Middle School Dance Advice! Dress shopping, Boys, Friends, Slow dancing, and more!

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hey guys what's up its Amalia and

today's video it's going to be on some

middle school / high school but mostly

middle school advice for a middle school

dance your winter formal dance is

probably coming up so you guys might

recognize this video because I did make

it about two years ago

and it was one of my first videos on my

channel and honestly it was a little bit

cringy and I really wanted to remake it

because there's so many things that I've

accumulated over the past two years that

I really want to include in middle

school and vice video and it's like this

video it's gonna be a lot better what's

kind of crazy is that video has 20,000

views which is so crazy to think about

just got me thinking that I could

totally remake that video and make it so

much better so I hope you guys enjoy

this video and let's get into it so my

first tip for you guys is just go to

dance so if you're kind of on the fence

on should I go to this dance or should I

not if you don't want to go but my

friends are like you should come I mean

unless you have like terrible social

anxiety or something I think you should

go to a dance because you should step

out of your comfort zone and you'll

never know that you don't like going to

dances if you end up not liking the

essence you'll never know if you don't

try so my suggestion for you guys is

don't be scared just do it just go to

the dance and if you don't like it then

at least you'll know that for future

dances but you might discover that you

really like it and really go through

middle school and high school once so I

think you might regret it later if you

go into college having never gone to

middle school and high school dance

there's such a good experience so my

recommendation for you guys is you'll

regret it later if you don't go so you

should just just go

so next tip is about buying dresses and

stuff like that so my recommendation for

you guys is to go to Macy's now

obviously I'm not sponsored by Macy's

why would I get sponsored by Macy's but

I think you know I should go to Macy's

because even though they have really

expensive dresses in the front if you

like go to the back other sale racks

they're still acts are so good I got

this black dress that I wore them

for my last year and it's really cute

it's just like simple and black

it was literally nine dollars I mean it

was twelve dollars but then I had a

coupon and it was nine dollars that is

really cheap you guys nine dollars for a

dress and I always feel really weird

about spending like $50 on a dress that

I'm only gonna wear maybe once or twice

so up spending ten dollars on a dress

then maybe I'll wear once or twice it

feels a lot better and also you can find

some at other stores for example I got

this blue dress that's so pretty it's so

cute I gotta act this store called Q and

it was maybe like twenty dollars I think

which is still pretty cheap and I mean

it was just really cute so don't worry

so much about getting like the most

expensive fancy dress because honestly

what matters more is if you feel he'll

fit in it and you feel good in it and it

fits you right my next piece of advice

for you guys is if you're not ready to

go with a boy or if you don't want to go

with a boy then don't

so I'm not saying don't go with a boy to

dance because if you have a boyfriend

and you want to then go ahead but don't

feel pressure to if you really don't

want to then you don't have to so don't

feel bad if you're not going with a boy

to a dance or just in general really

this applies to middle school in high

school don't feel bad about yourself if

you're not dating anyone but if you want

to that's totally okay to just kinda you

know you do you I think for most people

it's definitely a thing for girls to get

ready together for the dance and then

definitely recommend doing that because

it's super fun to get ready with all

your friends invite a few girls over to

your house it's really fun chat with

your friends do your hair and makeup

don't invite a huge crowd of people

because that can be like super

overwhelming but maybe just invite like

two or three people um and let's have a

really big bathroom then you can invite

a lot of people but it's super fun to

get ready with your friends in advance I

definitely recommend slow dancing with a

guy I know at my old school it was a

thing where if you slow dance with a guy

it doesn't mean anything I mean it might

mean something in high school but if

you're a middle school and you're

dancing with a boy it really doesn't

mean that you like them it's really fun

to do it for experience it's fun to do

it just so you can know how to slow

dance and I know it's kind of

traditional for the guy to ask the girl

to dance but in middle

Simmonds guys can be really immature and

they will be too scared as you did it's

and they'll be like why aren't the girls

sts to dance and then the girls would be

like why aren't the boys as he has to

dance if you're too scared to ask like a

specific boy then just go up to a group

of guys and just be like hey yo and if

you want to dance with me

also if you want a good opportunity to

get some experience with slow dancing

there are these things a middle school

dance is called a snowball and I know

you're thinking of that dips and

stranger things I think it's more of a

middle school thing but they're super

for the middle school because this kind

of gives you an opportunity to dance

with a guy maybe if you're too nervous

to because how they work if you've never

been to one is everyone lines up in a

circle and then a certain couple starts

to snowball so there's boy and girl

dancing in the middle and the DJ will be

like snowball and then the boy and girl

will split up and then they will each

dance with someone else in the circles

so eventually everyone's dancing with

someone so this is a really good

opportunity if you're too nervous dance

or something

you can add so much alright guys I hope

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