Asking your friends to be chambelanes

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today I decided to combine two of the

many things you all like to see and hear

about one being how to ask your friend

to be your chamberlain and second I get

a lot of questions on how should I ask

my friend to be my gemenon why not just

show all of you so you guys should make

a list of possible candidates so you

should consider friends your crush

siblings cousins neighbors family

friends and if you don't have any of

those you can even rent Chum bananas

nowadays it's crazy right but it's an

actual thing to be able to get yourself

to ask these boys to be a part of your

tea tea you only need one thing and

that's confidence


if you're feeling a little timid trading

yourself up listen to your favorite type

of music take a deep breath feel that

confidence you need with you

there's nothing stop and you know let's

go ask them

so what are you doing November 10th

nothing why I was wondering if you want

to be a tumbledown for my quinceanera

yeah sounds good yeah



good I think you have invited anybody

take my travel dog already my best

friend being verified I'm here I'm here

for moral support

fine okay



hey you're bleep yeah yeah I was

learning it from my friends high school

cool well I was actually wondering you

have really good dancing skills and I

need that for my yeah for sure would you

be interested I mean if there's food

involved in yeah all right coming down

to doing okay I hope this helped you

build up that confidence necessary to

ask you guys to beer Chamblin comment

down below if you ladies or gentlemen

might have different ideas and share

them with all of us because you want to

hear it thank you so much for watching

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