How To Bring A Man Closer Using Your Feminine Energy | Helena Hart, Dating & Relationship Expert

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hi this is Halina Hart and in this video

I'm going to be talking about how to use

your feminine energy to bring a man

closer than ever and this is Leo Leo did

not want to stay in the other room and

as most of you know he loves helping me

out when I'm making videos so he's going

to be hanging out with us today so the

last video I posted was about the number

one thing you need to do to stop pushing

men away and bring them closer than ever

and I was really talking about the

importance of creating the space for a

man to come towards you by stopping

doing all of those things that push men

away especially masculine energy men

like being the one to initiate contact

with him always or asking him out

constantly or just being the one to move

things forward or push your agenda on to

a man so when you stop doing all of

those things you create that space for

him to come towards you so one of the

number one questions I got after posting

that video was well what can you do a

lot of women got great results with that

you know when you stop doing all of

those things that push a man away all of

a sudden you can feel him start to come

back towards you or if you're single and

dating you'll sort of feel all men

everywhere kind of be mesmerized by you

and want to just get closer and closer

because it's a pretty rare woman who

knows how to tap into her feminine

energy and pull a man close basically

like pull the whole world towards her

especially that man that's right in

front of her so I got a lot of questions

about that and one of the biggest

questions I got was does feminine energy

mean just doing nothing and the answer

to that in my opinion is no it's kind of

a common perception about this like

masculine energy means doing things and

feminine energy means doing nothing and

well I think it's okay to think of

things like that it's sort of like a

simplistic view and I want to go really

deep here and give you the next step to

bring a man closer than ever using your

feminine energy so I want to be really

clear you know sometimes it's better to

do nothing

then to do all those masculine energy

things that I described that push men

away and a lot of times when I'm on a

coaching call with someone I'll ask them

you know what would happen if you did

nothing what would happen if you stopped

all that effort just leaned back into

your feminine energy and did nothing and

most of the time they'll say well

eventually I'd hear from him eventually

he'd call me or text me or come back

towards me and maybe you can relate you

know I've definitely been there myself

so doing that thing is better than doing

all those things that push a man away I

want to be really clear about that but

there's much more to feminine energy

than just doing nothing you know getting

in touch with how you feel is doing

something you know loving is doing

something feeling your feelings of love

and appreciation and experiencing the

moment those are all things that you do

it might not look like you're doing

something on the outside but it can be

really difficult to get in touch with

your heart and some of these deeper

feelings you know so many of us women

are really cut off from our feelings a

lot of times we're sort of going through

our day living our lives on autopilot

because we're just really busy or we can

get stuck in our to-do lists and our

masculine energy when we're working or

raising kids are trying to get

everything done that we need to do for

the day so if you can lean back and

really get in touch with how you're

feeling in any given moment that will

tap into your feminine energy in a way

that will really bring the man closer

even just standing there like searching

for a feeling is like the sexiest thing

in the world to a man especially a

masculine energy man because it gets you

out of your head and into your body out

of your masculine energy and into your

feminine energy so if you're with a man

you can kind of imagine a man right in

front of you right now most of us so if

you're anything like me just go right up

into our heads we start overthinking

things analyzing the situation you know

wondering if he likes you or where you

stand with him or where's this

relationship going or if you're in

conversation with him we can get it up

in our heads a lot of times and just

think of like what's the best thing to

say next okay

he said he went to this place on a

vacation so oh I'm gonna jump in and say

that I went here on my last vacation and

we're just up in our heads and well that

might get you a good mental connection

with a man it doesn't connect you to his

heart and in order for a man to want to

come close and fall in love and just

want to you know it what inspires his

devotion and love and commitment is that

deep heart-to-heart connection and I

always say the way to connect to a man's

heart is always through your own heart

first so that's the first step how are

you feeling in any given moment that

will give you something to do rather

than overthink the situation and focus

on a man because I know it can be really

easy to do that right that's the first

step finding what you're feeling now a

lot of times this is difficult like I

mentioned for a lot of us women write it

myself included a lot of times we feel

triggered and we just want to shut down

or if we're really nervous or attracted

to a man we can tend to want to shut

down to like protect ourselves right but

the way to protect yourself most

seriously is by getting in touch with

these deeper parts of ourselves like our

emotions because when you do that your

intuition kicks in and you can really

into it you know what would be the next

thing to say what would be the perfect

thing to say next or do next if you feel

safe can you just keep standing there or

does something about this not feel right

and you need to take a step back so when

you get in touch with your feelings your

intuition kicks in it's an amazing thing

wonderful gift we have as women that

intuition of ours so a lot of times it's

hard to find our feelings so I always

say that the best thing you can do to

start is find a body sensation so you

can all do this right now I'd encourage

you to just lean back and just tune into

your body see if you can feel some

tension somewhere like in your shoulders

if your shoulders feel tight or tense

just imagine kind of breathing into that

tension dropping your shoulders and

seeing if that tension moves somewhere

else now the point of this is not to get

rid of the tension or squash it down or

force it to move somewhere else just

notice it that's getting out of your

head and into your body into your

feminine energy

just notice those sensations maybe

there's a tightness or some kind of knot

somewhere just put all your attention

there now if you were to do this in

front of a man he would actually feel

compelled to come closer because

everything is energy when you take that

energy and focus off of him and what

he's thinking and where things are going

and put that energy on yourself and your

body and in general you know the idea is

taking a focus off of a man putting it

on yourself and your own life where it

belongs that's what inspires a man to

come closer in the larger sense like in

the bigger picture but even in these

little moments with the man just

focusing on your body sensations will

actually bring him closer it's a really

subtle thing so when you do that what

will happen typically is feelings will

start to come up you might feel a sense

of sadness or grief or maybe something

positive like excitement or exhilaration

or something like that so your body

sensations are a gateway into your

deeper feelings in my this just my

opinion my experience if you're having a

hard time searching for a feeling go

with the body sensation first don't

force it and then see if some feelings

organically start to come up in you and

it's just a simple little tool but

that's one way you can use your feminine

energy to bring a man closer now from

that point you can do anything you can

express your feelings you can say you

know it just feels so great being with

you or you know I feel so sad watching

this part of the movie whatever it is

you're doing just try expressing how

you're feeling without placing like an

expectation on it or without looking to

a man to solve your feelings you know

it's perfectly fine to let a man know

you're feeling anxious or even insecure

you just don't want to be looking to him

to solve that for you or looking to him

to alleviate something that really you

can only heal and alleviate within


maybe that's a topic for another video

because it's a huge concept but it's

really life changing if you can get that

down expressing your feelings without

holding a man responsible for them

and without having this expectation or

agenda like looking to a man to do

something to solve something that we can

really only solve and heal within

ourselves so I just wanted to share that

tool today because I know people were

asking well what's the next step after

you stop doing all those things that

don't work

how can you tap into your feminine

energy and actually bring a man closer

in that moment and that's really how you

do it just find a feeling if it's hard

go for the body sensation first feel

what you're feeling and that might be

all you need to do if you're with a man

try it next time you'll notice him start

to come closer from that point if you

want to go a little more advanced you

can try expressing that feeling and see

what he does and I would love to hear

how this goes with you feel free to type

in your experiences with this in the

comment section or if you have any

questions for me or any other topic

you'd like me to cover in a video I

would love to hear from you so I hope to

talk with you all again soon