How To Ask Your Crush To Be Your Valentine

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hello YouTube Caitlin here and do you

know how to ask your crush to be your

Valentine so it's that time of year

again the season of love and you know

what that means

chocolate and crying because you're

never gonna get your crush to notice you

what's know you have to take matters

into your own hands and ask your crush

yourself now asking someone to be your

Valentine is not as easy as it used to

be in elementary school when you could

just drop a cutesy little heart in

someone's backpack or cubby hole Oh for

the simple taste so how do you ask your

crush to be your Valentine when you're a

little bit older and things can be quite

a bit more embarrassing especially if

they say you know oh gosh I'll be like

crying for a week step number one and

this one is important assess whether or

not your crush may actually like you

back I have some handy-dandy videos that

I've made to help you figure out some

signs that your crush might like you

generally if they're flirting with you

or talking to you a lot you've probably

got the green light but how do you work

up the courage to actually do it that

comes with step to make them a card or

write them a note and then get them

their favorite candy or sweet and then

tied up in a ribbon and put their name

on it

now I don't mean going on and buying the

biggest teddy bear filled with M&Ms in

the history of universe because that's

slightly overkill and will probably

embarrass you and your crush hmm

okay um I need to go return something

I'll be back

mmm just make it a cute sweet gesture

like get a baggie and fill it with

conversation parts with cute things that

you think about your crush or get them

in an orange crush like the drink and

put a note on it that says I'm crushing

on you that's all very cheesy are you

sure that that we're sorry' guarantee

but doing something low-key is the best

way to make them feel special and not

pressured pressure can make them say no

and we don't want that and finally step

three just ask them give them your

little gift and ask them in person or if

you're feeling too embarrassed then just

make it a part of the note so does that

mean he'll be my boyfriend mmm

no it doesn't mean that but if they say

that they'll be your Valentine then

you're just one step closer to

eventually starting to date your crush

it's a slow process and it's not perfect

so don't think that you're gonna get a

boyfriend tomorrow but it's a great way

to show your crush that you like them

this time of year it's much better than

angsting over whether or not they like

you and if they're gonna ask you to be

their Valentine take it into your own

hands and ask them yourself you got the

oh gosh oh I'm scared but I can do this

yes so what do you think will you ask

your crush to be your Valentine this

Valentine's Day for all you to chicken

mmm no I'm not daring you or shaming you

or anything like that this that came out

really wrong tell me in the comments and

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see you guys next Thursday