How To Keep A Guy Interested | Do's & Don'ts of Texting Your Crush

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hey guys welcome back to my channel it's

Payton and I'm with another video so I

know I've been gone for so long and I

have a valid explanation your girl has

been stressed out with so many highs and

so many lows my uploading schedule is

honest and not about to be consistent

because I'm just really taking tough

classes and I'm also going through a lot

this quarter please just bear in mind

that you know I have a life outside of

recording so when you guys view me or

message me or comment pictures like why

am I not posting or why I'm not logging

I've got a lot going on so I don't want

to talk too much just know I'm sorry I

can't have this video such a long time

ago and I'm just more - no bring it to

y'all because back when I posted how to

be a bad beat I asked you guys like what

other kind of advice videos that you

like and this was highly requested so as

you got read by the title today I'm

going to be bringing you guys to do's

and the don'ts of texting your crush or

how to keep a guy interested now I am

low-key feel like I'm probably the worst

person to get advice from so this is

everything that I do and everything that

I've gotten like advice from other girls

to do or like my guy friends or what

they like girls to do so just know this

is just some experience and also doing

all these exact things might not always

work if the person doesn't like you so

just bear in mind if somebody doesn't

like you and you do all these things

it's not gonna work because they don't

like you if you're using these tips and

tricks to text or talk to someone who

does like you then I guarantee that you

will snatch that boom let's get started

I have a lot of things right now on my

phone and I'm going to try to make this

video not that long

so under 20 minutes before I start

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so I split it up between the do's and

the don'ts just to start off with the

do's the first one that I have is to act

like you care I know that this

generation are not even vision eration

but in general a lot of people like to

play hard to get it's not always the

best to play hard to get like you can

play hard to get at the beginning but

then once you really start like once you

start talking to somebody for like more

than a month or two then is

to stop but you gotta stop playing games

at one point and actually show that

person that you like them so sometimes

you should FaceTime them sometimes you

should call them sending a you up text

at night you're bored or it gets late or

you know just sending good morning text

and check-ins throughout the day it

takes a nothing to send somebody

oh good morning how are you doing or

just texting them like you know how are

you how's your day going did you eat

today what did you eat today

those are like simple things that I

takes guys just to you know show them

that I care about what they're doing or

show them that I care about what's going

on in their life just because yeah it

makes somebody feel good because when

guys asked me that I feel like they care

the next thing is to be yourself there's

nothing worse than having to pretend

like you're somebody that you're not

because if you pretend like you're

somebody that you're not then that

person is gonna like somebody that

you're not because it's like if you are

eating to be in a relationship with this

person are you're needing to have a

long-term relationship or friendship

whatever you have to be yourself you

have to be comfortable being yourself or

the relationship is just really not

gonna last you know feel comfortable

whether or not you're shy or goofy or

whatever and explain that to them if

they asked why you don't talk a lot I

mean just say oh yeah I'm just kind of

shy if they ask why are you always

laughing just like I'm goofy if they

don't like you then that's just that's

their loss like you don't need to trip

if somebody doesn't like your

personality cuz if they don't like your

personality what are you gonna do for us

them to like you know just move on to

the next there's plenty of fish in the

sea and somebody in the world it's going

to like you the next thing is to give

the guy's space and time to miss you so

I think this is a really big one a lot

of times like when I feel like I've been

talking to somebody for too long I kind

of like to like pull away a little bit

just like I don't think I like them too

much this is like a whole different

video honestly I'm like playing the game

and like you know playing games but I'm

a kind of girl that plays games

I know y'all probably like Payton guys

do it to us so I just like okay let me

do it back but you know just giving him

space like not being too thirsty not

always trying to text him while I

shouldn't call him like if that's not

your boyfriend you don't have no need to

be texting and calling him every single

day checking in ask him where he's at

like that's not your responsibility if

that's not your man sis give a dude

space because if you're too up on him

and you give him too much attention he's

going to take advantage of that and then

he might be the one to pull away and

they are wondering

I do like all I did to show him that I

liked him so much since that's the

problem don't do that don't show a guy

that she liked him make him confuse he

needs to be the one questioning you

questioning if you like him okay it

shouldn't be the other way around to

make sure that you're living your life

like the worst thing that you could do

is show a guy that you have no life

like coz guys like girls who are

independent I mean if a guy likes a girl

who's needy then he's weird but most

guys like independent girls so you know

get a job sis go to school do something

with your life and don't just let him

know that you're always bored all the

time because it's just gonna make you

look like a loser and who is to look

like a loser to the guy they're trying

to get sometimes you should be

unavailable if they ask you to hang out

just say oh I can't make it make up some

excuse you do I would really recommend

like not seeing a guy to consistently

unless that's your boyfriend like cuz

then guys just get used to you and then

it'll come a time where they just don't

want to talk to you no more because they

see somebody else cuz you know you're

not the only girl that a guy is talking

to so try to make yourself unavailable

if they ask you to hang out five times

out of the week make sure you only say

yes like two or three times

cuz you don't want to let them know that

you're so available because when guys

know that you're too available they take

advantage of that be unavailable it

makes them watch you more it makes them

like you more because they know you're

busy and they know that you have to meet

time but it's like you don't want to let

a guy know that you're making like

you're cancelling what your plans aren't

for him because that he's gonna take

advantage of that like oh well she

always gonna make time for me anyway so

let me just go hang out with this other

chick you don't wanna be that girl you

want to be the girl that he's trying to

pursue and trying to get so sometimes be

unavailable not all the time but

sometimes so the next thing is to be

interesting now some y'all watching this

video might be boring and I have nothing

against that like I have boring friends

I'm no boring people in this world who

are honestly such great nice people but

honestly this is not a video on how to

be interesting I'm just telling you be

interesting and that might not make

sense because you're like well I don't

have anything

my girl find something to do okay you

know don't text are calling him if you

don't have anything to tell him you know

you don't want to just be like every 10

minutes that's so boring if you don't

have nothing to talk about

it's just gonna do something else that

you got to do you don't need to be

updating this guy with your life 24/7

unless that's your mansis and when you

guys are talking and texting make the

conversation interesting find out what

he likes to do find out his hobbies find

out his interests you know you don't

want to just be the girl that's sitting

and just talking talking talking talking

talking about herself

you want to get to know him too because

if you want to keep him interested you

got to show him that you're interested

in learning about him and then there's

those guys out there who are like like

kind of quiet and shut off and don't

really talk too much those are the kind

of guys on those are the complicated

guys like I don't like to talk to guys

that don't like to make conversation

because if we have too much awkward

silence I just I had to cut it off

honestly I'm just not that kind of girl

yeah just like try to show him that

you're interested in what he's doing and

find out you know what's going on in his

life what's new with him the best tip

that I can give you like specifically

your one on Texan guy if they don't talk

about much I've just asked him questions

like what's your favorite food to be a

four-color when's your birthday what's

your zodiac sign and of course when they

reply I make a comment about something

like I'll just say okay I'm a

Sagittarius like oh when's your birthday

and they're like oh I'm a Leo and I mean

like I heard Leo's are sneaky what you

got to say about that yeah I'm so bad

I'm so bad at flirting but then they'll

be alive what you mean the others Nicki

no no I don't feel like no I'm just


you know Leo's is cool you know guys

they love their egos to be flat flatter

like just flatter their ego so you know

complimenting a guy and being consistent

with you know the nice things that you

say to him it really good but if you're

trying to play the game you want to

throw in a little bit of mean things and

a little bit of you know nice things

that's a whole nother video within

itself so I'm not even gonna try to go

in that it's good to you know make the

conversation about nothing if you have

to the next thing is to read between the

lines this is not really related on how

to keep a guy interested but this is

good also for avoiding playing yourself

there's so many different things that I

could go into but I'm trying to keep

this video on one lane which is like I

took these notes like I was saying

before if a guy's eye

you you will know like he's not gonna

text you back consistently he's not

gonna try to see you or hang out with

you he's not gonna try to talk to you

that much like there's so many ways to

know that a guys are interested so if a

guy showing you these are interested

says like back off go find another dude

cuz why are you sitting here wasting

your time with Jimmy when Jimmy is

trying to talk to Sarah girl come on you

you know what to do if he asked for

space ignores your texts or calls or

acts like he doesn't care and it's

probably because he doesn't nobody's

gonna act like they care and say that

they do and always know that actions

speak louder than words so somebody can

say that they care but they're and

they're acting like they don't care move

on sis let the relationship flow and

don't force it and when I think that

it's just like you don't need to tell a

guy how to treat you like if you have to

then that means he doesn't like you or

you know that's not the right guy for

you you don't need to tell a guy to text

you back you don't need to tell a guy to

you know pick up your phone calls you

don't need to tell a guy to take you up

to the day like a guy should be

initiating everything like you don't

want to be the girl that comes off as

needy you want to be the girl that comes

off as like doing like I need her like

the guy supposed to be needy the girl is

supposed to be you know the one who is

choosy you know that's just in our

genetic makeup girls are choosy and guys

are the ones I have to fight for our

love our attention you know sometimes

you have to let go if you aren't getting

the treatment that you expect and I know

that might sound hard to do if you are

watching this video it's probably

because we're trying to get a guy's

attention or keep him interested in you

but sometimes girls it's not worth it

like I've been there I've done that when

a guy shows you that he doesn't care

about you it's because he doesn't so

don't try to stick around and wait for

him to change because it's not gonna

happen don't tell nobody how to treat

you like if somebody is meant to be with

you if that's the guy that's for you

he's gonna know how to do it already and

guys like girls I have standards so when

I say standards once again this is a

whole nother video that I can explain so

many other things about if you want a

guy who's honest trustworthy and has a

job why are you changing what like why

are you changing your standards and

settling for somebody who's less than

that guys like girls that demean what

they want you know if a guy is acting

like he doesn't care you could say like

oh you act like you don't care once but

just like that's it you shouldn't be

telling a guy oh you don't care what you

don't care you don't care everyday cuz

if you're at that point girl you gotta

move on to the next sometimes once you

leave you know your absence is what

makes them watch you more so sometimes

when you leave a dude alone or you give

them space like then though China you

know party which is why giving a bad

space was something that I really

emphasize like give it that time to miss

you you don't want to spend too much

time on him you don't wanna talk to him

too much it's really hard and

complicated but I know you guys could do

it now I'm going to move on to the

don'ts a lot of these are kind of like

repetitive from the dudes I hope you

guys just get the gist and I'm gonna try

to run through the ones that are kind of

repetitive the first thing I have here

is acting desperate

don't act us for it don't show that she

needs too much attention don't show it

like don't worry about trusting him

early on or testing his loyalty because

you're just gonna look dumb like nobody

owes you anything when y'all have only

been texting for like two weeks or a

month like you shouldn't really expect

nothing serious out of a guy until like

two or three months down the line like

and even that it's kind of early you

know just be open-minded about the

relationship don't tell a guy that you

don't trust him don't tell a guy that

you don't like him don't tell the guy

nothin like give it to yourself like if

you don't trust him keep that to

yourself you don't need to know that you

don't trust him just take notes and keep

walking sis don't double or a triple

text him if he doesn't reply now if

y'all had that kind of relationship

where you know he'll double text you if

he takes too long to reply okay you can

do that but if he's not doing that to

you girl don't do it you always want to

reciprocate the same energy that the

guy's giving you because once you do too

much that makes a guy pull away so I

always recommend not double in talk with

texting unless y'all both doing that

okay but only do it if he does it first

do not change what you want and I

already said this earlier but you know

lowering your standards and settling for

Less just because you really want that

one guy because he's so cute he has home

like no girl don't do this more cute

guys I got money in the world that's

gonna treat you right so we is 2019

we're not settling for Less if you

change your standards for someone you're

truly just settling and why settle when

it's somebody out there that's gonna

give you what you want if you demand

what you want from a guy

and tell him what your standards are

he'll either meet those standards or

he'll move on and if he moves on that

he's just wasn't the one for you sis

don't be too mean I kind of already said

this some guys like girls that play

hard-to-get and some guys don't so

that's honestly just like depending on

what guy that you're talking to but I

just want to recommend being to me

because then it's just gonna show the

guy that you don't like him like that or

just that you're complete feet word

playing hard-to-get only lasts for so

long so just make sure you guys know the

kind of guys that y'all are dealing with

before you decide to act a certain way

or play games balance occasional sassy

flirting and teasing um do not just text

one guy now this is not just about

keeping the guy and just sit this is

again just like avoid and claim yourself

well you just texting one guy you're

gonna give him all your attention you're

gonna give him all your loyalty you're

gonna expect the same but nine times out

of ten that guy is not texting only uses

he's texting about three or five other

girls and if he's a the H work and he's

texting you know ten plus girls

you never know cuz guys be out here baby

walked in and sis I'm here to tell you

that you don't you need to be hwadam

just like him I'm just doing enough

don't want out but you know you should

be dating it's dating because you're

free to do what you want like he's not

your boyfriend you're not his girlfriend

so he could do what he wants you can do

what you want if you're just texting him

you're probably gonna get mad that he's

texting other people but you can't be

mad that he's texting other people

because you're nice girlfriend

vice-versa you need to explore your

options because you don't want to just

put all your eggs in one basket get

emotionally attached and then be hurt if

he ever stops talking to you or gets

into a relationship or anything like

that just don't text one guy that's it

only time that she should be cutting off

by your hose is when you're cuffed and

that's probably not gonna be happening

for a while if you're watching this

video the title is the only thing that

could keep somebody committed to you not

have on vodka have a bond and that's

good like y'all have a good relationship

but that doesn't mean they're sure the

only girl that you got a good

relationship with period and also if a

guy's not in a relationship with you he

doesn't have to take responsibility for

any of his actions like all the time he

can is if that if he's your boyfriend so

can't get mad at somebody for doing what

they want

not together don't press a guy to drop

his hose if you haven't talked your hose

either if he doesn't want to think you

should of course it and vice-versa don't

force him to do something that he

doesn't want to do this is why a lot of

people get cheated on honestly I can

relate I tried to force somebody into

relationship and boom your girl got

cheated on so guess what don't do it sis

you can do better move on if he doesn't

want you then somebody else is gonna

watch you you are going to be the one

who's the diamond okay he might not

think you're a diamond but you know once

you walk away he's gonna be like wow

don't catch feelings too quickly and I

save it and this is like hand-in-hand

with dating multiple people and not just

talking to one guy because once you're

just talking to one guy you're gonna get

emotionally attached to this one guy and

that's gonna make you catch feelings

really fast because you're not using

your time of your energy to spend time

with other people or talk to other

people so you're just gonna get trapped

sis and what's your chat it's gonna suck

because nine times out of 10 y'all might

not even be on the same page if you are

catching feelings though just make sure

you're on the same page with the thought

that's not me saying like asking a guy

hey do you like me like know you're

going to know if a guy likes you through

his actions and I might make another

video on that about like how to know

when a guy really likes you but you know

you know you know you don't even have to

question it you don't even have to ask

if a guy likes you you can tell never

really get to know somebody until you

get to know them and with that being

said if you catch feelings really

quickly it could be just for the looks

it could be just for the materialistic

items that this guy owns and you know

once your a year and you're like oh my

god he's such an [ __ ] and then what

sis you fell for it so this is something

that's really big like us women we think

of the future so quickly like we're

always thinking about our future with a

guy and we've only been texting them for

like ninety two three months so don't

think of a future too quickly like it's

no point to do that I know it's really

hard not to do but it'll help you in the

long run because if you ever stop

talking or break up for any reason then

you know you don't have to worry about

like tank we were supposed to do this


let things gradually get better and you

know what this is the same as

reciprocating that same energy so if a

guy is showing him that he likes you

then you could do the same thing you

want to move one step behind him because

if you go too fast me I'm not gonna be

on the same page and it might take a guy

bit longer to catch up to you so you

don't want to be that girl that's two

steps ahead not on the same page with a

guy you want to be the girl who the guy

is trying to make like him more okay it

shouldn't be the other way around and so

that's all I have for this video I hope

this video wasn't too long for y'all but

I also hope that you guys enjoyed it if

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