How to become best friends with a guy + tips

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hi guys welcome to my new video as you

probably already could see by the title

of this video we're going to talk about

how you can be friends with guys someone

in the comments asked me to make a video

about subject so here I am with a new do

I hope you enjoy let me know when it

comes what you think of my new bandana I

really enjoy it not that much but anyway

ok let's go I want to start off with

saying that you don't need to change for

anyone if you don't agree with a

statement I made in this video or in the

previous video that's ok

you don't need to change for anyone it's

difficult to be just friends with the

guy because feelings and friendship can

ruin everything so always be honest to

yourself and to your friends on the

beginning let's start with the beginning

the best ways to meet guys and be

friends with them is to go to a youth

movement like a scouting where they mix

genders or at a school or so on be

approachable show your confident and

smile go sit next to him and start a


probably the guy will start with the

conversation but if you have the

confidence to start the conversation

yourself to it it's always a plus when a

girl starts a conversation guys like

that if you know this guy and you know

what he likes try to start a

conversation about it if this isn't the

case you can try to get to know him most

guys likes games sports cars so that's a

good topic to grope the borders of his

interests if you're older or even men

are marrying because don't be us in our

rounds thing you can make jokes about

sex or talk about sex I feel like when

I'm with friends we're almost always

talking about sex I don't know why just

comes up randomly everything it's weird

but it's true it's a great way to show

you're comfortable and confident and

that you're one of the guys although


for example in my friend group we have

this one girl I'm not going to name any

names out but she always gives advice

about having sex with girls so just

really interesting to have someone who

has know-how in your friend group and

how like the guy can know how to have

sex with world but me girl knows what

she likes and girl friends a girl who's

your friends can make it's like really

honest and the girlfriend doesn't want

to hurt you and to friend thus I'm not

going to talk about this little more if

you are becoming close try to create

like an inside joke for you to repeated

a few times so you'll remember it Jesus

sometimes in conversations but not too

often because you don't want it to be

boring this is a great way to become

close with a guy because guys like girls

with humor

probably most difficult and worst thing

that can happen to a friendship between

a girl and a guy is a girl friends first

of all know your place you are just a

friend not his girlfriend never

interfere in their relationship although

you do not agree with their statements

or what they think or do never never

interference their relationship it's

their little thing that is going on it's

not yours and you have to remember that

because if you will interfere it will

really deep friendship forever the best

way to stay friends is to get to know

his girlfriend try to become good

friends with her if she's like the

jealous type you're probably doomed but

if she isn't jealous you're very lucky

and you can still hang out with them

when you have one guy friend it's pretty

easy to get more guy friends we can

introduce you to the other guys and you

can join his friend group and one of the

guys as a guy being best friends with

girl is very very difficult because as I

mentioned before feelings can do

everything the feelings for the ER can

interfere with your friendship and

there's a very blurry line between being

best friends and being in love I can

only speak from my personal experience

and it didn't end really well actually

it's it's ended painfully for me and um

let's go I'm not going to talk about

this now

it's it's just difficult to be best

friends with a girl as a guy because

feelings and feelings are the worst

thing ever

what is my hair D my hair's actually my

hair is this tiny okay I hope you

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