10 Cute Ways to Ask Someone to Homecoming ♡

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and you put it in a ziplock baggie okay

this is where it gets fun

I'm gonna start off this video by saying

I'm sick and I sound like I'm going

through puberty because it's Jess and

today I am doing another installment of

my back to school series and today's

video is ten ways to ask somebody to

homecoming apparently it is already

homecoming season my friend just had her

homecoming last weekend so I thought it

would be a great idea to do another one

of these videos because sometimes it's

just really hard to come up with a way

to ask somebody to homecoming so here

are 10 ways to ask somebody to

homecoming here we go this first one is

how my boyfriend asked a girl to

homecoming back when he was in high

school and he said the girl loved it and

she thought it was really funny and

really cute

he was a coupon that said one free date

to homecoming and he just gave it to her

and she loved it and this one is super

easy to do all you have to do is go find

some coupon online from like Target or

Walmart or I'm sure you can just google

coupons and you can either Photoshop it

but if you're not so Photoshop inclined

you can always just print it out and

then just put like some sort of like

paper over it and write one free date to

homecoming also what you can do is you

can print out a movie ticket online and

you can do the same thing where you can

either Photoshop it or write it in

yourself and you can put one free date

to prom and you can give it to her in

one of those like popcorn containers and

pop some popcorn and put it in there and

be like homecoming and then in create my

comment movie take it I think it'd be so

cute another one my boyfriend told me

about that his friend used back in high

school which i think is so cute and I

would have loved if someone had done

this in high school the first step you

are going to get a piece of paper you

can make it fancy you can make it simple

and you are going to write now that the

ice is broken will you go to homecoming

with me and you put it in a ziplock

baggie okay this is where it gets fun

Steph - you are going to fill a bucket

or a small Tupperware container with a

whole bunch of water and you're going to

fill it to the top next step you are

going to submerge your Ziploc baggie

with the essential note inside the

container of water and then you are

going to freeze that container and like

I said if you don't have a freezer big

enough for a bucket of water you can do

a old Tupperware container

or something that you can break open the

next step is to extract the ice block

from the container so if it's a

Tupperware you can just cut the

Tupperware make sure it's old because

your mom might flip or you can let it

melt for maybe about five to ten minutes

and then pull out the block you just

want to make sure it's not too melted

because if it's too melted then it's

just going to be melting and it'll be

all bad and the next step is to somehow

present this to the girl I would

recommend maybe going to her house and

doing this in our front yard I think

that would be really fun but make sure

you get it approved by her parents first

and you arrive with the block of ice

with your little note inside and a

hammer and you are going to tell the

person to break open the ice so that way

once the ice is broken you can ask Ana

homecoming number three you get

chocolate dipped strawberries you can

either dip them yourselves

you cannot dip them or you can buy them

dipped and you will accompany them with

the little note that says I would be

very happy if you would come to

homecoming with me number four a

scavenger hunt you can make it so that

the clues are whatever you want them to

be just the last clue has to end to you

and you are going to be dressed up as

Waldo in the iconic red and white beanie

and the red and white striped sweater

and you are going to hold a sign that

says you found Waldo dot dot dot and a

homecoming date number five this one is

for all my sweet tooth lovin ladies and

Men you are going to either get a cake

or a whole bunch of cookies or cupcakes

or even candy if you'd like to use that

and you are going to package them up

with a little sign that says it would be

sweet if you went to homecoming with me

thank you

number six so I made up this poem so it

kind of sucks but I think it's really

cute and I know my boyfriend would love

it so if your significant other loves

Marvel Comics or superheroes I would

recommend using this because I think

they would think it's cute I wrote Iron

Man is Fred Captain America is flu

I would love to save the day with you at


I think it's so cute what do you guys

think I think it's cute number seven I

also made this one up and I think it

would be really funny and if you have a

sarcastic kind of offbeat sense of humor

like I did I would recommend doing this

because it's funny so you're gonna wear

Crocs and you are going to have a poster

that says I would rather wear Crocs then

go to homecoming without you and I think

that would win anybody over right am i

right it's funny for my makeup love and

ladies and men if your boo loves makeup

and goes for the you know winged

eyeliner every so often I think this one

would be very cute to do so one of the

most famous iconic and loved eyeliners

is the Kat Von D liquid eyeliner you are

going to purchase this and if that one

is too expensive because it's like

thirty to forty dollars you can go on a

cheaper scale and go pick up you know

any drugstore eyeliner and maybe make

like a little like package whole bunch

of brookster eyeliners and i think that

would be so cute with a basket and you

can tie with a bow you could do a whole

bunch of stuff with this and make it

super cute he will accompany the Kat Von

D liquid eyeliner or any other eyeliner

you choose to pick with a little note

that says I'm just going to wing it

homecoming and the last two are for my

Harry Potter lovers number nine you can

either dress up as a character from

Harry Potter or you can just you know be

yourself because being yourself is

always great and you are going to get a

poster and you are going to write I am

seeking a homecoming date and I think

you'd be a keeper and what you are going

to do to make this extra cute is you are

going to make the O in homecoming a

little snitch and just make it cute and

the Harry Potter and the last way to ask

somebody to homecoming and I think it's

super cute is you get a white balloon

and you draw a little owl on it or have

a friend rod or someone who's a little

artistically talented because I am not I

could not draw this out and be a bat out

and you are going to make sure this

balloon has a little string or ribbon at

the end of the string slash ribbon you

are going to have a little scroll and

it's going to say please come outside

insert your name here is requesting your


in the front yard and after the person

reads your note they will step outside

and see you standing there either

dressed up as Harry Potter or a

character from Harry Potter or just as

yourself because like I said being

yourself is always great and you are

going to hold a sign saying it would be

magical if you came to homecoming with

me we would not just follow a mob right

there am i right

all righty guys that was it for this

video and I hope you guys enjoyed it and

I gave you guys some ideas or

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