How to get a boy friend in 4th or 5th grade

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okay so hey guys and today I'm gonna be

showing you how to get a boyfriend in

fourth or fifth grade I'm in fifth grade

and I'm not going to tell you what

school I go to cuz you know that'd be

kind of bear just really mean people and

really weird people watch these videos

I'm not trying to insult anybody but you

know so here we go um so basically what

I do is make sure you always smell nice

because I mean if you have a and like

it's okay so you don't want like if you

do makeup like I don't wear makeup ever

but I paint my nails but you know I have

marker all over me from where like I am

an artist and I color a lot and draw a

lot so yeah I mean I have marker all

over me and I'm okay

and so like always smell nice

I mean like like I've been out of school

for four days and plus the weekend which

is going to be like six days but it

might be seven because of Monday I'm not

like I I have a doctor's appointment

there then so wait why don't I even say

that I don't know I'm crazy sometimes so

and I'm a tumblr so I get sweaty a lot

and I just got back from tumbling

practice so my face is like red and

stuff so um comment and subscribe if you

think what you think that I did wrong in

this video and well that's not all I'm

gonna do so a mine is like how to get a

boyfriend and fourth and fifth grade it

would be like always smell nice always

we're pretty close it's the weekend so

I'm like wearing pajamas and stuff so

cuz I mean it's hot in my room

everything so it like always smell nice

always wear pretty clothes I mean if you

don't wear pretty clothes I'm not trying

to be mean if you don't have pretty

clothes I'm sorry but it's not my fault


I really don't want any like haters in

comments so yeah and like so another

thing would be like don't ever like

sometimes paint your toenails and like

try to be nice don't like shove food in

your mouth

don't like super girl like that and like

truth your mouth up and go

I want like truther mouth closed so boys

can't see you're like food in your mouth

because I have a boyfriend right now and

he says that like he's helping me with

tips and step because I don't know what

boys like that much but you know like

he's saying he's like right here he's

saying like oh he said that and like

don't be like he's saying like don't be


and don't make sure that they know like

I like he wants like he likes girls that

are like cool and she'll like then