7 Things Bad Boys DO That "Nice Guys" DON'T! | How to Be A Bad Boy | How to Stop Being the Nice Guy

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You’ve heard it time and time again. “Girls  only like bad boys, nice guys finish last!” 

Well despite all the terrible explanations  on the internet about why this is the case,  

me, Zeus the god, is going to definitively  show you EXACTLY why girls HATE nice guys  

and what you, a mere mortal man, can do about it. Most noobs go out and meet a girl and they’re like  

“Oh yes finally a real girl!!! I can’t  mess this up so I’ll be really nice to  

her and get her to like me.” Ugh. So cringe bro. Obviously  

the girl rejects this nerd for being cringe  and then the nice guy thinks to himself 

“Oh boy, why don’t girls like nice  guys. Girls only like bad boys!” 

And by this point most nerds already  quit and are hard at work typing in  

reddit or their Discord chat about the “red  pill” and how nice guys have no chance. 

Well no. The nerds are zero for 2  because girls don’t hate nice guys,  

and they don’t necessarily like bad boys either. Here’s the harsh truth about nice guys. 

Nice guys are only nice to cover up  for the fact that they don’t have  

much value to bring to the table romantically. IF you were truly a valuable partner to have  

then you wouldn’t need to walk on eggshells  or be fake nice because you know your value  

is so strong, she’d be an idiot to leave you. The fake nice persona is really just an insecure  

mask that hides the fact that you haven’t done the  work personally to be a desirable partner to the  

women you pursue. You have nothing to offer. Being nice isn’t a competitive advantage 

Anybody can be nice. There are very few  truly mean, evil people in the world.  

The average person is mildly kind and polite.  By being extra nice you’re not winning many  

extra points. If being nice is your only  competitive edge you’re gonna lose every time. 

I’m a god, i’m rich, successful, and i’m handsome  as fuck and you know what else? I’m also a nice  

guy. So boom you’ll never win if you’re competing  against me. There are plenty of other handsome  

nice, successful guys too, so if she wants  someone who’s nice she’ll just go for them because  

they’re nice AND have other great qualities.. The real lesson here is this: 

Be nice if that’s who you are and it makes you  happy, i’m nice all the time but don’t let that  

be your defining value to the girl. Otherwise  you’re just compensating for your lack of value.

Nice guys don’t do anything wrong, their  problem is that they don’t do anything right. 

The preoccupation with being  nice comes with a heavy cost. 

It covers up the rest of your personality  and who you are, you become one-dimensional,  

uninteresting, predictable. She never gets to see any of your other  

qualities because you’re too busy supplicating  to her out of fear that you’ll lose her. 

Nice guys don’t take charge. They tiptoe around the girl and make their highest  

value to NOT offend the girl or do anything  to possibly offend her. It’s boring, kills  

all sexual tensions and it’s the opposite frame  you want if you’re trying to build attraction. 

The nice guy act is really a  desperate attempt for approval. 

Constantly trying to prove to the  girl that you’re worth keeping  

around actually shows the girl the opposite. Even rich, famous, and handsome guys aren’t  

going around telling the girl ‘hey i’m rich,  hot, and successful” every two minutes. So why  

are you overbearingly being fake nice 24/7? She doesn’t want a man she can’t respect. 

When you supplicate, put your desires  aside, and put someone else above you  

JUST because they’re hot, you’re advertising  to the girl that you don’t have value. 

Thus, causing her to lose respect for you.  A man with value understands what he brings  

to the table and respects himself enough  to not stoop down just for some action. 

She sees right through you, and starts to think  “why won’t he just be straight up with me?”  

He must be a pussy. A guy with real value  wouldn’t need to resort to cheap tricks.

It just feels cringe.

When I was writing this video, I asked one  of my girlfriends why she doesn’t like nice,  

passive guys. And this was  the BIGGEST reason she had.

It’s just cringe. It feels fake. In her own  words, she said “Like what are you doing? Why  

are you being so unnecessarily nice all the time?  It destroys all your charisma and ruins the fun”

I couldn’t agree more. The reason guys try to cover up who they are with  

fake nice-ness is because they’re insecure that  girls won’t see their value as a romantic partner.

The easiest way to combat this is by using  Instagram. With your Instagram profile alone,  

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Zeus out.