3 Playful Texts That Lead To A Date (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy)

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in this video I'm gonna give you three

specific texts that you can send to a

guy that are bold and confident and will

spike attraction at the same time as

leading to a date

number one you send him a message that

says I'm craving our conversation here's

what this message does you've snuck into

his day and jolted him out of whatever

he's doing right now to bring him into

the moment with you it wasn't small talk

hey how you doing what you up to how's

your day going you just jumped straight

into something meaningful and you've

paid a unique compliment to the dynamic

you have with him it's not about your

bed connection it's about your head

connection it's about the fact that you

have a deeper connection with him you

miss your conversation the best part is

even though you've done all of that with

this message

you still haven't been the one to ask

him on a date it's just gonna make him

want to ask you on a date number two

uh-huh why haven't you asked me to see

the new blade running yeah

this message is adorably demanding in a

playful way it's vulnerable on one hand

you know you are saying I want to do

this with you it's also slightly

unreasonable because he didn't even

necessarily know that you wanted to see

that film in fact I would say this

message works better if he didn't even

know you wanted to do that thing and

you're being upfront about what you want

you're putting the ball in his court and

saying hey mister invite me on this date

please message number three is Taco

Tuesday let's go get tacos in the

margarita tonight this is the all now

get off the sofa get in the game

let's go have some fun message you send

this message and he's thinking that's a

super confident bold message she didn't

know whether I was busy tonight or not

which means she took a risk of 50/50

risk that I would even be available

tonight that's kind of hot what kind of

person sends that message a high-value

person someone who believes in their own

Worth someone who thinks that they're

worth dropping everything for to come

and do something last-minute the

certainty you came in with is the thing

that makes him that much more likely to

screw it I'm in and by the way these

three messages show a really fun cool

side of you so save them for the guy

who's actually trying with you don't use

them on the guy who's completely gone

cold and isn't investing if you enjoyed

this and you want nine more text

messages you can use for anyone you're

attracted to go to nine text calm to

download my free guide and I will see

you next week