How to Tempt a Guy to Kiss You

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how to tempt a guy to kiss you is there

someone special you have been dreaming

to kiss you are waiting but he's not

making that first move chances are he is

afraid or nervous and not sure how you

would react follow these eight steps to

give him the clue that you want to be

kissed 1 make your breath smell good

before you leave your house make sure

you brush your teeth and tongue are you

going to a party where you may meet

someone you want to be kissed by take a

pack of gum or mints with you there is

nothing worse than kissing someone with

a bad breath so make it your priority

and take care of it earlier to find the

right place where you can be alone ask

him to hang out in a place where his

right mood for a kiss go see a movie go

for a walk

etc if you are at the party going with

him to another room or ask him to go

outside if you are in a group it

probably makes him nervous and kills the

mood if you really want to be kissed

make sure you find a place where you two

can be alone 3 be outgoing once you get

him alone be friendly and confident if

you feel nervous

don't show it face your body towards his

look him in the eyes and don't forget

about open welcoming body posture try

not to cross your legs and arms

give him some compliments and laugh at

his jokes tell him what you like about

him you can say this shirt looks really

good on you it brings out your green

eyes make sure he is comfortable with

you 4 get closer to him try to minimize

the space between you two if you are not

close to him already

get closer just find an excuse to do so

chances are he is trying to find a way

to get closer to you as well in that

case give him the opportunity he is

looking for if you are indoors say you

have an eyelash on your cheek then lean

in to wipe it off look him in the eyes

and wait for his reaction not moving

away if you are outside you can say it's

a little killer here don't you think

then shuffle closer to him 5 break the

touch barrier think of the touch barrier

as an invisible line between you two it

will stay there until someone makes the

move be the first one to do so touch him

on the arm when you laugh

his leg when you sit next to each other

it will show him you are cool with

physical contact if he breaks the touch

barrier first show him you are

comfortable with him doing so and

respond in some way brush his hand with

yours or touch him on the arm six make

your lips kissable cracked dry or

chapped lips are not very tempting to

prevent them from drying out apply some

lip balm or Vaseline before bed make

them well moisturized and they will

become unavoidable when he makes eye

contact playfully bite your lips to draw

his attention to your lips apply some

lip gloss don't put too much though it

can be very sticky

if you eat ice cream or some fruit let

some juice get on your lips and slowly

lick it off the more attention you draw

to your lips the more chances he won't

be able to resist to kiss you 7 flirt

with your eyes eye contact is very

important when you want the guy to

understand you want him to kiss you it

shows you are confident but also that

you can play coy look him deeply in the

eyes then slowly look at his lips and

come back to the eyes if he catches the


he will definitely try to kiss you if it

won't happen don't worry just try again

a little later another good way to flirt

with your eyes is to hold eye contact

then drop your eyes smiling slightly

look back up and give him your cutest

look he won't resist 8 kiss him no one

said guys need to make the move first do

you want to be kissed kiss him first

sometimes he can be nervous around you

so take the pressure off him and kiss


be confident it's attractive thank you

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