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hey all it's very hot and I just wanted

to swing through real quick on the

channel and I do a super quick video

this isn't going to be like really fancy

or anything like that but um about

something that we all have to figure out

very awkwardly in my case how to ask a

guy out right because a lot of girls say

you shouldn't even do it but I feel like

it's 2014 you know 21st century and ask

a guy out it sucks for them to they get

super nervous like why would make that

y'all are also sexy and beautiful and

fabulous and intelligent go and get

nervous asking you out so if you decide

to take the power into your own hands

and I'll take the wheel a little bit

these are some of my tips for how to ask

a guy out and not die a slow miserable

death if they say no which is highly

unlikely because like I said this before

we talk about what you should do here

are some of the things that you

shouldn't do when it comes to asking a

guy out definitely just don't be creepy

uh I'll just watch it you

don't do that actually those glasses are

really cute anyways maybe tell like your

best friends like one or two of your

closest ones but don't tell the whole

world like it's about to go down cuz

then on the off chance that maybe he

decides he doesn't want to go out

everyone's gonna be looking at you like

i was about to go down okay so anyways

another that let's focus on how to ask

the guy out cuz we're gonna get okay I

know it's really hard when you get

nervous but try not to bladder you're

digging yourself in a hole and he's a

jerk if he doesn't pull you out of it

but still like so I was thinking maybe

we could go out this weekend I mean if

you're free because if you're not free

then that's fine I'm not really free

like I'm a little bit free like Free

enough for you but have steps like I

have friends and I have friends duh why

am I why am I telling you have friends

for you're already cute but if you want

a little extra punch of confidence you

know just get yourself dolled up a

little bit on the day you know you'll be

running into him whatever you do on the

day you know you're probably gonna ask

him out or you know try to make a move

try to you know dress it up a little bit

if you want I probably not sweat dirty

hair like just wash it probably the

night before hey Zuri Hall tip a new

reporter be confident you are so smart

and gorgeous and talented naturally I

know that because it's in all of us okay

that is not baloney I'm not blowing

smoke up your butt I sounded like a

seven year old woman anyways I'm not

okay you have to know who you are and

how great of a catch you are whether

you're awesome in sports and you're like

a guy's guy give me a girl's guy and

still awesome in sports whether you're

really talented and ballet or you can

see if you're an artist you just have a

really great personality and you know

how to make people laugh or you're fun

to hang out with remember those things

before you go and chat with him don't go

in there like oh my gosh I heard he

likes blonds or brunettes or

I heard he likes girls with national

hair oh my gosh I have a weaver oh my

gosh he only likes girls with weave I

have natural hair ha ok whatever it is

about you that people have complimented

you on or been like you need to do more

of that because you're great at it

remember that give yourself a little pep

talk you know get going before the big

day be confident also I'm thinking about

making a video on being confident how to

find your confidence find your air self

and really just make that work for you

so if you guys want a video on

confidence in life not just with guys in

career and love with family with friends

just going through the world the

definitely thumbs up thumbs up now and

leave a comment let me know and if you

want something else let me know too ok

so number one tip be Coptic number to do

hey Zuri Hall tip on how to ask a guy

out is be low-key about it he's super

chill you know guys are chill they act

like they can take it or leave it oh I

might be doing this wow that's annoying

don't be that annoying and low-key but

beat you then you don't set yourself up

for failure or four cracked face if for

whatever reason says no just throw it

out there hey you know um I heard the

new spider-man movie is coming out it's

going to be amazing I'm thinking about

going look at the head you know to sort

of dangle the carrot ever so gently so

slightly better yet don't make him feel

like he has to answer right now when

you're super chill about it it's like

hey I heard that new spider-man movie is

coming out i think i might be going on

friday actually feel free to join if you

want to let me up later on if you want

to go your for your joy hey Zuri Hall

tip number three sois it sois in French

uh take the bait this is where you just

sort of set something out in front of

them and see if you picks it up and

takes it okay the bait you guys are

chilling after school or during lunch be

like oh dude i'm really craving guap

right now

and he's like I know right kind of good

sound good you can be like we should go

where can we get some good walk right

now you just slide the we in there

without even putting a lot of emphasis

on it and then he's like I don't know

where can we get some good block google

and then your other day before you okay

tip number four find out what he's into

this one takes a little bit of research

but maybe you ask friends asked around

or just in a general conversation with

him if he likes archery or if you like

baseball or maybe he's RT maybe he's a

painter maybe he's a bookworm and he

isn't very social but he likes to go to

barnes and old whatever find out that

and then this one takes a little more

clips book a little more of that a

little more info go up to him and like

you very clearly be asking him out but

still be like hey I heard you were into

books have you ever read such and such

and he'll say yes or no and then you can

be like okay when you write it great the

authors in town and are having a book

signing uh we should check it out or

what do you think about checking it out

or I'm going let me know if you want to

check it out the options or even if he

hasn't read the book well I really think

you'd like this it's so cool this

happens in this happen the offer does

this and the characters are just insane

as a matter of fact the author is gonna

be in town for reading you should let me

know if you want to check it out easy

peasy five everybody knows even if guys

don't want to admit it if they love a

damsel in distress and I am NOT the girl

who encourages acting like you can't do

something to get a guy acting like you

are not as smart and I know you guys all

are even acting like you're incapable of

something physically oh I can't change a

tire especially if you can that's hot

that is very sexy a chicken can change a

tire okay so that's good you own that

stuff that makes you awesome but if

there's something that you genuinely arm

good at or could use a little help in

and you know that he's good at it why

not ask for help I don't have a hot guy

helping you out as opposed to your dad

you might other day

okay okay next to number six I think

thank you I don't know ok that the sixth

one I say is group invitation this is my

favorite one because it takes all the

pressure off of that awkward first date

between two people and you're inviting

all of your friends if you have mutual

friends you're gonna be out with friends

do that like hey me and a couple of

friends are going to a jazz club tonight

or hey me and Sarah and you know John

and Jessie we're all supposed to be

going out this friday night to crash the

spider-man movie you think they were

paying more for that over there um you

should join you know or let me know if

you want to join or you should come hang

group outings put less pressure on you

when you're asking because it's not like

will you go out with me and then if he

says no it's like he said no I'll be

like a lot with you and then it puts

less pressure on him because it's like

oh my gosh I kind of like her she's cute

but I don't know if I'm ready for a

super awkward intense first date and

last but not least you guys this is so

important handle rejection with grace it

is very unlikely that he will just be

like no you suck bye if he does screw

him not literally forget him because

he's not worth your time and he is a

douche bag see my video on douche bag to

tell if you're David one or attempting

to date honey and um yeah just keep calm

and carry on the best way to handle

rejection if you put yourself out there

and say will you go out with me and he

says no is to be graceful be sweet be

kind don't put your tail between your

legs you keep that chin up you hold that

head high an easy way to bow out of it

is like okay cool no prob well let me

know if you change your mind open

invitation just like that walk away

think about the fact that guys ask girls

out all the time and they get rejected

they have to deal with it all the time

you know and it's a fact of life people

get rejected I've been rejected a lot in

life and love and career and whatever we

all have to deal with it it's how you do


that shows what type of person you are

okay keep being awesome you go find the

next hot guy dime a dozen and then be

like you weren't that cute anyway and

then go see spider-man with your

girlfriend and scout some new hot guys

at the theater right all right bit

alright guys so these are just a few of

my tips on how to ask a guy out having

bad ass guys oh do you think that that's

okay to do or do you think that should

always be the guys place if you have

asked a guy out I want to know how it

went like your worst one or your best

one and if you haven't asked a guy out

then what are you waiting for I know

tell me literally what are you waiting

for were you afraid of what other

questions might you have before you do

it okay well I'm gonna go peace out more

fun videos coming soon and I've got some

surprises for you guys some special

guests so I guess for sure maybe two

that are gonna be popping up on the

channel way more frequently I'm excited

too hope you got that exciting all right

leave a like if it sums up and I'll keep

these sort of one-on-one how to advise

motivational videos tummy okay