asking a boy to a school dance

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hi guys so I'm starting today's video in

horrible lighting I am so sorry but it

is winter and I can't do anything about

it but I am super excited for today's

video because next weekend on Saturday

there's a school dance on my school and

I'm so excited because it's like 90

themed and it's a moor which is

basically like the girl is supposed to

ask the guy which is so fun and I'm so

excited and I'm just really excited so

I'm going to be asking a guy out and I

wanted to make this video for two

reasons one because I saw Avery

overwrites video and it was so fun and I

just like it made me so excited and yeah

I really yeah yeah basically that and

also because I have never asked a guy

out before and this is fun you know I'm

making like a poster and you know stupid

things like that so I'm super excited

and there right now I am trying to

figure out what to write on this goddamn

poster so I want to make it fun I know

this guy is like literally my best

friend I love him so I can actually make

you funny like I don't have to you just

trying to figure out what to ride I

don't really know yet

all I know is I wanted to have something

to do with Walmart

he loves Walmart and we go there all the

time which is dumb but whatever um he

loves Mac Miller yeah like a fun idea

like go to Walmart with you as fun but

going to more would be even more fun

I don't know I can stand outside no I'm

proud of my youtube carrier so now we

are outside of Michaels to go and get

stuff yeah that's all let's go

we're going to get done so I figured out

what to put on my poster and I'm gonna

go and get my poster and get some stuff

for my poster and get some things I'm

also going to new seasons which is like

a grocery store and I'm getting any

stuff that I know that he likes if I'm

such a good girl so we need a poster

probably in this aisle um no okay

no okay

can't find it ooh hmm or sir question

mark so I'm getting poster and a fat

black marker all right no no ooh found


he loves to play golf so why the


okay I am home and I got all of my


so I actually already wrote it down it's

not gonna make it pretty so I'm gonna

put yellow here because it's like

Walmart you know okay so I wouldn't

outline everything with my glittery pens

I think green is definitely it all right

so everything is ready uh-huh

this is gonna be so much fun this is the

sign I came to Oregon I found the

perfect marking guy who loves me

guns and dogs and even makes going to

Walmart fun well you may warp great with

me it's gonna to much but I like you

like that

alright so we we aren't on our way to

his house now and um it took me like an

hour to make the poster that's okay okay

I'm so scared

where do I put this

No yeah I walked you have to be my

walking away if you want

so do you say yes or no whatever

so I officially asked someone to I hate

the word morph

the winds are Dan yeah so that was it so

right now I am getting ready for the

dance it's only like 5 p.m. but whatever

by the way I'm watching a Handmaid's

Tale it's really good because I'm

hurrying the book and you know whatever

so I'm going to strain my hair now

haven't done that in a while and I am

excited because a lot of people want to

see me with straight hair I don't know

why but you're welcome alright yes I'm

watching a sex scene don't mind me I

hear so thin hurts so bad


okay so have my hair done

has she been here

this one looks like okay so this is

island with straight hair Wow so just

what I look like when it's right here

I'm not sure if it's like completely

straight yes I think it is yes this is

what I'm wearing so this is my hair I

really like it and this is my dress

really like it - it's so cute yeah and

then as like yeah it's kind of short I

know but I like it like but I got this

oh my god okay so I don't really know if

I should wear this or this hmm hmm I

don't really know I think I'm gonna wear

this cuz it's like the most my knees

inspired I think but yeah oh this dress

is so hard