7 Fun & Creative Ways to Ask Someone to Prom (DIY Promposals) | Jessica Neistadt ♡

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be sure that structurally sound what's

up guys it's Jess and today I am showing

you guys a couple different ways i'm

shawna asked somebody to prom right now

it is prom season and everybody's

looking for the best and most creative

and interesting way to ask somebody to

prom so i went and explored the internet

and compiled a bunch and i recreated

them for you guys making DIYs and then

reenacted the proposal of course if you

aren't all wondering throughout the

video where I got my supplies from all

of my crafting supplies are from the

brand art skills they don't leave a huge

box of this amazing promposal supplies

to make this awesome video for you guys

so thank you so much to them and also

guys if you live in Los Angeles or the

surrounding area please let me know if

you want any of these promposal posters

I don't need them and I would much

rather they go to someone who wants to

ask someone to a dance or that they can

repurpose the poster for something else

so if you guys are from Los Angeles and

are interested in receiving any of these

promposal posters let me know in the

comments down below and I will hook it

up and wrapping before I get into the

video please don't forget to give this

video a big thumbs up and subscribe down

below if you have not already and

without further ado let's get into video


for this first DIY you're going to need

a cute picture frame any piece of paper

markers and two decorations if you

choose to do so so first you're just

going to take out the back of the

picture frame and you're going to take

the cardboard that comes in it

so we're going to use this to get the

shape of what size is in the picture

frame this one I believe happens to be

five by eight but just in case I'm just

going to fold around to get the right

size you also can trace but I was kind

of lazy and did not feel like cutting

out so I am just folding


now on the paper I'm going to write will

you help me fill this frame from 2017

now I'm just going to flip the paper

back into the picture frame


and if you want to decorate it a little

bit more get some of these really cute

light-up stars I think they just add a

little bit extra to the promposal and

add them to the corners and then you are

ready to ask that special someone to



all ready for this next year why you are

going to need poster board stick on

letters a cute mason jar and some gummy

worms now you don't have to use sticky

letters but I'm just choosing to do so

because any time I try to write on a

poster board it's just a disaster if you

are going to write I am booked on asking

you so take the bait and be my prom date

super cute catchy and it rhymes how

could anybody say no to a rhyming

compost mix you're going to take your

mason jar and fill it with the gummy

ware and that is it for promposal DIY

number two


for this next DIY I am just using some

black stick on letters some colorful

stick on letters and a white poster

board first I am taking the black stick

on letters and I'm just selling out my

name because wait is going to be the one

asking me and then with the colorful

stick on letters I am primarily using

the colors red and blue because those

are spider-man's colors and this is a

spider-man themed promposal and I am

spelling out want to swing into prom

with me because spider-man swings


then because weight is extra if you

wanted to make a web in the corner so he

just took some silver glitter glue and

made a web in the corner and after that

your spider-man theme promposal is ready

to go






for this DIY we are going to need some

black stick-on letters fine chipped

markers sticker tip markers and white

poster board now for this promposal we

are going to be drawing some cactuses so

if you guys think that you can tackle

the arts of the cacti then go for it

if not 5 a friend who is good at drawing

I found wait he's much more talented at

drawing than I am so I just had him draw

these cute little cactuses and he

decided to get super fancy and draw one

cactus handing another cactus a corsage

you guys can just draw something a

little bit more simple of just two

cactuses by each other or you can go

ahead and make them full-on characters

like he did

now he's just adding some spice to make

them super cactuses and then he's just

drawing some little hearts all around to

show that enough is in the air then

after you make your cactus drawing you

are going to spell out with your stick

on letters it was going to be cacti but

I was hoping it could be cactus from and

that is it for DIY number 4

Oh one



for this next DIY I teamed up with

yellowed wooden watches to create this

amazing promposal first you're going to

need a wash some sort of paper I'm using

glitter paper because I think it's

really pretty and some stick-on letters

and you're just going to spell out time

is ticking um so if you guys want to

check out yad for yourself you can find

them on their website which I will link

below in the description Yohan has a

huge selection of wooden watches and

they're all completely customizable from

the space to be kind of wood you get and

can mix and match them they have men's

and women's watches he walked in this

video was waged Christmas present from

me and he really really loved it so I

thought I would include it in this video

as part of this promposal so if you are

looking to do some sort of like

next-level promposal definitely check

out their site


for our next yeah why we are going to

need some glitter mutters some regular

stick on letters a poster board and a

couple cans of your favorite soda so on

the poster board I'm going to spell out

I would be soda lighted if you went to

prom with me for most of the text I am

just using the silver glitter letters

but I am highlighting so delighted and

prompt in red because red is the color

of hope and I just thought it would add

the perfect complementary pop of color

to the posters


and for our last DIY we are going to

need gold glitter paper green glitter

paper a pair of scissors a stapler and

some stick on letters so the first thing

we are going to do is cut out an oval in

the glitter paper to make the pineapple

shape after I cut the oval I am just

going to spell out you are one fine

Apple prom

now that all the letters are on the

paper we are going to make the crown of

the pineapple so if you're like me you

would just cut out spikes of a pineapple

but weighed being super artsy as he is

he wanted to draw it out first trace on

the paper and then cut out from there so

you can either follow Wade steps or you

can just you know go all in like I would

and cut out some spikes after we cut out

our pineapple crown we are going to just

attach it onto the equal flitter paper

to make our full pineapples

I'm just stapling it on you totally can

glue it now like I said way to super

extra so he wanted to trace out where

these spikes were so if you just use the

silver glitter glue to outline where the

crown would be and that is it for our

last DIY




all ready guys thank you so much for

watching today's video

I really hope you enjoyed it and that if

you are looking for ways to ask them to

prom or homecoming or any other dance

that this video helps you and inspires

you and if you guys use any of these

ideas and you ask someone please let me

know in the comments down below of how

it goes I would love to know and thank

you to yellow on wooden washes for

sending me that beautiful wooden lock

that I was able to use in my proposal

and it was also a gift to my fiance so

thank you so much for sending me that

watch is culturing today's video if you

guys are all interested in checking out

either art skills or go on I will

include them in the description bar down

below and I stated that is it for today

so thank you guys so much for watching

once again when I'm in Columbus on the

hot mahalik Pocoyo and