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hey guys what's up it's Josh so for this

week's video as you guys can see well

the title I wanted to talk about some of

the different things you can do if you

have a crush on a guy and you want to

actually tell him that you like him now

I realize in past videos that there are

a lot of things that I've told you guys

about like to do with dating and some

things to do with like how to tell if a

guy likes you but I've realized that

like there's a couple things that I

haven't told you guys about when it

comes to actually asking your crush out

so I just wanted to tell you guys about

a couple things that I think will be

able to help you guys out so I've kind

of separated it into like three

different parts so I hope that you guys

enjoy this video

oh that being said here a couple of

things that I think will be able to help

you out when you're actually going to

tell your crush that you like them so

the first thing that I came up with that

I think is important before actually

just jumping straight into telling

somebody that you like them is that you

need to actually kind of mentally

prepare yourself before you go and do

something like that

all you're really doing is like making

yourself realize what the actual

situation is and that that person might

not feel the same way as you and I know

that like getting negative like

responses from people and things that

you didn't expect to hear kind of suck

sometimes but I think that it's always a

possibility that somebody is gonna do

something like that - you can't like

play the situation in your head too much

and overthink it because that person

could be going through some situations

where like they just like being single

or they just got out of a really bad

breakup they just don't feel like

they're in the position to actually be

going out with somebody you'll feel a

lot better about yourself if you just

tell that person how you feel though I

think that's the first part realize that

there are a bunch of possibilities when

you're opening up to somebody and you're

telling them something make sure that

you're kind of mentally prepared for

anything that's going to be coming back

at you moving on to actually telling

that person that you like them I think

there's some things that you can do to

actually help you do this instead of

just going up to them and telling them

first thing that I think you need to do

is neither talk to his friends or talk

to people that he knows or whoever it is

and try to figure out if that other

person talks about you or actually likes

you after you figured that out if he

does like you try to actually walk up to

him and have small conversations with

them that way you'll actually realize

that like you're around and that you're

actually interested in him and that

there are some things that maybe you

guys have in common which leads into the

next thing which is if you guys do have

things in common I think that it's

important for you to bring them up and

talk about them and actually talk about

how you guys have interest in the same

thing after you realize that you do have

couple of things in common and that he

actually does like you I think that if

you start flirting with them breaking

the touch barrier I think that's a good

way to kind of like build up to that

actual moment when you tell that person

that you like so when you're going to

tell that person I would say first try

to figure out if they like you second

try to start like conversations with

them wherever they are it doesn't have

to be like big long conversations it

could be really short sort of thing try

to figure out if you guys have anything

in common

try to get comfortable with that person

but if you are nervous and you don't

know how to say it or what to do I think

that it's really good to like go on a

date with that first out and go

somewhere where you can have a

conversation with that person also

another really easy option that you can

do is just by sending them a text like

if you don't feel comfortable actually

saying it in person you just send them a

message and basically tell them how you

feel about them you have to remember

that like getting a bad response or no

or whatever is not a big deal like this

person doesn't hate you it's just that

they might not be in the position to

actually be going out with you after

having the date planned that time in

between where you actually have it

planned and actually go on the date I

think that you can't overthink it you

have to like actually just prepare

yourself to go on that date and act like

yourself you are a different person

that's what you're gonna have to do the

entire relationship if you end up going

out with that person because if that

person likes you for the person that

you're putting on then that's probably

not gonna work so go on that date be

yourself and I think that after doing

all of these things that this kind of

should help you I just wanted to make

this video because I know that there's a

lot of you guys out there that might be

nervous to tell your crush that you like

them so if you guys do do any of this

and you want to just let me know in the

comments that would be awesome if you

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hope that you guys are having an awesome

Christmas and I love you guys and as

always I'll see you guys next Saturday

in next week's video bye