7 Subtle Signs He Wants to Be Your Boyfriend

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hey there Adam a little tray from sexy

confidence calm and in this video right

now I'm going to be teaching you the

seven very subtle signs that a guy

actually wants to be your boyfriend now

there are two types of men on this

planet men who absolutely do not want a

girlfriend and then men who are open to

the idea of having a girlfriend it is

very rare that a guy's like bro I just

need a girlfriend yeah dude that would

be awesome it'll be more like this seems

like you got yourself a girlfriend did

certainly does that's cool it's

something I've noticed ever since I

started working with women is that some

women have a difficult time deciphering

from the types of guys who were open to

a relationship versus the guys who

aren't so here's seven very subtle signs

that the guy that your star see is

actually interested in being your

boyfriend the first one is that he'll

hang out with you during the day if the

guy is not looking for a relationship he

will only want to see you at night and

probably pass the hours of 11:00 p.m.

and on if he's interested in being a

relationship with you he will be open to

taking you out during the day while the

Sun is out while the birds are chirping

and he was actually get to know you it

doesn't have to be all about going out

drinking dates and nightlife and stuff

it's gonna be about actually getting to

know you number two is that you'll meet

his friends and family for me personally

anytime I'm considering wiping up a girl

getting into a relationship with a girl

I definitely want to meet the family see

what I'm getting into first if I am NOT

interested in a real relationship with a

girl I will want to avoid that at all

costs number three is that he'll

introduce you to his friends and family

as a guys deciding whether or not he

wants to be in a relationship with a

certain girl he's going to take her

around to his group of friends and to

his family to see how well it is that

they get along because you know what if

they don't get along then he's probably

going to have a little bit second

thoughts if they do get along then you

know what he's pretty he's probably

ready to dive in number four is that

he'll be open to making plans months in

advance if you're finding that he always

seems to be busy somehow four weeks six

weeks in advance then chances are he

just doesn't want to plan that far

a head and he's probably not looking for

a relationship Harvey is open to making

plans for like a trip or something that

extends pretty far out then you know

what he's probably boyfriend material

he's probably open to it number five is

that he's willing to open up to a little

bit now for most guys opening up to a

woman and becoming a little bit

vulnerable and emotionally available

it'd be really hard it's not something

that we're used to especially if we've

been single for a long period of time

but as he's getting to know you if he's

feeling like he'd really trust you and

then it's kind of like a non-judgmental

space you're gonna notice that he's

going to share things with you that you

never really saw coming or things that

you didn't really know about him maybe

some of his weaknesses or things that

he's insecure about once he starts doing

these types of things then you know what

the relationship it's going in a good


number six is that he will listen to

your needs this is what it looks like

when a guy is not looking for a

girlfriend so Adam I really want to talk

she shot you to learn how to connect a

little better because like you don't

really value if he's not able to have

any type of real conversation listening

to your needs and the things that you

want to get out of the relationship then

chances are he's not looking for a

relationship he just wants something

casual he's just kind of focused on

himself so if he's doing stuff like that

probably not a good sign and number

seven the final sign that he wants to be

rapport boyfriend is that he tells you I

know can be hard if maybe you've been

burned in the past and maybe there have

been guys who have made promises but

weren't able to deliver promised those

promises but you know quite frankly when

it goes comes to relationships you got

to learn how to trust you gotta learn

how to reopen up again and trust if he

says he wants to be your boyfriend wants

to be with you then you got to trust and

take him for his word so I hope you

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