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what's going on Bella gang issue girl

every nacho back at it again with

another juicy Girl Talk I feel like I

haven't done a juicy Girl Talk in a very

long time so on my belly game slash

subscribers eme City mangyans was like

since came to a girl talk on you know

when is the perfect time to ask what are

we it just it just dawned on me like

hello that's such a good topic because

I'm on myself and like thousands other

women out there has gone through this

where you know you kind of nervous you

trying to scare sacks what are we but

you feel like it's getting to that point

well I'm gonna make sure in this video

I'm gonna tell you I have three things

it's just three things this videos gonna

be kind of short but it's three specific

things that will determine and tell you

when should bring that question up

because that question is a really valid

question if a guy try to you know tell

you oh why are you talking about that

let's just you know do us right now

that's not the guy for you you need

validation that is y'all gonna be

together or you're not you don't need to

you know freakin merry-go-round like

you're not gonna have these duels you

know doing freaking sprints around you

playing with your heart and all of that

since I'm gonna cut that short right now

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welcome to the belly gang um you know we

really keep a real over hisses okay and

um yeah without for the zoo people go

right into this girl top on when is the

perfect time to oxidize what are we okay

okay guys I'm back so number one when is

the perfect time to ask a guy what are

we this is what I want for number one so

the exact timeframe I feel like you

should ask a guy what are we is three

months and I said three months is a good

enough time to accent especially if you

guys are consistent with seeing each

other every day so if you guys been

talking for three months but it's been

really sporadic like you see him one day

then you don't see me again for the next

two weeks and then right then I was

three months and you guys kind of still

in that phase then I still give it like

a few more months to acts what are we

because you guys are not exclusive like

it's weird like you know when you're

dating you know what you're talking

somebody and you're not official but

child with each other every day like

that's that's the appropriate time to

act what are we like if you guys are

consistently seeing each other every day

you're going on movie dates y'all going

out to eat you talk on the phone every

day you pretty much interrelationship

but you don't have a title so wait don't

we act on month because my for too soon

two months ago too soon too but when you

got up to three months [ __ ] it was 90

days now 90 days to talk a guy enough 90

days should be able to like let a guy

decide if you want to be what you are

not like after 90 days just throw the

whole dude away take a trash bag throw

the whole dude away cuz you're gonna be

playing with you for the next few months

or the next few years or however long

you will let him because guys will let

you um waste your time if you let them

you know I'm saying that makes sense so

three months you know you should call

his ass up not even call him up cuz this

needs to be a face-to-face thing because

when you're face to face with somebody

and you accidentally type of question

you can start by day body language if

they're lying to you or they're being

truthful and honest with you so like I

said if you guys been talking

consistently for like three months

everything's been going good you want

him to be a man but he he he not yet

popped the question actually be his girl

you gotta take the initiative sis you

ask take initiative if you don't that

you're gonna your head is gonna be like

up in the clouds like you're not gonna

know if he's really want sure you don't

gonna be very confused I don't want you

to be confused I want you guys to you

know to know exactly what's going on in

your life and the man that you know you

know you so call wanna be with or

whatever so okay

so this would you do I want you guys

after three months you know I'm saying

y'all consistent talking and stuff like


be like babies go on a date and on the

day ax him like so we've been rocking

with each other for like three months

you know I just want to know what we're

trying to take is you trying to be

friends friends with benefits like you

trying to like make me a girl cuz I need

to know because right now I'm looking

for a relationship because nine times

out of ten if you accent a guy what are

we that's because you says you for like

you ready for a relationship which is

nothing wrong with that I'm a

relationship girl myself I don't like

doing friends with benefits I'm not a

casual sex partner I want I like

monogamous you know exclusive

relationships so if you like me

definitely wait three months axe him

down on the date and just people how he

moves yeah I'm saying every time like so

I just want to know where we cuz you

know I feel like we've been kickin it

and you really I feel like you like me

and I like you a lot so I think you

should go to the next level if he like

be like you know don't look at you in

your eye or you know he's kind of he's

really dismissive like baby on the day I

don't want to talk about that then he is

leading you on he does not want to be

with you I'm telling this right now he

does not want to be with you cuz a guy

that wants to be with you he's in back

babe thank you so much for bringing that

up because I'm gonna be which I sue and

then guess what now that date went from

good to great and you got your BAE

simple you got your babe so number two

um when is the perfect time to ask a guy

what are we I think and I wrote this I

said sex now let me tell you exactly you

know I'll show my with sex I mean let me

tell you well let me tell you why I say

sex is important to Acts water we after

a few times of you out being intimate

don't give him wifey girlfriend

privileges if he's not ready to commit

you know a lot of us you know me

included you know when you're not

talking stay especially if you like seen

each other a lot is over three months

prob like six months you know use knocks

on its head if you just dating or

talking you thought that ass back says

that you are having sex with him and you

know saying and I feel like after the

first time you have sex or the second

time third time fourth time fifth time

the six or seven times you know I'm

saying you should really think to him

you should really like accent what are

we because what I don't you guys to do

is like give like I said don't give

wifey girlfriend privileges to a F boy

like why you keep giving up

vagina if you don't even want to cut he

wouldn't commit to your vagina but he

don't commit to you that's a problem

since like that's a whole problem you

cannot be with somebody that feels like

you know he's entitled to your vagina

but not entitled to be in a full

relationship with you especially if you

say that he's so-called like you

so-called love you because some guys

even go to the extent of saying I love

you after 2-3 months just so they could

get in your panties and when they get in

your panties they act all different yeah

I'm saying

that's why you got to be careful that of

that too because you could get hurt

double okay like Dan you don't even want

to be with me and I got stuck with him

he went ghost so I so I always say you

know what I first like to be like you

know I give it up quick so if he stayed

he was always a mistake he leave who's

all gonna leave but know in this day and

age you want to keep your body count low

you want to make sure that a guy is

really for you you really have to you

know just hold off for now okay how

horny you get hold off on sex um if it's

been like the fifth sixth time actually

what are we and he don't want to answer

that question or he's trying to say like

oh I don't want to be with you right now

is a lot of [ __ ] going on right now so

it was a lot of [ __ ] going on right now

Tom him all right so the lights are

going on I'm gonna let you deal with

your problem but in the meantime you're

not gonna have access to me don't know

any guys have access to you that I'm

saying sexually because if you allow us

to have access to you sexually then

you're allowing him to break your heart

intentionally do you got you you

understand what I'm saying like cuz

don't beat our girl that knows that you

don't want a relationship which you keep

going back to him in hopes that he would

change and hopes that he will see that

your girlfriend Mysterio cuz I've been

there done that where you know I knew a

guy wasn't right for me but I'm still

giving it up because it's good and you

know he's cute or whatever but [ __ ] cute

like when you reached your 20s and like

later in your 20s you want to see that

cute don't mean nothing okay you know

I'm saying you want a guy that you know

the thirst is mutual you don't saying

you don't want to be that girl that you

know you always posting your man and

he'd be looking like he don't even want

to be bothered with you you ever walk

you have a follow girls on this appeal

like they took my oh my king my world

and you want his bio he's I get mo be

money over [ __ ] for life like you

know I'm say he ever see that like I was

saying stuff like that I'm not girl like

when you're gonna wake up like I know no

I've been

masu sometimes but you gotta snap out of

that hypnotism honey snap out of it cuz

you don't want you you don't want your

PA you know I'm sayin he's posting you

he's showing the same equal affection

cuz even if a guy said I'm not into all

that affection that's [ __ ] dude want

the whole world to see what they in love

with if he's trying to hide you like

your freakin EBT card then he's not the

one for you period

okay so you know like I said the perfect

tongues accident where do we

after a few time y'all have sex and you

don't see no change you don't see him

bringing it up that you know about a

relationship that's just crystal clear

that he just want to sleep with you and

that's it

and you're more than a pop jump-off

you're more than a Melanie Fiona three a

time you know saying you more than that

your vagina means more than that and I

wanna keep saying that to you guys and

almost all my girls hearts your vagina's

powerful this is your vagina is gold


it's gold not gold plated it is gold

diamonds okay and do got to work hard to

keep it and work hard to get it period

that's how it should be that's how my

mom taught me how to be and you know

what I've been respected a lot because I

don't I don't want I don't be quick to

give it up probably like once or twice

but you know already

you know time time you know them type of

situations where you give it up quick

but you know them for years so like that

don't count

yeah that's me but but um number three

when is the perfect time to act what are

we and this is very important it's the

last thing and it's very important

that's what you guys the girls always

gonna be short number three is if he

constantly getting upset about you

talking to other guys that's why I need

to have that conversation so let's say

like you taking a snap you in a club

some dudes talking to you he people snap

he get tight or like you know he pick

him from work and some male co-workers

trying to talk to you and he could tell

that that guy likes you you know I'm

saying but you know he never told you


er no relationship so you move single

because since unless you get that title

you're a single you know saying that's

it you want me to not talk to anybody

but you you gotta put a ring on there or

you got to make that title of me being a

girlfriend and after like two three

years on them I finna be your wife

because you don't want to be a

girlfriend forever don't be a girlfriend

forever like you don't want to because

usually girls are staying relationship

five six years we're not

Gaiman dumb dues and dropping them and

getting married and within a year or two

years with somebody they really want to

be with work but the fact is that you

make it your convenient your convenient

vagina you you consistent vagina so he's

not gonna break it up with you or tell

you that our relationship not going with

nowhere and he's not gonna tell you that

you don't plan on marrying you because

like I said you guys probably live

together or you guys have a convenient

type of situation don't be like that you

know I'm saying you always got to give a

guy ultimatum after some years past if

you want to become a wife you know I'm

saying that's that's that's that's

that's facts you know I was like that

where you know I would talk to juice for

a long time and we never got a title and

the next you know it you know we stopped

talking because I I'm mad that he don't

want to give me a title and he gave a

title somebody else like he's on

Instagram with a whole girlfriend or

have a whole baby on the way

yeah I'm saying stuff like that like

that [ __ ] got me so tight and ever since

then I said you know what I blame myself

because you don't give guys a time limit

I'm sorry guys if you have music I don't

know so annoying but I'm in the

background but yeah like you have to

give a guy a expiration date or not

they're gonna keep dragging the whole

situation dragging everything with you

and you know saying I don't want you

guys to be like that it's not okay to

have a guy you know you don't say to

have a guy keep you waiting the stuff

like that especially if you know you

want him you want me to be your man your

mind is made up

if you don't want the same thing that's

fine but just make sure that ain't no

more sense gonna be evolved just know

that your ass is barely gonna hear from

me you know saying cuz once the guy says

alright you ask the question where are

we and he's telling you well I don't

want us to be together right now then

that's your cue to just you know speak

some every now and then like don't make

yourself as accessible as us before

don't go on as much dates and stuff

because you're just gonna break your

heart cuz you know that you want more

and he doesn't want more and because he

doesn't want more you know saying you

over here still still entertaining him

like don't entertain nobody that's

saying that they don't want to be with

you especially for a lot of months past

like you know I'm saying I don't care

for God said oh I'm not ready that's a

bold-faced lie cuz if a guy really wants

you you don't want to lose you he's

gonna make himself ready he's not ready

so anyways that completes a Girl Talk

when is the best time

where do we I hope you guys like this

girl talk and comment below or DM you on

Instagram the next girl talk

conversation I hope I wasn't all over

the place could I not be all over the

place I love you guys so much

Bella gang I know gang love you guys