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and they say ain't no cab I would think

about you to what I know how to




hey Miami so today as you can see by the

title some points the beach


okay y'all so so much sorrow my thing


hey there what's up G oh my gosh okay

okay there's nothing much what are you

doing you guys thing yeah cuz I don't

shoot sigh maybe

i dodge them just hot dogs okay what

about you okay it's interesting that

you're bringing to bid cuz I'm trying to

shoot my shot okay

would you say it I say this okay with a

ball push your mark in anything

interesting emoji other person warning

and input that guy and they put a

basketball in the cameras going you say

your ball rolled into hey many cameras

you see these lame-o things well it's a



okay I'm back

and I got a text back to and they said

so you're not gonna tell me what you

doing I'm gonna say oh yeah

um just I mean I must say I was just

thinking about you buddy was your every

up I don't know that it was here tonight


if they don't even play


come on Keesha ten what to do okay rid

oh don't be late cause you brought a

giant play with a inward heart kid I

just said I was just thinking about you

I'm gonna be like collect our jar I'm


and there you know voice recording um be

like lately

I've been feeling you lately I've been

sitting and I'm gonna put up okay that's

good that's good you guys

yes yes





I knew somebody was trying to play with

it inward heart I didn't like yeah ya

know what

and they say ain't no cat I would think

about you - what I know is birthday

that's just how I can do

I can get this one this one and that one

and I think JIT gotta go free he is to

use this test because of me you say cuz

a lot of females will play with your

heart it's go away I know what that's

that don't believe it

I must say you sure they pleased with

your heart

oh dear


yeah I just need to say it quick because

I'm sick of spring - Cory is sweet just

say just like it anyways yes much tip


KITT just cousin


that cuz


hear me


a house in Texas the words not everybody



okay y'all I said it I said all this oh

I would be a hundred what was it I said

a lot of stuff all I do is go to school

I played a game under guys

no HR and most of the females I thought

to be really real interested in [ __ ]

straight up playing just like


I'm bi

I don't know I don't know thank you say

that kid oh yeah so be honest all I need

is you to do oh oh I can't read y'all

oh I'm Bert so be honest I need you to

do is have one seat it honestly to be my

shorty okay woof okay so you see

I almost cut the lights off my you know

you move eases paragraph pure feelings

oh my gosh I'm gonna kick you out this

is my kid



okay it's this if you can prove yourself

to me you can be my wife feed sugar

that's oh don't look at this I'm sure

I'm in the process of getting it off so

please awaken please please

anyways y'all what do I say if you can

prove yourself to me I'll be like prove





oh you talk about re

see I'm available so this is logic quick


okay but here we go please

I like the right to school with jibt

y'all cages y'all can get it on the


ain't it Shaw crush be like you monster

talking a little bit wonder kid okay we

says boomer loyalty

prove your loyalty you can start off as

close friends so I can feel you tonight

is cold

every time she caught every time so I

could figure out a little bit I'm say no

no that's how wallet my screw record

indeed almost got nothing



let's just do the thing


opening you

you telling me


so come on

I'm so


okay y'all that's good

eat don't want me [ __ ] I need want me

to take my time which one live I'm not

sure speak baby

actually he needs that no cheese

everyone I'm just to G for your memory

I'm just from Street I can hear all your

peers what annoys me I can even go to a


they try to give me eight


okay okay honestly I didn't know why I

didn't even like him anymore he just

texted the letter f8 the letter F

but don't expect me to trust you go hunt

your estate from the jump have I ever

lied to you have I ever lied to you

however lied to you for you do not trust

me no I'm not gonna ask that though


this movie hey this is my my new bag so

y'all don't let me keep it


here your bait I'm with a now them we

out you go know I'm picky

your dog faking

and now I'm not



okay y'all I guess justic I guess that's

it so now your girl is fully committed

and yeah guys don't text me don't call

me don't be mu don't piss on me do that

because maybe eight married oh wait

wait does record and say oh yeah anyway

that's it for the video yours okay yeah

that was the whole lie that person that

I was texting how do you like them and

we set this up before the video started

so yeah I'm not in a relationship and

I'm not getting in one of those you know


so anyways peace out I was lying the

whole time I'm real sake messages by