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how great would it be if you can make

someone else fall in love with you no

more wondering how serious they are

about you just straight fall in love

think about how great that could be

think about how much you could

manipulate them I'm just kidding I would

never do that

no but seriously it'd be nice right well

obviously I can't give you some spell to

just cast on someone there's a whole

freewill debate that could be had over

something like that but there is

something that you can do there are

certain things that you can say to a guy

I'm not making this up

now when you say to him he will convince

himself to like you more and maybe even

love you and it's because he enjoys

hearing these things so much that sounds

impossible right trust me not only is it

possible but it's actually pretty easy

too today I want to talk about five

phrases that you can say to a guy that

will make him fall in love with you

first off you need to know that guy is a

whole regardless of what you might think

have to deal with a ton of insecurities

we might not talk about it a lot but

believe me we are constantly judging

ourselves on whether or not we're

masculine enough or smart enough or

good-looking etc and the list

honestly goes on forever I mean we tell

ourselves one thing but actually hearing

it from someone else

without feeling like they were in any

way incentivized to do it or anything

like that

it just makes us feel way better about

ourselves but it also matters who it's

coming from you can't just hear from a

stranger and be like you know what that

stranger they're right I should believe

in myself more there are people whose

opinions we deeply care about sometimes

even when we shouldn't put that on them

and our people whose opinions we just

don't care about so if you came to this

video to try and get some guy to fall in

love with you who you've never talked to

or maybe a guy who do you know right now

isn't interested the bad news is there's

no magical way to make someone who's not

into you into you but if he's into you

or you think he might be into you or

it's your first date and you're just

trying to hit the ground running any

relationship that you could have where

he would value your opinion let's go

work so to start you're such a gentleman

when you're with me if he's holding

doors open for you making sure you get

home safe walking to your car

nice stuff like that we're just any

number of things that show as he cares

this is just such a great thing for him

to hear

in fact just in general words like

gentlemen and chivalrous don't get used

anymore and I think it isn't damn shame

because they say way more than the

average compliment as opposed to like

wow you are so dope my dude you are sick

AF my friend of all the guys I know you

are by far the most not bad honestly I

crave affection so much that last one

would probably work on me but probably

no one else the next phrase on this list

is you're so interesting or just

anything that's kind of along the vein

of you know so much because well

honestly as I said before guys are

insecure when they share cool things

they know or give you fun facts on

something or just talk about anything

that they're interested in what they're

really trying to do is impress you and I

think a lot of the time people tend to

soften their compliments they don't come

on too strong and I think that's really

dumb when a girl is forward with me on a

date or something and says you're so

interesting that makes me feel amazing I

feel good about myself and just in

general why would you want to go out

with somebody who doesn't make you feel

good about yourself unless you're like

me and have severe daddy issues but I

think that's mostly just me the next

phrase in this list and a personal

favorite is I've never met a guy as

motivated as you and you can swap out

motivator with determined or

hard-working or ambitious any any of

those would really work the point is

generally the same if a guy's working

hard and it could be on school on work

on just a hobby or just something new

odds are no one's gonna appreciate what

he's doing I mean in general I think

most people only get appreciation for

stuff once it's done like once you have

a finished product to show people and

the act of just trying usually goes

unappreciated hearing that you're doing

a good job or at least that your

motivation is admirable it makes us want

to keep going and any doubts we have

about what we're doing just completely

go away when someone we care about

reassures us what we're doing is good

and as I said before any girl who makes

a guy feel better with himself is a girl

that they're gonna keep around and

finally probably the one that makes us

feel the most appreciate

I can't wait to see you again or just

alternatively I missed you this just

says so much while saying so little you

know it says you're someone who I always

want to be around I like myself more

when I'm with you you make me happy it's

just great to know when you have a

significant positive effect on someone

that you care about so much so that

you're already looking forward to seeing

them again and without getting into

every single insecurity a guy has this

says I like you for you and I just think

though that's something that every guy

appreciates hearing every once in a

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