15 Secrets on How to Get a Man to Marry You

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hey guys and welcome back to my channel

today's video is something very

different than anything I have ever done

on YouTube before I felt that it was

really important to talk about this

topic because I want you guys to be

happy and content with your life and

your relationships so I have been

married to my husband for three and a

half years and we have been together for

13 and a half years we met when I was 14

and he was 16 so we have been together

for a long long time and throughout the

years we went through a lot of change

and a lot of growth both independently

and in a relationship our relationship

is not perfect I don't believe that any

relationship is perfect we're both aware

of that and we continue to work on a

relationship and ourselves on a daily

basis by continuing to love each other

respect each other and support each

other in everything that we do and

because of this continuous effort to

make our relationship flourish our

connection continues to strengthen and

grow so having said all that I want to

make a few disclaimers before hopping

into the actual video disclaimer number

one I am NOT a relationship expert yes I

have been in a relationship for a very

very long time but it doesn't make me an

expert so please take everything I say

with a grain of salt yes these things

have worked for me and I have noticed

that these tips and tricks have worked

for other people that I know is clear

number two I'm not gonna be talking

about any trickery about how to trick

someone into being in a long-term

committed relationship with you these

are all genuine tips based on my

personal experience and they are my

personal opinions and these things have

personally worked for me disclaimer

number three please do not take the

title of this video so literally before

you start jumping to conclusions I'm not

ignorant to different types of


I'm not discriminatory towards other

types of relationships the title is

simply meant to be playful and

captivating and if you are sitting here

and watching this video that means it

works and lastly I want to mention that

I do realize though not everyone wants

to be married this video is not about

getting that ring on your finger it's

more about self-awareness self-love and

growth which will help you find a

healthy long-lasting relationship with

yourself and with a significant other if

that's what you want of course alright

so now that I got all of that

out of the way let's hop into the video

so the first thing we want to talk about

is self-love practicing self-love and

being aware of self-love is the first

step in not only having a healthy

relationship with yourself but also

having a healthy relationship with

anyone that comes into your life

in my opinion I really don't think that

you can truly give all of yourself to

someone if you don't learn how to master

loving yourself first in addition to

practicing self-love it's also really

important to respect yourself to know

your worth not to settle for anything

less than and know your own potential if

you guys are interested in investigating

this topic a little bit further I have a

really really amazing book that I can

recommend for you guys to read it's

called the mastery of love by Don Miguel

Ruiz I read this book a couple of times

several years ago and it's just such an

amazing go-to book it just really helps

change your mindset and see self-love

from a different point of view and also

gives you the tools on how to master

self-love so if you guys are interested

in checking out that book I'm going to

link it down below my next tip is to be

confident in your own skin seriously

guys I feel like life is way too short

to be focusing on all of our

imperfections in reality when you focus

on all these imperfections and you have

complexes about all of these different

things about yourself about your body

just because you fix one complex or

imperfection does not mean that you'll

start obsessing or focusing on something

else and in my opinion there's just not

a way to live life going through your

entire life focusing on all of the

things that you are not happy about you

are given only one life to live and if

you think about the grand scheme of

things this life that you do have is

such a miracle and such a blessing it's

just such a waste to not take advantage

of that which is why I always practice

loving the life that I have been given

and loving the body that I have and most

importantly don't try to be someone that

you are not because at the end of the

day there will always always always be

someone out there who will love you for

who you are just the way you are being


build a mutual respect for one another

when you are in a relationship and I

can't tell you how important it is to

have your own life and your own

interests outside of that relationship

that are not tied to that relationship

because it will make you happy it will

make you feel content and help

facilitate self growth outside of that

relationship so when I first met

Vlad my husband I had a bunch of my own

things going on I had my own group of

friends I had my own extracurricular

activities so I was a competitive

mountain dancer at the time I was

singing I was dancing I had a bunch of

different hobbies and things that I was

interested in doing that were outside of

my relationship with my husband was my

husband back then he was my boyfriend

back then that would be kind of weird if

I was married at 14 at least in Canada

and for me personally having that life

outside of my relationship having my

Latin dancing career to focus on gave me

that feeling of Independence and gave me

that feeling of meaning outside of the

relationship so if that relationship

happened to not work out for some reason

I wouldn't feel like I would have lost

everything so that's why I think it is

so important to be independent and do

the things that make you happy and not

put all of your energy into only the

relationship my fourth tip is another

really important secret in having a

long-term successful relationship and

that is to find happiness within

yourself the worst thing that you can do

is depend on something or someone to

bring happiness into your life because

whenever you are looking for happiness

outside of your relationship that

happiness is only temporary if you're

depending on someone to make you happy

or you're depending on materialistic

things to make you happy or other

external factors to make you happy those

are only going to last for a little bit

of amount of time because you have to

understand that for example if you're

depending on someone to make you happy

that comes with the assumption that that

person will always be in a positive mood

will always knew exactly what to do to

make you happy we'll always have a good

energy about them and that is not the

case everyone is human we have our good

days we have our bad day so if you're

depending on someone to make you happy

when that person is having a bad

you're not gonna be getting happiness

from that person you're gonna resent

that person for not making you happy and

that person is gonna resent you or

having that expectation in my opinion

the best things you can do to make

yourself happy from the inside is to be

present in the moment to be content with

everything that you already have to not

compare yourself to other people and

just enjoy life to the fullest and be

appreciative and grateful of everything

that comes your way there will always be

someone who has less than you there will

always be someone who has more than you

but at the end of the day life is not

about living someone else's life it's

about living your test life so once you

practice that and once it becomes so

habitual that that's the life that

you're always living you are never going

to depend on somebody else to make you

happy there is not one human on this

earth that is perfect you're not perfect

your partner is not going to be perfect

so when you're looking for a life

partner look for someone who is going to

complement your imperfections when you

find someone that complements your

imperfections you're not only gonna help

each other grow together and

individually but you're also gonna help

balance each other out which is such a

beautiful beautiful thing my husband and

I are complete opposites and over the

years we've kind of helped each other

grow help each other become better

people individually and we balanced each

other out a lot be open to meeting

anyone anywhere at anytime I feel like

my story is a really good example of

that because I in no way ever thought

that I would meet my future husband at

the age of 14 but it happened I'm so

grateful that it did I never question

what my life would have been if that

didn't happen and I feel like it might

have been easier for me to think that

way at 14 because when you're that young

you are already a lot more open to

things that you otherwise would not be

when you get older because when you get

older you start over analyzing things a

lot more you have a wall up and you

start picking people apart a lot more

when you're 14 you don't really tend to

do that if you like someone you like

someone so I feel like that really

helped me out in a way because I was

very open to that kind of relationship


it just happened to work out it could

have been just a short-term thing but

we've been together for 13 and a half

years and we're very happily married and

same thing goes with long distance

relationships or meeting someone in a

totally different place or country or

environment be open to those kinds of

relationships because if you're gonna

close yourself off you're going to be

limiting yourself and preventing

yourself from potentially meeting some

incredible people which kind of brings

me to my next point my next point is to

be open to connecting with someone who

is very different from you or what you

think you want sometimes you think you

want something but that something may

not be the best thing for you so be open

to meeting a bunch of different people

from all walks of life get to know them

and see who you have the best connection

with and balances you out and who you

feel you vibe with I feel like a lot of

the time we create this sense of the

ideal person or perfect person that we

would like to meet or the perfect person

that we would like to spend the rest of

our lives with in our head and a lot of

time it's influenced by things that our

family says or our friends say it's not

necessarily what's best for you so

really take the time to think about what

it is that you absolutely need from a

relationship and when you're meeting

with different people you can see if

there is a natural connection now

talking about connection you really want

to focus on the type of connection that

you have with that particular person now

there are different types of connections

there could be a physical connection and

emotional connection a spiritual

connection intellectual connection if

your connection with a certain person is

multifaceted which means that you can

connect with them on a multitude of

different levels those types of

relationships tend to stand the test of

time and tend to be the healthiest

relationship so whereas if you only have

a physical connection with someone we

all know that after a certain age

everyone tends to go downhill so that

physical connection will fizzle

eventually likewise if you only have an

emotional connection with someone

sometimes it could

be very toxic and it could be abusive if

you're really depending on that one

doctor alone whereas if you have a

healthy physical emotional spiritual and

intellectual connection with someone and

all of those areas are really growing

and flourishing with your relationship

and really adding a lot of positivity to

your life

those tend to be much much healthier

long lasting relationships now a briefly

touched upon this earlier in the video

but it's so so so important to

understand that not everyone is perfect

and with that knowledge hopefully you

will be a lot more understanding and

compassionate toward someone and you're

also going to have patience patience is

like one of the key ingredients in a

long-term relationship because without

patience and without compassion and

understanding you can start to get

really frustrated in a relationship and

that could be very toxic another word

that you guys probably heard me say

quite a few times in this video already

is growth so what I'm talking about

growth I'm talking both about individual

growth so growth of you and the person

that you are in a relationship

and also growth of the relationship of

you two together so when you're in a

long-term committed relationship before

even considering marriage you want to

ask yourself some really important

questions firstly ask yourself is this

relationship making me a better person

is this relationship making my

significant other a better person is

this relationship continuing to flourish

and benefit us both because if the

answer to one of those things or all of

those things is no then you really need

to reevaluate your relationship and see

if it's something that is worth

investing more of your time or maybe you

need to tweak some things to make sure

that all three of those things are

continuing to grow and continuing to

flourish another important piece of

advice that I can give you guys is to

really take the time to focus on the

connection that you do have the worst

thing that you can do is all for someone

for all the wrong reasons so really take

the time to analyze the connection that

you have and think about what makes you

feel connected to that person

do you feel that this person understands

you do you feel like this person

supports you and respects you do you

feel like this person is your best

friend these are all really really

important questions that you want to ask

yourself before even considering

marriage or having a long-term committed

relationship all right so let's say you

basically mastered all of the tips that

and suggestions that I talked about in

the beginning of this video and you

think that you are really ready for a

marriage the next few things I'm going

to be talking about I think that

everyone really needs to take a serious

look at and reevaluate their

relationships take the opportunity to

really figure out if that relationship

is viable and that relationship can

really stand the test of time so one of

the most important questions that I

personally asked myself when I felt like

I was truly ready to get married was why

do I want to get married if you ask

yourself why do I want to get married

you start thinking about all of these

different things do you love this person

do you want to be committed to this

person for the rest of your life do you

see yourself being committed to this

person for the rest of your life is

there pressure to get married coming

from your family or from their

significant others family do you want to

start a family do you want to start a

family on your own or is it important

for you to have a life partner there

with you is it really important for you

that you are married before you start a

family do you want to get married

because you feel like you need to

conform to society's expectations of

marriage there are so many questions

that you need to ask yourself before

making the final decision about whether

or not it is you want to get married and

I feel like all of these questions are

very valid and important questions to

ask yourself and your significant other

so having said that next I would

recommend that you ask your significant

other why it is that they want to get

married and ask them all of the same

questions that you asked yourself ask

them why ask them to give you detailed

explanations and after you get the

answers to your questions bat take the

time to sit down and analyze if your

answers and match up do they align do

you have this

reasons and goals about being in a

long-term committed relationship or a

marriage so this is the time to sit down

and really weigh your answers with your

partner's answers and to see if you guys

are on the same page it is so so

important to make sure that both you and

your partner are on the same page before

you take this leap together because if

you do decide to get married and this is

something that you both genuinely want

it's a lot of work a lot of effort a lot

of energy and it's something that you

need to dedicate yourself to on a daily

basis so once you get your answers back

from your partner and you're looking at

all of their reasons as to why it is or

they do not want to get married

see if your answers match up and if they

don't match up maybe you need to

reevaluate your relationship and see if

this relationship is worth continuing to

put your time and energy into until you

both come to an agreement and both are

on the same page or if you think it's

better that you guys go your separate

ways and finally if all of that works

out if you've mastered self-love if you

mastered just making yourself happy from

within and you're content with your life

and you and your partner have a

beautiful herb and flow a beautiful

flourishing relationship that is

respectful of each other's imperfections

and flaws and you're helping each other

grow and balance each other out and all

that amazing good stuff and you do

decide that marriage is the right step

for you guys the most important thing

that I can suggest is not to change

after you get married continue to

respect each other and love each other

and support each other continue to be

independent of your relationship have

those things outside of your

relationship that's bring happiness and

meaning to your life help each other

grow as individuals and help the

relationship grow when both of you guys

are working at it together enjoy life to

the fullest live life in the moment and

continue to practice all of these

incredible amazing things because they

are only gonna have incredible amazing

effects and benefits on your

relationships so those are my 15 secrets

on how to get a man to marry you

obviously this is just the title of the

video but it could apply to any type of

a relationship whether you are

male-female in a relationship with a

male or female whether you want to get

married or don't want to get married

whether you're just interested in having

a long-lasting committed relationship

without all of the paperwork and

legalities whatever it may be I really

hope that these tips helps you out and

you find inspiration in them these are

all things that I personally practice on

a daily basis with my husband and my

husband also practices these things on a

daily basis even though neither one of

us are perfect and our relationship is

not perfect we are constantly working at

it we're constantly trying to make it

better and better and better and in my

opinion that's what a healthy

relationship is all about so if you like

this kind of video and you would like to

see more of these kinds of videos please

be sure to give it a big thumbs up if

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much for watching and hanging out with

me and I will see you in my next one