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hey guys what's up it's Josh so for

today's video as you guys can see by the

title I wanted to talk about five flirty

texts you can send a guy that I know he

will respond to the reason that I wanted

to do this video was because I feel like

sometimes when you're texting somebody

that you really like it can be hard if

they're not responding to you and it

feels like they're ignoring you and

you're wondering if maybe the texts that

you're sending them aren't right so for

today I came up with a bunch of

different texts that you can send to the

guy that you like that I know he will

respond to and he won't ignore and I

hope that this is able to help some of

you guys out because I don't want you

guys to feel like you're being ignored

and feel like the person that you like

doesn't like you back so make sure that

if any of these do help you leave a

comment down below and tell me which one

it was

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here are five flirty texts you can send

a guy that I know he will respond to so

the first thing that you could try

sending him is I think I know somebody

that might have a crush on you the

reason that I think that this is

effective is because any time you know

somebody has a crush on you you always

want to know who it is and so if you're

noticing that the guy is like slowly not

responding and you're wanting to get an

answer out of them trying to send them

little questions like that that'll catch

them off guard

and then once he's actually wanting to

find out what the answers are then he'll

start texting you again

so the second one I kind of narrowed

down a little bit and this might not be

one that will work for everybody but in

order for this one to work you actually

have to go and like watch him do some

kind of sport or watch him play like

music somewhere and like go and watch

him do something that he really likes

doing this opens up the opportunity for

you that like if you are texting him and

you're wondering like what the heck

could i text him in order to get him to

respond the one thing you can send him

is a compliment and just tell him that

you thought he was awesome doing

whatever he was doing the night before I

think that when it comes to compliments

like anytime you're able to just give a

guy compliment whether he's doing

something that you really like or

whatever it is guys really hold on to

that and they'll always remember that

and I know sometimes it might not be

something that you think about right

away to do but if you are looking for

something just to send him really quick

and by boost his confidence and make him

feel happy I think that just giving them

little compliments like that like

telling you Mew is awesome doing

something is a great way in order to

like start a conversation or just to

like make them feel good if you have a

big crush on them so that's the second

thing that I came up with

so another flirty text that you can send

a guy and this will make them feel good

every single time you send it to him and

I think that like if somebody doesn't

respond to this then I don't know what

they're thinking in their head but I

think one thing you can send him is tell

him that you were thinking about him all

day and it was really great to have him

on your mind when somebody hears that

like you've been thinking about them or

if something happened and it made you

think of them it's gonna make them

realize like how much you actually care

about them and you never know like maybe

that guy's having like a really bad day

or something happen and he's not really

feeling that good and then all of a

sudden like he gets this text from you

saying that like you've been thinking

about him all day it's one of those

feel-good texts that I think everybody

enjoys getting and it's one of those

things that like is kind of flirty so if

you are thinking about them and try to

send them that text and see like what

the response is but I guarantee every

time they will send you some kind of

response to that

all right so moving on to the fourth one

I think that this one might be the most

effective but I think sending pictures

is an amazing way in order to get

somebody's attention and get them to

respond so one thing you never ever want

to do is send somebody nudes I don't

know who does that I don't know why you

would want to do that because I think

that if you're gonna send somebody nudes

you're kind of just setting yourself up

for a horrible disaster down the road I

think what you want to be sending them

pictures of is you going out and like

having fun if you're being with your

friends and you're doing something and

what you can do with those fun pictures

is you can tell them like hey I wish you

were here with me or like I was thinking

about you today and this is what I was

doing there's a lot of different things

you can say with a picture and I think

that it gets down to being really flirty

in the long run because it all comes

down to like why you're texting them in

the first place and if you are doing

something fun like I think that you

should share that with them because then

it shows them like who you are and what

you like doing so yeah that's the fourth

one that send them more pictures I think

that it is really flirty don't send them

nudes send them pictures of like fun

things that you're doing and I think

that that will really help and get him

to respond alright so the fifth one is a

good one that I think you guys could try

and you need some confidence going into

it because it is one of those ones it's

a little bit nerve-wracking but you can

set up like a plan for a night like

something that you really want to do

with that person and send it to them and

see what their responses sometimes what

happens is guys will be so nervous that

we won't send you questions or send you

any texts that have to do with like

going out and doing anything because we

don't really know what to say and so if

you're the one that initiates something

and sends them like a plan of what you

want to do chances are if he does really

like you he's gonna want to go and do it

so that one's a little bit different but

I think that it will work and it will

definitely get a response from him so

yeah that's the fifth one so when you're

texting the guy that you like try to use

one of the keys and let me know how it

goes I think that all of these will be

able to get a response out of somebody

and these are all like flirty texts that

guys love getting so I hope that some of

them are able to help you out if you do

have a crush on someone or you

like a guy and you have a question I

would love to answer it just leave it

down in the comments I go through every

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guys so much and I'll see you next

Saturday bye