybe now maybe later I don't

know what I just said and be careful

what you said because it might come back

and haunt you in the future it's

happened to me before you want your

words to me exactly what you want them

to me duh but it may not be that way

with them okay everybody from what I

just said this past couple of minutes

you can clearly see that this is a very

very complex and difficult situation to

be in in the fact that I'm still

hungover from an event last night

doesn't help but hey you get the honest

meat this is me for who I truly am

because you know what they say I'll call

brings in the you know the real person

inside the person that is real that is

you but still if you get my point home

way I promise to be somewhat a little

slightly more helpful next week I'll see

you guys later be sure to like it if you

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being and I'll see you guys next week

with another video bye bye

oh yeah I should really get some fun

that's perfect hungover food