How to Get Him to Text You Back IMMEDIATELY

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the experience of waiting for someone to

text you back can be one of the most

excruciating experiences in the world

but what if I told you guys that you

could craft text messages that get

people to respond to you immediately

I bet you'd be intrigued well actually

you can anyone could do it and today I'm

gonna teach you how by the end of this

little video you're texting skills will

have improved so much that even if you

are the worst texture in the world

you're gonna become so persuasive I feel

like you're at least gonna be like an

80% good texture you're gonna get people

to respond to you all the time and

that's what you really want but I told


everybody this is Gina the reason people

call her Gina is that she's actually a

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instagram right here last week gina was

at a cafe looking at feeling fabulous as

always when she remember that there was

something that she wanted to ask her

crush jake she wanted to ask if he was

going to this Travel grad trip event

that the school was hosting on Friday

and her first instinct was to text and a

little paragraph about why she was

asking but then she remembered the first

cardinal rule of texting always keep

texts short oh she said hey are you

going to that grad ship thing on Friday

minutes later she received a reply she

could receive the text and because it

was short he knew it wouldn't be super

time consuming for him to answer when

people see like a huge long paragraph

their first instinct is to put the text

message away for a later time when they

can respond to the entire paragraph or

they just ignore the whole thing so guys

if you want a text back follow Gina's

rule and always keep your text short

let's move on and the second girl I want

you to meet is Elle she's an amazing

catch but literally nobody would know it

because as soon as she gets texting

someone she gets super awkward she

freezes up and becomes like a different

person she doesn't know how to she's

just a messy texture

she's just messy it's just not an

accurate reflection of who she is

so last night L was hanging out watching

Riverdale when she received a little

surprise hey how's your day going it

read L was literally so excited she

wanted to send them so many different

things but she also didn't want to come

across as desperate so she settled on a

very casual good how about you two hours

passed and no response the problem guys

is that L had ignored cardinal rule

number two which is always plant

in your texts the problem was that Ellis

crush actually liked her but typically

guys don't want to carry the weight

about asking all the questions like how

was your day how was your weekend and

what are you doing tonight all those

kind of like generic questions so

instead of saying good how about you

what L really should have said was

something like good I went to dance

class how about you this would have

planted a seed so that Romeo could ask

her question about her dance class and

the conversation would have been smooth

sailing back to Gina

Gina's at the mall and she's enjoying a

very casual cool conversation on text

with her crush the conversation ends on

a question that Gina asks so Gina is

like oh what happened if he get the text

did it work or is he gonna text me back

what's going on she even starts to

wonder if he even received her text in

the first place

so I'm sure you guys can relate to this

situation I've been there too

Gina's first response is to send him a

text about an hour later just to see if

he got the message but she stops herself

because she remembers cardinal rule

number three which is guys never ever

double text guys sing it with me now

never ever double tech never ever double

text this will make the guy your ex I

don't know guys just don't double text

okay it's really bad so Gina follows

this advice and she just lets the text

fly she doesn't ask if he got it she

doesn't ask another question she just

doesn't say anything and sure enough the

next day he hits her up once more Gina

was cool enough to never even call him

out were dropping off the map because

that again would have been a huge red

flag and would have made Gina appear a

little bit desperate which she is not al

has a new crush fabio because obviously

because the protecting things with Romeo

did not work out he asks her hey did you

see the latest episode of Riverdale last

night she absolutely loves Riverdale and

wants to tell Fabio all about her like

character analyses and all the things

that she loves about Riverdale but she

doesn't know the cardinal rule always

mirror texting style do you know how in

flirting we like mirror the person that

we like

we kind of touch our hair when they do

or like we leaned in the same way that

they're leaning in or we cross our legs

in the same direction well the same

thing goes with texting you always want

to like match the tone and then the

length of their texts so that they feel

like it's like a very mutual

conversation the last thing you want to

do is explode with some kind of response

that's completely different from the

tone of their question but I'll doesn't

know this so she says a huge responds

and multiple responses about Riverdale

and how awkward is it when Fabio just

says like yeah I liked it guys always

mirror texting Styles super easy super

plain you can do it the beautiful lovely

Gina is doing her homework one night and

she's a little bit bored so she decides

that she wants to start up a little

conversation with Jake but how is she

gonna do it how is she gonna set it up

so she's like super fun to talk to in

the long term how can she make this

become a thing of these three options

what would you guys choose if you were

looking to start up a long-term texting

relationship well guys if you chose

answer three you are correct because

Gina's a genius she chose option three

and my friends that one is the best

funny texting is like a really low

pressure for guys like it's it's

comfortable it's easy and it really

encourages that kind of like low

pressure relaxed relationship I love

this video so much Jake saw her text

left his hat off-center but a little

crying laughing face and then Center

back his own funny little meme which

then kept the conversation and going

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