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hi it's adam lyons and in this video i'm

going to give you three different ways

to talk about sex without appearing like

a creep and that was a question was

asked by sergio m but before that here's

the day's fun fact what sexual act does

queening refer to as always once that at

the end of video in order to understand

how to talk about sex without sounding

like a creep you need to understand why

guys often sound like creeps when they

do talk about sex most nice talk about

sex in one of two different ways

what he likes or what she likes

specifically so he can either have her

do things to him or so he can do things

to her the problem is this is too blunt

and while it may turn him on a female

mind is far more complex when it comes

to arousal a girl needs to be aroused

mentally before she's aroused physically

a basic mental imagery doesn't cut it

for a girl just like it does with a guy

so your goal is to get her to think

about her favorite sexual acts whether

she tells me or not is actually quite

irrelevant as long as she is thinking of

them you're winning and the more she

thinks about sex specifically the kind

that she likes the more she'll become

aroused and the better your chance of

seducing her so what you need to do is

to like hack into a brain and it's

actually a lot simpler than it sounds so

before I share these three techniques to

talk about sex let's see how it's

possible to actually hack in someone's

brain don't think of a pink elephant

don't think of the color pink in fact

don't even think about any kind of

elephant or the word pink for example

just don't do it did you succeed I doubt


mostly because just hearing the words

will instantly start to project the

imagery into your brain it's the same

with sex once she starts accessing that

imagery whether she tells you about it

or not she's going to start to visualize

it the problem is if you just ask her to

tell you something she like sexually

then she's likely to be fixated on

saying no to you or more likely she's

going to be embarrassed that she'll have

to speak out loud and then she's going

to refuse you and her access to it the

key is to be subtle and thankfully the

more subtle you are the less likely you

are to come off like a creep so it's a

bit of a long-winded explanation but now

you've got the basic foundation in why

it's important to be able to discuss sex

in a subtle way here a simple way

to achieve it one the question game this

is probably the easiest you take in

terms asking questions that you both

have to answer it's a great conversation

filler and it creates a natural

escalation start asking questions like

when did you have your first kiss or

what was the worst sexual experience of

your life and then it becomes only

natural to ask where the craziest place

was that she had sex and before you know

it she's visualizing her favorite sexual


number two massage one of my favorite

ways to introduce sex is to give someone

a hand massage while I'm speaking to

them it takes a minute or two for me to

get them to relax into it and then I

always justify it by telling them I want

to show them this cool trick that a

friend of mine showed me then as I'm

giving the hand massage I tell them that

the person that taught me the hand

massage was a previous girlfriend who

firmly believed that massage was the key

to a deep emotional connections which

always led to the best sex and then

asked whether they think deep emotional

connections are important in the bedroom

and let them lead from there the best

part is that if they don't agree that

just told me they're probably down for

casual sex and this is why it's one of

my favorite things to do the last one is

actually incredibly easy just talk about

sex in the third person you can point to

a couple that are dancing or interacting

in any way really and then you can play

a game where you each guess what they're

like in bed you can make it funny and

you'll have a lot of amusing

conversation that makes talking about


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