How to Ask a Guy Out: TEEN EDITION

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hey guys I hope your week is going

really well mine is going great I'm just

in the middle of a national media tour

where I've been talking to girls at

campuses across the country and it's

been so much fun meeting all of you and

getting to know you better and chatting

about things like bullying and

relationships and intimacy and all that

kind of stuff I've been having so much

fun with it so last week's video on

decoding his text was a huge hit with

you guys and so I'm definitely going to

be doing more in the future so stay

tuned for those and I'm still receiving

really hilarious tweets and comments

about text messages that you've all

received that you're just very confused

by so definitely keep sending those in

but today we're going to talk about

something different now in this channel

we talk so much about understanding if a

guy likes you and making sure that he

does get enough face time with you so

that he can like you but today we're

going to talk one step further so now

you think he likes you and you're

feeling pretty confident that you want

to move things to the next level so at

this stage is it okay to be asking him

out or should you wait for him so for

all of you that are in that kind of


flirting friend stage I'm going to give

you a detailed rundown of what to do now

to progress things to a relationship so

first and foremost isn't okay to even

ask him out in the first place the first

tip is knowing his personality which

will help you determine if this is the

kind of guy you should ask out or if you

should wait for him so if the value

light is an a-type athletic jock maybe

football player type of personality that

goes after what he wants and likes to

pursue and hunt then your best bet is

that you probably shouldn't ask him out

because this is the type of guy that

likes to pursue himself so if he likes

girls he's probably going to be asking

them out and getting their response if

you're too forward it may even be a

turn-off for him because he's lost the

thrill of the chase but on the other

hand if your crush is shy it's actually

critical that you make a move because

otherwise the relationship is never

gonna go anywhere

it will stay in the friend zone forever

okay so now that you've determined his

personality and establish that this is a


guy that would want to be asked out you

have to engage in a playful and flirty

conversation before you actually go in

for the kill so don't just walk up to

him awkwardly and ask him out you want

it to seem natural and if you're texting

the same thing applies and actually

asking people love is easier nowadays

because you can do it by text but the

same thing applies so engage in a flirty

fun discussion for a little while and

then ask him and when you do ask him out

you have to have a specific event in

mind and not just say something like hey

if you want to go out sometime because

that'll be is it ambiguous it can make

it even more stressful if you have a

specific event he has to make a decision

very quickly and usually that decision

leads towards a yes so whether it's a

semi-formal a party or some kind of

sporting event or pain as if he wants to

join you you want to imply that you're

already going and ask if he wants to

attend with you as opposed to saying do

you want to come or come with us which

implies that you're going with a group

of friends what you don't want to do you

want to make it very clear that the two

of you are going to be attending this

together for example hey I have

basketball tickets for the Saturday you

should totally come with me it'll be so

much fun and above everything else

ladies the most important thing to

asking a guy out is that you feel

confident you have to think of yourself

as a catch and as somebody who has lots

of available dating opportunities it's

totally totally normal to be nervous but

you have to realize that if he says no

it's not the end of the world you're

going to survive and you're probably

going to go on to have lots of amazing

relationships there are lots of guys out

there and relationships only work when

two people are head-over-heels for each

other and if he says yes yay now you can

start prepping that romantic date outfit

and hair styles ladies if you liked this

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