How to Ask a Guy to a Dance (Sadie Hawkins)

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Helly it's you Caitlyn here and do you

know how to ask a guy to a dance guys

are supposed to do the asking right


so I specifically had a question about

going to a city Hawkins dance in which

the girls are supposed to ask the guys

it's like a vice versa dance kind of

thing but even if you're not going to a

dance where the girl is specifically

supposed to ask guy likes a homecoming

you can be the man will man and ask your

date out yourself number one a pick your

target preferably one that is old sick

or injured as it makes them easier to

capture whoa we are talking about

dancing here not hunting hole goodness

for reals number one it doesn't

necessarily have to be your crush that

you asked to the dance sometimes asking

a guy friend is a lot less intimidating

and you might have more fun and be more

comfortable with a guy friend it might

also make your friend really happy like

what if he hadn't had him you want to

ask him to the dance number two if you

are going to ask your crush to the dance

then maybe try and feel them out first

try to find out if they already have a

date so that you don't embarrass

yourself by you know finally getting up

the courage to go ask them and then then

being like oh I'm already going with

someone if you talk to your crush

regularly just try to bring it up in

casual conversation like oh you know I'm

thinking about going to the Sadie

Hawkins dance do you think you're gonna

go casual calm cool collected all those

things you can do it number three

prepare yourself mentally you are

awesome and you are totally worth having

someone say yes to go into a dance with

you imagine yourself actually asking

your potential date come up with

possible scenarios of what could go

right or what could go wrong figure out

how you would react to them like if they

say no or if they say they already have

a date so that you're not stunned in the

moment and look like a deer in the

headlights number four find a quiet

moment when it's just the two of you and

then ask them out and if you can't find

a quiet moment like if you're always in

a big group of people or say you are in

different friend groups or cliques than

each other and so it would be really

awkward for just you to to be alone then

don't force it first thing it can make

it even more uncomfortable and number

five don't feel bad if you can't get a

date go with your girlfriends maybe

you'll be able to find someone at the

actual dance to dance with even if you

don't come in with a date people have

fights they get annoyed

each other and people who come in as a

couple or a date or whatever will end up

you know not being so excited about

being a date together by the end of the

night sometimes I'm not saying that you

should encourage this but I'm just

saying if it happens and you see someone

that's sitting by themselves then go ask

them to dance it's often in games until

somebody breaks a leg I don't understand

that at all so what do you think what

are your tactics for asking someone to

dance tell me down in the comments and

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